Prime Minister Stephen Harper: It’s time to apologize to Sri Lanka
Posted on December 20th, 2014

Asoka Weerasinghe Kings Grove Crescent . Gloucester . Ontario . K1J 6G1 Canada

20 December 2014

Rt. Hon. Stephen Harper, MP, PC
 Prime Minister of  Canada
House of Commons, Ottawa

Honourable Prime Minister:

The Ottawa Citizen of 15 December 2014 reported bylined Peter O’Neil that Defence Chief apologized to India in 2011.  Why?   Because, a ministerial inquiry confirmed that Canadian military personnel had participated at a Remembrance Day event that glorified terrorists” at a Sikh temple in Surrey, B.C.   Wow!  So, Mister Prime Minister, you are trying to make your Canada squeaky clean with her hands off of international terrorism.   Good for you!  And I like it but only with one provision.   As I have observed that your effort has not been consistent when it comes to dealing with the most ruthless terrorist group in the world, the Tamil Tigers of Sri Lanka.  That’s a bummer!  You have not hesitated to kick at Sri Lanka for eliminating these terrorists at every opportunity that came your way.   Then, of course, you had a hissy-fit and boycotted the Commonwealth Summit in Colombo.  And the reason for that decision was linked to the Tamil Tiger terrorists and their separatist racist war with the Sri Lankan Government, because of your gullibility of the Tamil Diaspora’s anti-Sri Lanka propaganda.  But, then, Prime Minister Harper, your attitude towards Sri Lanka is no big surprise to me as our Canadian parliamentarians have been suckers of the Canadian-Tamil separatist propaganda for donkey’s years.

These are the Tamil terrorists who perfected the suicide body pack and detonated 388 suicide human bombs in their 27 year run to destabilize Sri Lanka for the want of their mono-ethnic, racist, Tamil separate state, Eelam.   Over half of the suicide bombers were young Tamil women, kidnapped when kids on their way to school, brain washed and trained for the job.  And you as the Canadian Prime Minister and some members of your caucus keep providing oxygen to incarnate the Tamil Tigers who were eliminated  on the 19th May, 2009, by supporting the Canadian-Tamil Tiger rump.

These are the Tamil Tiger terrorists who assassinated Sri Lanka’s Stephen Harper (President Premadasa); Sri Lanka’s John Baird (Foreign Ministers Lakshman Kathiragamar and Ranjan Wijeratne); Sri Lanka’s  Kellie Leitch ( Labour Minister C.V. Gunaratne);  Sri Lanka’s Montreal Mayors Michael Applebaum, Laurent Blanchard and Denis Corderre (Jaffna Mayors, Alfred Duraiappah, Sarojini Yogeswaran and Pon Sivapalan); Sri Lanka’s Tom Mulcair (Opposition Leader Appapillai Amirthalingam) and several other politicians.

So Canada apologized to India because the 2011 Remembrance Day event, hosted by the Dasmesh Darbar temple, which was intended to recognize the sacrifices of Canada’s soldiers,” as reported by the Province newspaper, unfortunately had a poster of a Sikh terrorist that was seen in the photo-op during a presentation.  I see your problem Mister Prime Minister.  The country that is trying to be squeaky clean, couldn’t have Canada’s image tarnished when our military personnel were photographed with a Sikh terrorist as a backdrop.  Fair enough!

We are told that during the celebration Canadian Armed Forces contingent had appeared in front of a giant Honouring Our Fallen poster accompanied by photographs of Sikh soldiers during the two World Wars.   And nearby was a large poster of prominent Sikh militants who died during the Indian army’s raid on the Golden Temple in Amritsar in 1984.  In it was Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale, the leader of the separatist Sikh militant wearing a blue turban, who died during the Amritsar raid which is what bothered Canada.  So your Government apologizes to the mighty giant in the Indian Ocean, India.   Hmmm…!  Interesting!!

And you, Prime Minister Harper, had acknowledged in internal 2012 correspondence that government officials and MPs were playing with fire attending events like Remembrance Day ceremonies…”

If you haven’t done it so far, Mister Prime Minister, I think you better drum this concern of yours into some of your caucus members like Jason Kenney, Patrick Brown and Paul Calandra, who have that particular yen to attend events organized by the Tamil Tiger rump, mainly in the Greater Toronto Area. And drum it into those Conservative parliamentarians who facilitate the Tamil Tiger sympathizer organizations to use the facilities in the West Block to celebrate their Tamil Hero Remembrance Day celebrations cum anti-Sri Lanka propaganda activities. This has been going on for decades.

