The culture of shamelessness – an art of the gods
Posted on December 20th, 2014

By Mario Perera, Kadawata

Three very recent newspaper headlines that epitomize ‘an art of governance, caught my attention.

The first concerns the now well known public statement of the Minister of Higher Education S.B.Dissanayake. He said that in the immediate aftermath of MR winning the presidential election, Chandrika Kumaranatunga, former president, would be thrown on the ground, trampled, her clothes removed, and made to run along the streets naked.

The second was a videoed statement by Keheliya Rambukwella while leaving the Kandy court house. When asked about the charge against him he said he did not even know why he was in court, and that he did not even know the number of the case against him.

The third was the brazen act of another UPFA stalwart attempting to spirit away two of his henchmen charged with setting fire to the campaign stage of the opposition candidate, from police custody. No doubt Ajith Rohana the police spokesman will say that a complaint has been received and that investigations are under way.

A forum of very eminent SriLankans made this pronouncement on S.B.Dissanayake’s public declaration:

The words of the Minister of Higher Education… feels no shame in saying such things in a country that once extolled lajja” as one of the highest virtues, and he thinks that they are acceptable words to be broadcast to the people of our country on public TV. That such crude words of violence against women, advocating forced nudity – which in situations of armed conflict is an international war crime – should come publicly from any human being, let alone a Minister of Higher Education, truly beggars belief.”

A country that once extolled lajja” as one of the highest virtues”…now gone to beasts in human form totally bereft of LAJJA. This declaration coming from the Minister of Higher Education is the final nail in the coffin of LAJJA.

As for Keheliya Rambukwella, who did not know why he was in court and who did not even know the number of his case, must answer the following question: then why was he there? In court? What would one think of a man seen in a court in full session, who does most know why he is there and does not know of any case against him? What was Rambukwella doing there? Was he sleep walking like his son who tried to ply open the security door of a plane in full flight? Yet there is a board before most court houses declaring the premises out of bounds for ‘loiterers’.

The second third issue involved Muttuhettigama who could easily claim five plane seats to insert his bulk, trying to abduct his goons being led away to courts by the ‘custodians of the law’ the police. This is only one of such a long list of incidents putting the justice system of the country into LAJJA. Such a brazen act of lawlessness, yet no arrest and no charge! In the land of the shameless, all is fine.

This is quite understandable when considering that the Most Revered (MR) god of the local pantheon of gods rules the heavens and the earth embodied by this country now meriting the epithet ‘Shameless Lanka’.

The Most Revered god of the local pantheon of gods, deified and enthroned by the Most Revered one reign from the south, a symbolic ‘Kataragama’ (and why not Thirupathi?). Just consider the nature and the ‘modus operandi’ of these gods. They are for one and all: for the good and for the bad. They have what are called ‘avatars’ that could transform the benign nature of any god into a malefic one.  This is the ideal situation for the manifestation of what is the preponderant inclination of humans which is the propensity to EVIL. Just do it and the Most Revered god will undergo a metamorphosis to cover your shame. He will become your fig leaf, nay bulath koley. Covered by the fig leaf you can raise your arms aloft not only without shame but also without even a semblance of FEAR. The Most Revered god of the FIG LEAF has fig leaves as abundant as bulath leaves, to cover the shame of all his lackeys.

The forum of eminent srilankans name LAJJA as ‘one of the highest virtues’.  If so, shame which is its opposite should be one the basest vices. Indeed the sacred scripture of one religion give ‘shame’ priority among the feelings experienced by mankind. On committing the offense the primordial human couple saw that they were naked and exposed and felt ashamed. Shame is the ‘great divide’. It separates good from evil: heaven from hell. People who are naked feel a sense of shame. But the shameless revel in nakedness because they have no such feeling. For the Minister of Higher Education of Sri (sorry, Shameless) Lanka, a woman (an ex-president at that) trampled, stripped off her clothes and made to run naked in the bustling streets of the city, was an object of lust. Lust and shamelessness are the two threads of the same fabric.

But what do cries in the wilderness matter, when there is a Most Revered god of the pantheon ruling from the south (call it Kataragama, call it Thirupathi), ready to under the necessary metamorphosis into an avatar, all ready with fig leaf (sorry, bulath leaf) in hand to cover the shame of the shameless.

