Tamil Diaspora wants Tamils to vote !
Posted on December 25th, 2014

P.Ariyasinghe, Melbourne

The local media reported that the Tamil diaspora had asked the Tamils to exercise their  vote CAREFULLY at the Presidential elections. They have also said that ‘ the Tamil people have lost their rights …The desire to have control in the Tamil majority areas was never granted…’ Followed by this, the Tamil Society Forum yesterday had asked the Tamils to vote. They have also commented that a Presidential candidate taking a ‘Just position’ will lead to a candidate losing Sinhala Buddhist Votes. But they have not said what this ‘Just position’ is.

The LTTE terrorists ran a violent separatist campaign for 3 decades. The TNA, the former mouthpiece of the terrorists is still undecided about the Tamils voting at the elections. The separatists with the blessings of the TNA have been asking one-third of the country for 11 per cent of the population. And this is what the TNA now is indirectly clamouring for, with the backing of the Tamil diaspora.

Since the end of the war, the Tamils in the North and the East have been enjoying a peaceful time doing their own business. There is no question that they are better off than they were under the jack-boot of the terrorists. Therefore, why should they be taking instructions from the Tamil diaspora or the TNA about whom to vote. The Tamil diaspora are living in greener pastures having a good time for themselves. The Tamils should be grateful to President Rajapakse for having saved them and their children from terrorists.

Then with regard to the Presidential elections, it had been reported that this week a special meeting had been held between the common opposition led by Chandrika B Kumaratunga and the TNA.

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  1. Lorenzo Says:

    Aren’t Tamils SLs?

    Tamils also have a right to vote.

    In 2005 LTTE stopped Tamils from voting and guess who won!!

    Not this time. Tamils should vote in their numbers against the camp LTTE leaders are in who abducted their children, misused their hard earned money to buy weapons, etc.

  2. Raj Says:

    Everyone should know what ‘tamils should vote’ means. Their meeting with Chandrika was ‘successful’ TNA says. Chandrika or Sirisena should disclose what was discussed with the TNA, and the ‘successful’ outcome.

  3. Christie Says:

    Tamil terrorists who migrated as refugees since early eighties pays what ever they can to the Tamil cause. They send a lot of money to their relatives and friend back in the island. My Melbourne Myna says in a recent Mr. Champika MP said in a visit to the North of the island the local Tamils wanted ATMs nothing else. Could you please tell me where did this ” local media reported that the Tamil ” appear in Melbourne or in Australia. By the way Tamils (India) wants more than two thirds of the island that is including the sea and Malay Nadu (Kanda Uda Rata). In Australia the separatist movement started in the sixties spearheaded by Indians and Indian agents that included Tamils.

  4. ranjit Says:

    The best thing to do is to think and decide for themselves which person or the Govt will give them their necessities and take care of their lives more securely. Mahinda or Sirisena/Ranil clique? Tamils should understand how they lived before 2009 and how they were able to live now? How they lived under terrorist Prabakaran and now under Mahinda Rajapksa. Whether they can expect a better environment under Ranil/Sirisena? They should not listen to TNA at all because they have the same LTTE agenda and it will be a disaster if they chose LTTE path rather than the democratic path of Mahinda Rajapksa.

    Within short period this Govt gave them what ever possible for the Tamils to live as humans in a decent way. They built roads,schools,banks,hospitals,churches,temples,Railway etc what more you need.Now the Tamils live a better life than before and no one can deny that. They open new businesses,Factories and the Govt has given jobs even to LTTE cadres. This the only country who has done so much after a bloody war of thirty years. The Govt made a better place to live in harmony and in Peace therefore without listening to all bogus promises of TNA and the Sirisena/Ranil crooked clique use your vote wisely and give to the only leader who can do something to the country and that is none other than Hon Mahinda Rajapksa. Better, secure life then chose Mahinda.

  5. SenaD Says:


    re. your “In 2005 LTTE stopped Tamils from voting and guess who won!!”

    At the time the Tamil Tigers’ boss called himself the president and the prime minister of the area he controlled and did not let the people trapped in that area to cross over to the liberated area where the voting stations were established.

    That was to claim that the government had no jurisdiction over the area controlled by him. At least one person lost a hand as punishment by the tigers for voting at that election.

    This time the Tiger Nominated Agents in the ITAK have asked them to vote; they must vote whether the Tiger Nominated Agents asked or not.

  6. SA Kumar Says:

    We-Tamils will vote for Sirisena/Ranil clique because Chandrika promised fully implemendation of 13A not more or not less.

    Also against the camp (SLFP) LTTE leaders now (KA,KP,Poddu, 100 more etc…)

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