Is this what rev Rathana – Rev Sobitha – Champika and Sarath Fonseka Supported!
Posted on February 2nd, 2015

This is the proof of that conspiracy of unholy alliance (CBK,RW, UNP,JVP,JHU, RAW, CIA & LTTE)

Are you going to blame Rajapakse for this too? 

This is what the Rajapakse administration protected sri Lanka from!

All those that revenge voted him out ‎should take responsibility for this and make it right! 

New York Times article – Humiliating Sri Lanka’s National Flag


New York Times article ‘Helping Sri Lanka’s New Democracy’ by biased writer Ryan Goodman has humiliated Sri Lanka’s National Flag… placing a yankee carrying an American flag riding the lion (Sinhala race). If this is some sort of message the US is trying to convey… it is good for the Sri Lankan people to ask themselves whether they wish to have the Americans riding on them!

Humiliating the National Flag is a penal code offence.
Will the new Sri Lankan Government outsourced its role from the elected President take action at least issue a statement denouncing this act?

The  writer Ryan Goodman expressing his biased opinion says that;

Democracy advocates, including Secretary of State John Kerry, say this is the country’s most important chance to open a new chapter in more than a decade.

But the country must make sure that members of the ousted regime do not return to power and that the new government can secure its authority. The United States — and only the United States — can do something to help make that happen.

What can the United States do to help? Mr. Kerry said the United States would take up longstanding human rights concerns with the new government. The State Department has spearheaded the creation of a United Nations investigation into war crimes committed under the Rajapaksa regime during the country’s civil war, which lasted from 1983 to 2009.

But that inquiry offers both too much and too little at this point. Too much, because pushing for full, sweeping accountability in this fragile moment of transition could destabilize the new government and jeopardize the warming of relations between the United States and Sri Lanka. Too little, because the United Nations investigation doesn’t have any teeth — the panel leading it doesn’t have the powers of a criminal tribunal, and cannot even impose a financial penalty.

Here is where Washington can play a constructive role.

Gotabaya Rajapaksa, the former defense secretary, oversaw the Sri Lankan armed forces’ worst atrocities during the final stages of the civil war and, as it happens, he is a naturalized American citizen. (Indeed, he used to live in Los Angeles, where he worked as a computer systems operator at Loyola Law School.)

As a citizen, Mr. Rajapaksa can be held liable under the War Crimes Act of 1996, which puts war crimes anywhere in the world under the jurisdiction of United States courts if the perpetrator, or the victim, is a United States citizen. Put another way, the United States has a perfect justification to go after Mr. Rajapaksa individually.

Independent observers have long viewed Gotabaya Rajapaksa as an obstacle, perhaps even more than his brother, to a smooth political transition in Sri Lanka. There is little indication that he will respect the new government, which has opened an investigation to look into widely reported allegations that he and his brother attempted to engineer a military coup to overturn the election results.

It is in the new government’s interest to move decisively to protect its democratic victory by eliminating the threat of Mr. Rajapaksa’s return to power. That is a distinct possibility if his brother, Mahinda, succeeds in a bid to maintain control over the powerful opposition party.

That’s why marginalizing Mr. Rajapaksa now is important. The new president, Mr. Sirisena, has signaled that he is open to domestic criminal prosecutions to ward off foreign war crimes trials. And the president’s spokesman has indicated that the government may be willing to prosecute specific war crimes, such as the so-called White Flag incident, in which surrendering Tamil leaders with white flags were allegedly executed by soldiers on the final day of the civil war. That’s a highly significant statement because, as many Sri Lankans know, and as the State Department reported to Congress, the army chief at the time said that Mr. Rajapaksa gave the order they must all be killed,” and later added that he would be willing to testify in a war crimes trial.

But proceeding against Mr. Rajapaksa will be politically challenging for the new Sri Lankan government to do on its own. The United States could help by signaling its own interest in opening a criminal case against Mr. Rajapaksa in the event that Sri Lanka doesn’t. That would give the new government both an opportunity and a justification to clean its house. Because of Mr. Rajapaksa’s citizenship, the United States would also be less vulnerable to accusations that it was meddling in the affairs of another nation.

The Obama administration might even say, in a very public way, that it will decide whether to proceed with its own criminal inquiry after giving Sri Lanka’s new establishment an opportunity to move first. Such signals from the United States could help politically marginalize the Rajapaksas at a critical point in the life of the country. They would also bolster President Sirisena’s efforts to have the country repudiate the past and recognize that its best future lies with his administration. The United States should do its part to bring accountability to Sri Lanka and assist its transition to democracy.

Ryan Goodman is a professor of law, politics and sociology at New York University and co-editor in chief of the blog Just Security.

15 Responses to “Is this what rev Rathana – Rev Sobitha – Champika and Sarath Fonseka Supported!”

  1. AnuD Says:

    Eventually, Sri lanka has to develop, not only with China, relationships with Russia too.

    The way Mangala Samaraweera bending will not work.

  2. Christie Says:

    Namaste: You don’t know anything about what is behind all these. You can see it feel itn understand it but cannot accept it. It is brain washing by Indian imperialists. Who did congratulate Sirisena first? Modi the Emperor. Where did the Foreign Minister go? India. Where is President going first? India. Jai Hind

  3. Geeth Says:

    I think what happened to MR in the election is good for him and the country for the time being because it will make him to come down to reality and take stock of everything what happened during his administration.