Mario Perera



24 Responses to “The culture of shamelessness – an art of the gods”

  1. Lorenzo Says:

    Thank you Lankaweb for publishing this. The best I read in months here!

    ALL decent human beings MUST condemn what SBD threatened. It is UNACCEPTABLE. NO ONE can strip naked a woman (or a man) and parade him or her naked. Disgusting.

    The manner how the SLFP women’s wing whitewashed SBD is even more disgusting. Ms Sakalabujang should know better.

    This is the country THRICE BLESSED by the Buddha by his arrival. Can we continue with this type of leaders.

  2. Independent Says:

    Thank you Lankaweb for the respecting TRUTH revealed by Mario.

    Lajja is called shame in English. But a person “shy” to go in front of gathering and speak is also called Lajja in Sinhala.

    But real word shall be “moral shame” or “Hiri” in Pali. This is one of the great protector against doing Paapa Kamma leading beings to hell.

    Quoting from Buddhism

    The term HIRI means to feel shame of evil whereas OTTAPPA means to be afraid of evil. These two qualities according to the Buddha, are world protectors. This is quoted from the Dukanipam.gif (839 bytes)ta of the Anm.gif (839 bytes)guttaranikam.gif (839 bytes)ya (56/255). The story and event referring to them are as follows:

    “Two white Dhammas; O Bhikkhus, there are that protect the world. What are they? they are HIRI and OTTAPPA. Without these two, O Bhikkhus, there would not be those being regarded as mothers, aunts, teachers’ wives. The world would then be steeped in promiscuity, with the behaviour of peoples like those of the goats, sheep, hens, pigs, dogs and foxes.”


    May all be awakened to this great Dhamma. Please do not stop truth beings said even if it is agains your honest perception. Preception can be wrong.

  3. Independent Says:

    In Sinhala, Lajja and Bhaya in fact refers to Hiri and Ottappa, because it must have come from Buddhism, reason being the two words are together.

    Bhaya is FEAR which is not considered wholesome. Similarly those who shy away doing the correct thing or stating truth in fear of going against the general foolish crowds is also not wholesome.
    Bhaya make a person react without too much thinking or it hinders the correct reaction.

    Hiri and Ottappa on the other hand protects oneself from doing evil.

  4. mario_perera Says:


    1. The forum of eminent srilankans name LAJJA as ‘one of the highest virtues’. If so, shamelessness which is its opposite should be one the basest vices.

    2. But what do cries in the wilderness matter, when there is a Most Revered god of the pantheon ruling from the south (call it Kataragama, call it Thirupathi), ready to undergo the necessary metamorphosis into an avatar,

    Mario Perera

  5. Nimal Says:

    Reminds me of gutter politics and gutter politicians.

  6. Lorenzo Says:

    Only 4 real patriots?

  7. Independent Says:

    The man concerned is SB , not My3.

  8. douglas Says:

    A Human Being who is devoid of “LAJJA” and “BIYA” is not a HUMAN BEING in true sense of the word. He or She of that type could resort to any “paapa” of any sort. This is that “cultural revolution” we are witnessing that has been systematically brought in by our politicians. Even our so called “guardians” of Buddha’s Teachings are guilty of this behavior. Today we are witnessing the peak of that behavior and above quoted and very many other incidents reported and unreported are taken for granted and have become the characteristic features of development. What a way to live with?

  9. Samanthi Says:

    SB said Chandrika would be stripped of her cloths and walked naked in public.

    Anura Kumara said if MY3 is elected on January 9th, Mahinda Rajapakse will be dragged out of Temple Trees like an amimal.

    MY3 said if elected, he would closed the Katunayake international airport on the night of January 9th.

    None of the above would happen in the event of electing either MR or MS. All these are political propaganda statements made to earn the attraction of general public in election rallies. But the relevant section extracted from Sunday Island editorial given below reminded us a very, very ugly incident really happened in our blessed country during the time of now human right champion CBKs time:

    “While Dissanayake’s ugly statement about what needs to be done to CBK would have turned many stomachs, as our colleague in The Island reminded yesterday, this was actually done to a UNP supporter at the infamous North Western (Wayamba) Provincial Council election when Chandrika was president. And as far as we (or the country) know, nothing was done to the perpetrators. In 1977, after the UNP landslide, some unspeakable atrocities were committed by victors on the rampage and this, The Island said, included stripping women of their clothing. While Friday Forum, whose membership comprises a group of reputed people of the highest integrity who performs a very useful public interest function, can certainly severely reprimand bad mouths like SB, most politicians on both sides of the divide cannot. They have countenanced all kinds of devilry while in office and done little to deal with offenders owning them allegiance. Examples are legion and our colleague’s memory jogging most useful.”

