Letter to Chandrika Kumaratunga
Posted on December 31st, 2014

Rajanram B 

Dear Chandrika Kumaratunga,

Please remember that there are plenty of people who have got nice and healthy ideas for their community. They are good people. We need them. But not every one can achieve the good ideas and sustain them for long. This is very hard job. you need to have divine blessing, great strength, courage and clear vision. Our country, mothers and fathers, men and women, girls and boys, and and children need a stable government, safe atmosphere, peace and prosperity, and development and infrastructure. All essential base for a good society is there for last six years.

I humbly and kindly request you not to disturb the current atmosphere in the name of regime change, good governing and none corruptive government.

Leave the current atmosphere as it is now please for the sake of moving forward.

You know very well who Ranil Wickramasinghe is and how he has betrayed you so many times in the past. You are fully aware of the agenda behind the regime change and who are going to benefit most if there is a regime change. You are a Buddhist mother. A Buddhist should not have any space for revenge which will ruin the person who has. Beware the people who are around you. Do you really believe that they will bring about the changes you stand for? What they can achieve will be chaos, uncertainty tension, and state corruption, state abuse and eventually disaster.

Please do not drop the Tamil people into the mouth of criminals as you and Ranil Wickramasinge have done during your presidency. The Tamils desperately need a stable government in the South for their security, cultural values and daily routines.

Lets love our own people (who are native people of Sri Lanka) and try to do good things for them instead of rushing to please the foreigners who are bent to destroy the cultural values of our motherland.

Thank you.

Rajanram B,
the President of Hindu Maha Sabai,


19 Responses to “Letter to Chandrika Kumaratunga”

  1. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:


  2. Indrajith Says:


    We love our country.
    You ate a big chunk of it!
    How can we vote for your nominee (My3)?

  3. raviu Says:

    She is not a real Buddhist. But she acts and lies about it. Just like her farther dumping his European attire and absorbing “Redda and Baniyama” to con the voters.

  4. Sri Rohana Says:

    Dear Mr Rajaratnam
    I respect your vision and ideas. Yes we want a peaceful country.
    During Chandrika’s father’s era the first tamil and Sinhala racial conflict started in our country. Ever since there weren’t any Sinhala tamil racial conflicts in our history. (Our ancestors fought with invaders of tamil nadu, Portugese, Dutch and British. It is a different scenario and it’s a must. Ex: our heroes fought with Dutch and Portugese but present Dutch burghers are our friends and relatives and they are Sri Lankans and no more invaders, so tamils the same)
    Bandaranayaka was a real opportunist and chandrika his daughter another opportunist. After 1956 this country divided in to two by Bandaranayaka. Dr Colvin R de Silva alarmed to Bandaranayaka in 1954 that if “one language two countries and two languages one country”. In 1958 Sinhala and tamil blood spread in this country as a racially first time in our history main culprit was Chandrika’s father Soloman West Ridgway Dias Bandaranayaka 95% British but 5% fake sinhala. Then the racism continous in 1963 tamil hartal time during Chandrika’s Moms time, 1978 Ranil’s uncle JR. Jayawardena’s time, 1983 again Ranil’s uncle JR Jayawardene’s time etc. Tamils were racially attacked abuse by mainly during Bandaranayas and Jayawardene’s (Ranil) eras. Now both the second generation of trouble makers come to save tamils?????
    How come she appeals to tamil voters, as during her time she and her uncle Ratwatte tried their best to win the war against tamils but totally failed. Her dream ended up with disaster for Jayasikuru, elephant pass, welioya etc and she and her uncle had to hide their tails between legs.
    Even though she addressed a meeting in south and said she finished the war 75%. That means she who killed 75% tamils during her time? In south she is a cheer leader for killing tamils by 75% but for the north she is a peace messenger. What a cheater. She tried to fool Sinhalese in south and tamils in north.

  5. Ratanapala Says:

    This one-eyed cyclops Choura Ragina – Robber Queen is not a Buddhist by any stretch of imagination. She just happened to be daughter of a Buddhist mother and that is all her Buddhist credentials. She was raised among the Catholic Nuns while their parents played politics. She thinks her father was assassinated by a Buddhist Monk; She married a Catholic who masquaraded as a Buddhist. Her children are all baptised Catholics. Have you ever seen he taking Sil? Have you ever seen her attending Buddhist Temple ceremonies. No she is not a Buddhist. Just like her father she is using the Buddhist label to fool the idiotic Sri Lankan electorate. That is all. She is a dishonest politician corrupt to her bones. She shouldn’t enter Sri Lankan politics now or ever!

  6. Sarath W Says:

    As Raviu says, Bandaranayakas always took the easy path. SWRD shed his pants for national dress to show he is with the real Sinhala Buddhist. Instead teaching rural children English to better their chances in life he made Sinhala a national language and gave them false hope with useless degrees. SRI number plates to divide the country. Mrs B instead of developing the country, bought austerity, no rice and chilli for the poor. Chandrika and Anura changed their colours and jumped ship whenever they could profit from them. So now is the time to say “good bye” to Bandaranayakes for ever.

  7. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:

    LORENZO !!



  8. mario_perera Says:


    I was stung by your opening statement: This one-eyed cyclops Choura Ragina – Robber Queen is not a Buddhist by any stretch of imagination.

    Are you a Buddhist, Ratnapala? Can a true Buddhist gloat over such a terrible misfortune as the one suffered by Chandrika?
    Just put yourself in her place, Ratnapala. How would you have reacted if someone called YOU a one-eyed Cyclops?
    You pose as a Buddhist and express yourself most freely whenever the word ‘Catholic’ appears anywhere. This statement has revealed you in another light, certainly not the light of Enlightenment.