Minister Jason Kenney, the ‘curry in a hurry’ Minister who has been romancing the Tamil Tiger rump, had the audacity to fly into Colombo cloaking himself as the, I am the son of the White Preacher Man who has come to preach to you Democratically Primitive Yo-yos, the values of human rights which you have been violating during the last phase of the Eelam War.  But then on the very same day, at the very same hour, at the very same second, Canada’s  Attawapiskat First Nation Chief Theresa Spence was leading  a demonstration of the Idle No More movement  of her peoples over  having their Human Rights  violated by Canada,  a stone’s throw away from Jason Kenney’s office on the Hill.  Shish…Prime Minister, Harper, that was a bit stupid by one of your senior caucus members, wasn’t it!  It was embarrassing to say the least.  That typifies the Colonial mind-set of the majority of the Canadian parliamentarians –  If you are white, you are alright, If you are brown, you will get a frown, and If you are black, just step back.  I know it sounds racist, but let’s not get carried away Mister Prime Minister as we  Canadians are not lily-white in this context by any means.  Certainly not when a Chief of a Division in the Federal Government says to the staff at a meeting, We cannot knock Asoka’s work but we cannot let a coloured guy tell us what to do,”   I was a Head of a Section in that Division then.  Ha! This is a Canadian clone of South Africa’s Apartheid, I thought.  I was new to Canada then.  But I managed to survive that thrash.

Then you have a caucus member who hates Sri Lanka to the point that he follows the NDP’s Tamil MP, like a puppy where ever she goes to perform her shenanigans to denigrate Sri Lanka.  This is the woman who got up in the House Chambers and equated Canada’s Remembrance Day to her Tamil Tiger Heroes Day and your Minister for Public Safety, Steven Blaney demanded an apology from her for our Canadian Veterans.  I wonder whether your MP will continue to follow this Tamil MP, after this unhealthy unpatriotic incident in the House, to hold her hand when she spits at Sri Lanka, which also happens to be my Motherland.

And there is another member of your caucus who participated in a ribbon cutting ceremony at the opening of a Tamil Tiger rump political Headquarters in Toronto.

All these Members of your Caucus give the impression that they are squeaky clean and not supporting terrorism. With their involvement with the Canadian Tamil Tiger rump, it is a bit of a stretch, isn’t it Prime Minister Harper?

On 17 December, The Ottawa Citizen carried your statement on the Taliban militants storming a school in Pakistan and massacring 141 students and staff.  And you said I think it is beyond our comprehension why somebody would target children.  As a father, your heart just breaks when you see that kind of thing.”  Come on Mister Prime Minister, did you really say that?  I just cannot believe you.  You must be joking.

Then how come you are batting for the ruthless Tamil Tiger terrorists by giving a thumb up to them through their rump in the Greater Toronto Area.?   These Tamil Tigers were a bunch of serial killers.  They were not fighting the Sri Lankan Forces with catapults and stones but used sophisticated war weapons to kill innocent unarmed civilians that included pregnant mothers, children and infants. And this is the only terrorist outfit in the world that had a sophisticated conventional army trained by India, a Sea Tiger Wing, and an Air Tiger Wing with 5 Czech built ZLIN 143s, two Micro light aircraft and two Helicopters, for night flying to bomb important installations.

Mister Prime Minister if ‘Your heart breaks when you see that kind of thing’ done by the Taliban, I wonder whether your heart did break, when the Tamil Tigers shot, killed and bayoneted infants and young children.  During the massacre of innocent unarmed civilian farmer settlers at the Dollar Farm and Kent Farm on 30th November 1984, a survivor said: In one instance they brought a woman and her two children from a hut and they killed the woman by blowing off her head with a shot gun at close range at point blank. They then bayoneted the two children, one whom was only one and a half years old and the other three years.” And this is just one incident.  There are hundreds of others that I can quote where children were chopped with machetes while they were asleep like in a butchers shop,  and some shot at point blank range by Tamil Tigers.

Knowing that you did apologize to India, to be consistent of being honourable, I think it is time you stop kicking at Sri Lanka, and apologize to her for Canada’s act of aiding and abetting this Eelam War supporting the separatist Tamils.  If you have difficulty with this honourable task, then Prime Minister Harper there is something dishonest, juvenile and skewed about Canada’s Foreign Policy on Sri Lanka.

The fact is that it was Canada that allowed the Tamil Diaspora  to collect two million dollars a month for 13 years to stuff the Tamil Tiger War Chest to buy sophisticated killer weapons to kill innocent unarmed children.  Thus Canada abdicated the Lester Pearsonian crown of Honesty on Human Rights and we have no moral right to question Sri Lanka’s alleged human rights violations of the last five months of a 27 year long brutal war;

The fact is that it was Canada that allowed a Tamil to cut a cheque worth millions of dollars from an account in a Bank in Vancouver in 1994 to purchase 50 tonnes of TNT and 10 tonnes of plastic RDX explosive materials from the Rubezone Ukraine Chemical Factory which were used in a truck bomb which brought down the Central Bank Building in Colombo on January 31, 1996, killing 114 innocent people and maiming for life another 1338 people.   Thus your effort, Mister Prime Minister to paint Canada squeaky clean will not wash.  With this act of aiding and abetting the Eelam War, Canada abdicated the Lester Pearsonian crown of  Decency and Honesty on Human Rights and Canada has no moral right to question Sri Lanka’s alleged human right violations of the last five months of a 27 year long brutal war;