    Can someone explain to me why the Friday Forum (also known as Friday Freak) conveiniently forgot the real incidents happened in Sri Lanka but only opted to highlight a mere political propaganda statement of a ruling party minister? Isn’t its credibility enhanced if it also mentioned the actual incidents happened as the Sunday Island newpaper reminded its readership?

  10. Indrajith Says:

    Where were these patriots in Friday Forum when stripped of their cloting of women belong to opposition parties during the time of JR and CBK and shaving the head of Chandraleka Perera and assaulting Rukantha Goonathileke by the goons of Chandrika for performing in UNP election rallies and torching the home of Anoja Weerasinghe for the same reaons?

    Don’t they have “LAJJA” to talk big about an utterence of SB?

    Where were those Most Revered gods at that time?

  11. Lorenzo Says:

    Samanthi and Indrajith,

    What is the WORST threat of all?

    BTW it was SB again who was behind these!!

    “shaving the head of Chandraleka Perera and assaulting Rukantha Goonathileke by the goons of Chandrika for performing in UNP election rallies and torching the home of Anoja Weerasinghe for the same reaons”

    This is from DAILY NEWS NOVEMBER 1 IN 2001. Same story!! Nothing has changed for 13 years!!

    “With the intention of educating the public on the vulgar political culture that is now being exhibited by the UNP we publish below a translation of an extract of references to President Chandrika Bandaranaike Kumaratunga made by former Minister S. B. Dissanayake at the inauguration of a Media Employees Guild at the UNP headquarters last week.

    “Madame Chandrika Bandaranaike Kumaratunga will flee the country on December 5. That day she will go mad. With her hair dishevelled, clad only in her panties she will walk in Fort with those two balloons hanging.

    I know that she will go mad. This time she visited England for psychiatric treatment and not to attend an international conference or so…

    Asked to comment on these remarks made by Dissanayake a number of women leaders in various sectors had the following comments to make:

    Directress of the Women’s and Children’s Affairs in the United Nations Friendship Organization, Mrs. Manel Ilapperuma said President is the First Lady of this country. We abhor another person who was in a responsible position slandering her indecently. I have my doubts whether this is a statement from a man born from the womb of a mother? I see this as an insult to womanhood and disgrace to the Sinhala people.

    The President is the most dignified woman in this country. This type of obscenity is a disgrace to his manhood. I see the statement of S. B. Dissanayake as a disgrace made to all those involved in politics in this country.

    The eminent actress Iranganie Serasinghe said she was surprised to hear these comments. Aren’t those who make such statements educated people? It is a mystery to me how one could open one’s mouth to pronounce such obscenities. These people are like the one’s who look up and spit on themselves. Those who are greed for power seem to have forgotten humanity. What one has to do is not to sling mud at others but explain the policies before the people. No one in any walk of life could reconcile to the base politics seen in Sri Lanka today.

    Award winning Film Directress Sumithra Peiris said that she too heard about these remarks but she did not see it on the TV screen. I have no words to protest against this ruthlessly malicious insult. It is the statement of a shameless person who has no discipline. When we hear things like this we cannot remain silent. The biggest question I have is how one human being could malign another human being in this manner.

    I know Mr. S. B. Dissanayake personally and have spoken to him on three occasions but, I cannot understand how he sank to this low level of behaviour. The President did not come into her position by fortuitous circumstances. She was elected by the clean ballot of the people of this country. Abusing her amounts to abusing the people of this county. The entire nation abhors anyone abusing her. Even before some elements had abused her. She is a woman who sacrificed one of her eyes for her country. She is one of the greatest leaders in the present era and people have continued to elect her repeatedly many times. My assessment of the person who insulted the President is that he is the most foolish person in this country.”


  12. Samanthi Says:

    Lorenzo, what is the WORST threat of all?

    Actually stripping women of their clothing and letting them walk naked in the streets in broad daylight or just uttering mere slogans by S.B?