    I do not know anything about your physical attributes. I do not know how your classmates called you at school, whether it be Kakul kota, Bada, Gothaya, Thattaya or similar, and that does not interest me either.

    But I for one will not highlight, leave alone gloat over, a physical handicap of another. For your information Chandrika’s one eye was blasted away by a LTTE suicide bomber.

    If you want to gloat over physical handicaps suffered by men and women at the hands of the LTTE, go to a haven where the disabled military YOUTH spend the rest of their lives.
    Have the courage, Ratnapala, to confront those young men and women who have been blinded in one eye or both eyes and to address them as: ONE-EYED CYCLOPS or EYE-LESS CYCLOPS.

    What you have stated as regards a woman who lost an eye through the act of a Tamil Terrorist is an undeniable proof that many who pose a good Buddhists, and point fingers at other religions, are only trying to cover their own nakedness, their indecency and shame.

    Mario Perera

  9. Christie Says:

    SWRD Bandaranayake shed pants for national dress (Vetti a south Indian dress worn by south Indians all over the world). India dressed him up and Sirisena has been dressed up with Modi’s attire. What a coincidence. Sinhala people and language may last for two generations. Chandrika wrapped in a Sari not an Osari.

  10. ranjit Says:

    Ratnapala your description of this devil woman is 100% correct. She is nothing but a crook. A person who says that “I am ashamed to be a Sri Lankan” cannot be a leader of our society.She should be ashamed to tell like that and beg for our vote. She is nothing but a LTTE sympathizer and a supporter and her main objective is to see that President will not come to power again. She is a revengeful Bandit. Hope the Sri Lankan voter will send her back to her relatives in England for ever.

  11. Nalliah Thayabharan Says:

    Even though Solomon West Ridgeway Dias Bandaranaike became a Buddhist to please the masses, Solomon West Ridgeway Dias Bandaranaike was a christian till the day died. Dr. P.R. Anthonis testified that Solomon West Ridgeway Dias Bandaranaike was wearing a cross when he died.

  12. Nalliah Thayabharan Says:

    Bandit Queen CBK kept millions of cash under the name of her sister in a locker at the Suduwella branch of HNB. CBK betrayed everybody who had trusted her including her own husband, her best friends and her own party.

    Bandit Queen CBK got money, houses in foreign countries as bribe from secret deals including Airlanka, Shell Gas, Channel 9 etc. Why the Parliament did not impeach Bandit Queen CBK?

  13. Sri Rohana Says:

    Totally agreed with Ratnapala! She is not a Buddhist and labels her as Buddhist is a biggest insult to Buddhism!
    Nalliah Thayabaran you are totally correct she is a bandit and robbed millions on mega deals.
    Mario read Victor Ivan’s “Bandit queen” book (he is now a supporter of her again) Ivan clearly mentioned that the bomb was not planted by LTTE but by her to get sympathy from the voters.

  14. Independent Says:

    Lorenzo probably in Sri Lanka now.

    I too was declared mentally sick by you without you knowing who I am. We always wished you and our country well.

  15. Christie Says:

    I have doubts about the bomb that got Chandrika’s eye. That is definitely from a shrapnel from the bomb or something that blew away by the bomb. Indian terrorist arm were well trained and they had the best and the latest technology provided by India. Indian imperialists do wonders with its hapless subjects.

  16. SA Kumar Says:


  17. Ratanapala Says:


    I respectfully decline to reply to your comments as others in the forum have adequately substantiated my assertions.

    As for my vituperative against the Bandit Queen, it is coming from the bottom of my heart to somebody who is essentially corrupt, dishonest and anti Buddhist. She got elected to the highest office in Sri Lanka not once but twice by majority Sinhala Buddhist vote. Did she ever have an iota of love for these humble folks?

    Yes, I am a proud mundane (Pruthajjana ) Buddhist who is willing to suffer his bad karma with glee. I am not a saint by any stretch of imagination. I too will kill if the situation demands, without remorse knowing very well that I will be committing bad karma which will bring bad vipaka later. Buddhism shows us the way. It teaches us the pitfalls. We have no celestial dictators telling us what to do – no commandments; It is up to us to tread the path knowingly. Remember there are Buddhists in our country who would go through the four hells to save their motherland. That too is why over 90% of our Ranaviruwoes, who put an end to the 30 year war are Buddhists.

    Please don’t compare our disabled Ranaviruwoes to the Bandit Queen the lowest of the low lives in Colombo. – It is rumoured that the bomb was not intended for her but that she got injured only accidentally. Perhaps she even colluded to get sympathy by having a bomb set off by her friends the LTTE! I am only sorry that she was not blown into oblivion with no traces to pollute the Sri Lankan soil.

  18. mario_perera Says:

    Dear Ratnapala,

    Thank you for your reply

    If I have offended your feelings I request you to pardon me.

    We are strangers who get to know each other only as writers on Lankaweb.

    So any words or sentiments that fly away off the cuff should not be taken seriously.

    I wish you and your family a very happy New Year 2015

    May the Triple Gem and all the gods bless all of our and our Land


  19. Ratanapala Says:

    Dear Mario,

    I too wish you and your family A Very Happy New Year 2015! May the Triple Gems Bless you and May All Gods bring peace and harmony to our Motherland.

    Just as much as I have issues with the two Idam Himi Wevilikaruwo at Malwatu and Asgiri Temples, I have issues with the Christian / Catholic Churches and their hidden agenda for Sri Lanka and the rest of Asia. I have no issue with God fearing good Christians and Catholics who love their motherland and want to see it remain one country, undivided and free.

    I read your articles and comments with interest and believe that you too are a Christian / Catholic who love our motherland.

    Kind regards.


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