The fact is that when 11 Canadian parliamentarians headed by Liberal Finance Minister Paul Martin and the Minister responsible for CIDA, Maria Minna patronized a  Federation of Associations of Canadian Tamils (FACT) fundraising dinner on May 6, 2000, in Toronto, to collect funds to stuff the Tamil Tiger War Chest,  it was then that  Canada abdicated the Lester Pearsonian crown of decency and honesty to uphold the values of Human Rights, and Canada has no moral right to question Sri Lanka’s alleged human rights violations of the last  five months of a 27 long brutal war, when the Sri Lankan Armed Forces liberated and rescued 295,873 Tamil refugees  from the clutches of the Tamil Tigers who used them as a Human shield during the last 30 months of the war. 

What is strange about this classic text book example of upholding human rights by liberating 295,873 Tamils by the Sri Lankan soldiers, has still not been acknowledged by the Prime Minister of Canada, who extols the virtues of Human Rights when speaking to the world.  Are you not guilty of this sin, Prime Minister Harper?   I find this absolutely strange!  Un-Canadian, if you may.

The bottom line is, Mister Prime Minister Stephen Harper, Canada is guilty of aiding and abetting the Tamil Tigers to fight a separatist war with the Sri Lankan Government.

I too like you am  a loving father that abhorr these insane Tamil Tiger serial killers who had no regrets to thrust a bayonet through a Sinhalese child’s heart, or pluck an infant from a young mother’s arms and bash against a boulder of charnokite-granite rock and split the infant’s skull and celebrated watching blood oozing like from a broken bottle of  Heinz tomato Ketchup.

To be honest Prime Minister Harper, I have shed buckets of tears for these innocents who had gone to sleep on a straw-mat in  the evening in their farmer-Dad’s adobe hut, hoping to get up in the morning to breathe the morning air warmed by the Sri Lankan sun, but never had a chance because of these ruthless Tamil Tiger terrorists who had crept in the indigo dark and chopped the little children with machetes.  You God damn bastards” I cursed these Tamil Tiger terrorists under my breath.

And you apologized to India for your military personnel attending a Remembrance Day celebration at a  Sikh Temple that hung a portrait of blue Turbaned Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale.  Well, what stops you to apologize to Sri Lanka for letting the Canadian Tamil Tiger rump collect funds to buy bullets and AK47s to kill innocent Sinhalese and Muslim infants and children and have their anti-Sri Lanka propaganda meetings on Canada’s sacred soil with back drops of  the Tamil Tiger Flags and the portrait of their terrorist leader, Velupillai Prabhakaran.

Let’s not wait for 40 year to do the right thing Prime Minister, Stephen Harper.  Apologize to Sri Lanka NOW for aiding and abetting the Tamil Tiger killer machine by funding through the Tamil Diaspora, to buy bullets and guns to kill babies, children and pregnant  Sinhalese Mothers.  I am afraid they are still in the act of collecting funds for a possible war.

I know you attend Church almost every Sunday and that you are  a God loving human being.  But, pray, just do not forget that my Sinhalese children are the children of the same God that you pray to who also is the God of the Pakistani children who were massacred a few days ago by terrorists.

If your heart breaks for the massacred dead in Pakistan, open your heart and let your tears flow for my massacred Sinhalese children by the Tamil Tigers too. Let’s shed tears together!

It is time to apologize as  everyone of us Canadians have Sinhalese blood on our palms to remind us of those killings, as we were part of those brutal acts. And not kick at Sri Lanka for having eliminated these ruthless Tamil Tiger terrorists on 19 May 2009, who were deadlier than the Taliban, who were deadlier than Al-Qaida.

May the Canadian traditions of this Festive Season warm your heart and fill you with joy, and may you be Well, Happy and Peaceful.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

Asoka Weerasinghe                                                                                                                                        (former Member of the Reform, Canadian Alliance and Conservative Parties)

3 Responses to “Prime Minister Stephen Harper: It’s time to apologize to Sri Lanka”

  1. Nimal Says:

    I am glad to know that Harper now realizes that the conniving Tamil separatists diaspora had taken him for a ride, thus him turning against a democratically elected government of Srilanka,where he went to the extent of not attending the commonwealth conference in Sri Lanka.Shame on Canada.

  2. Vimutti Says:

    You really have to understand that Canada is an extension of the United States, and often the US tests policy positions using Canada first before publicly adopting the position, or gets Canada to pursue policy on behalf of the United States that US cannot do directly for political reasons. I think it is the latter with the funding of the Tamil Tigers, as the US could not pretend to be fighting terrorism on one hand (Al Qaeda) while funding terrorism on the other hand (LTTE).

    But make no mistake about it, the US wants a DIVIDED Sri Lanka, as this makes the country easier to manipulate and control by outside forces.

  3. L Perera Says:

    This’d recent breed of ETHNO POLITICIANS are the SCUM of the earth.

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