    Really shaving the head of a famous Sri Lankan singer CahndraLeka and burning down the house of a famous actress Anoja or just uttering mere slogans by S.B?

    Assaulting a favourite singer Rukantha Gunatilleke or just uttering mere slogans by S.B?

  13. Lorenzo Says:


    SB had a hand in them too!!

    But this repeat offence by him AGAIN cannot be forgiven.

    It is best MR sacks these BURDENS. They LOSE votes. The more these things are tolerated the more the people demand GOOD GOVERNANCE.

  14. Samanthi Says:

    Lorenzo, I am happy if SB behaves himself.
    But I am certain he has no connection to the assaults of Chandraleka, Rukantha, Anoja or stripping of female in Anamaduwa during the Wayamba election and post JR victory in 1977.

  15. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:


    SB to Chandrika. Very ungentlemanly, coming from an Educationist. Who threatens a female like that. Real MARIYAKADE.

    AKD to Mahinda Rajapakse, that he will drag the President out of Temple Trees like an ANIMAL, on the 8th January 2015. Mariyakade again.

    How people get the courage to threaten like that, in our civilized country, beats me.

  16. Independent Says:


    I fully agree. That is why Mario has written this. Lajja and Baya has disappeared completely and it is an extremely alarming. Rather than respective greater leaders acting on it, at least, issuing statements condemning , they ignore.

    Pathetic even for a mental patient.

  17. Lorenzo Says:


    So which side Nihal Karunarathna, Sanath Gunatilaka, Dhammika Perera and SBD are in today?

  18. Samanthi Says:

    Lorenzo, I know for sure that SB is in MR side but I really don’t know about the others you mentioned.
    I am still saying that SBs utterences are only for propaganda purposes; he has never done any physical harm to anyone in the past. I know it for sure because we were students at the same university. Regarding others it doesn’t matter which camp are they in today because their act in the past has actually inflicted heavy physical and mental agony to their victims.

  19. Independent Says:


    “he has never done any physical harm to anyone in the past. ”

    Please check with Susathika Jayasinghe( when SB was the sports minister).

  20. Vimutti Says:

    UNP’s own internal polling shows MR winning by 58% to 40% for Maithripala. This poll was conducted by an outside polling group and the results posted here: “”

    The ONLY group Maithripala is carrying with a significant margin are MUSLIMS – 64% – 35%. This is probably because of BBS support of MR. What MR should do is quietly dispatch BBS to the villages to ratchet up the Buddhist vote by a wider margin to offset the Muslim vote, as many grassroots village Buddhists really are concerned with the Islamization of Sri Lanka culture (i.e., they don’t like hearing the Adan noise in the morning from the local Muslim Mosque while they are sleeping, don’t like seeing women fully covered in black in which you can’t see their faces, don’t like being forced to buy Halal food, don’t like Muslims taking over all of the Buddhist businesses, or driving up the cost of real estate with foreign Arab buyers, or exploiting Buddhist women as servants in Muslim countries, etc.).

    If Muslims don’t want to vote for the president, then Buddhists need to show them that we will unite behind the president.

    Notice the Buddhist vote is the mirror opposite of the Muslim vote – 63% – 36% for MR, but if we ratchet this up to 75%, Maithripala will not be able to make this up with Muslims or any other minority vote.

  21. Lorenzo Says:

    Tomorrow is POSTAL VOTING but MR’s manifest is still not out!!

    It will be out on December 26.

    So MR voters will vote not knowing what they are voting for!!

  22. Vimutti Says:

    >>>So MR voters will vote not knowing what they are voting for!!<<<

    They know what they are voting for Lorenzo: Stability (MR) vs. Chaos (MS), No Terror (MR) vs. New Terror (MS), Economic Development (MR) vs. Economic Decline (MS), Independence (MR) vs. Foreign Control (MS), and One Sri Lanka (MR) vs. Two or Three Sri Lankas (MS).

    We don't need a Manifesto understand THIS election reality!

  23. Samanthi Says:

    Independent, I know well that Susanthika and her husband mercilessly assaulted a disabled soldier but I don’t know if SB hit Susanthika or shaved her head.

  24. Samanthi Says:

    Postal voters and others who vote for MR has already decided to vote him irrespective of his manifesto is published or not. On the other hand, MR’s Manifesto has already been published through his 2015 budget.

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