    Now at this point what MR and GR must do is to contest for the parliamentary election either through SLFP ticket or independently. When they come back into active politics again, west including USA will increase their demand/cry for war crime investigations and will expedite the procedures to take MR and GR to Hague ASAP. But they know it is impossible for the current regime to pack MR to Hague so easily. Then their other expectation will be to push the current political leadership to cut a deal with MR to keep away from politics in return to safeguarding him from HR investigation. This is exactly what MR must publicly refuse and must challenge them to send him to Hague. He must come before the public and challenge the current regime to send him to Hague.

    That will turn the table big time. (GR definitely must come to politics and BR must be kept completely away from the scene)

  4. Lorenzo Says:


    Now you are talking.


    There are 2 war crimes reports coming out in a few months. The UNHRC report and MR’s 6 international war crimes prosecutors report. BOTH will find our soldiers guilty of war crimes. That was DECIDED even before the investigation by the TAMIL woman at the UNHRC. (“korage amma gen pena ahanawaa”). It will also find GR and MR guilty. The SHAM investigation just JUSTIFYING this BS decision already made. MR’s 6 lawyers report will also find soldiers GUILTY but will save GR and MR.

    IF My3 govt. tries to co-operate with ANY of the reports to prosecute, punish or hand over ANY officer, GR or MR that will be the END of the UNP and My3. Patriots MUST ensure that.

    So you see, it is best MR is NOT in power. Otherwise it would have been the END of MR, GR, BR, NR, etc. and the SLFP.

  5. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:

    GEETH !! MR is just now an ornament in the SLFP. The incumbent President is the chairman. Chandrika is also waiting to lead the SLFP. Waiting for the spoils. Three people cannot lead the SLFP. Also the SLFP is now tainted with UNP, JVP, TNA, JHU and another few half past two parties. UNP is afflicted with the same set that SLFP is tainted with. So what is the Strategy that MR can adopt,? None. IN THIS FORUM I HAVE GIVENHIM A SUGGESTION TO GO HAMMER AND TONGS ALONE WITH A SIMPLE NAME,, Remember the Company EAST-WEST. THEY ROSE UP VERY FAST UNDER THAT NAME., JUST EASET WEST. The suggested name I gave to MR. is “””SINHALE SINHAYA. on a take or leave it basis. Let us wait an see. GOOD LUCK TO HIM.

  6. Dr.K Says:

    This is the message that this flag game says to me.

    The Sri Lankan Government had been a challenge to those Amerikans and yankee europeons during Mahinda RajaPaksa’s era. Now they have changed this Nation to a tamed animal and ride on it to achieve targets.

    Who is this tamed animal on the flag?

  7. Dr.K Says:

    This is the message that this flag game says to me.

    The Sri Lankan Government had been a challenge to those Amerikans and yankee europeons during Mahinda RajaPaksa’s era. Now they have changed this Nation to a tamed animal and ride on it to achieve their targets.

    Who is this tamed animal on the flag?

  8. Ananda-USA Says:

    “Facebook” Lorenzo wails “Look at YARL DEVI. NO SINGHALESE can get into it when the train comes to Anuradhapura on MOST days. Previously they could SIT and travel.”

    Is this a SIGNIFICANT REASON to OUST the UPFA GOSL that Liberated the Nation and was Developing the Nation at BREAKNECK pace? Is It??

    If so, then why don’t you cutoff that UGLY LUMP you call your NOSE to SPITE your face TOO?

    There is no BALANCE to your STATEMENTS; EVERYTHING is PRESENTED as if it is a REASON TO HANG MR! That is the BEGINNING and the END of your REASONING …. BECAUSE it WAS and IS your GOAL as an EELAMIST!

    There were MANY COMPELLING REASONS to develop the North and East Rapidly:

    1. Defuse International Criticism quickly,

    2. Enable the Tamil people, however much they supported the LTTE in the past, the opportunity to rapidly reconstruct their livelihoods,

    3. To CREATE the BASIC INFRASTRUCTURE NECESSARY for Sinhala people to WILLINGLY VOLUNTEER to settle in the North and East in search of greater opportunities.

    Sinhala people will not settle in a devastated war zone, without decent Roads, Railways, Post Offices, Banks, Police Security, Supermarkets, and all the infrastructure necessary to create jobs for workers, and the means for farmers and other producers of manufactured goods, to sell their products locally, and in markets in the rest of the country.

    That voluntary migration and settlement by Sinhala people, is not the RAPID GOSL sponsored settlement we like to see in the North and East, but is very likely to be MORE PERMANENT & STABLE than GOSL settlement BECAUSE of the National Infrastructure that the GOSL was creating there to INTEGRATE the entire nation into ONE WHOLE.

    That is the PRINCIPAL REASON why the TNA DOES NOT WANT Infrastructre Development by the GOSL in the North and East. They don’t want it UNTIL THEY HAVE THE LAND and POLICE Powers to prevent the migration and settling of Sinhala people in those areas. EXCLUSION of Sinhala people from SETTLING in those areas WAS and WILL FOREVER BE the FOCUS of their RACIST concept of EELAM!

    And you, “Facebook” Lorenzo … KNEW that VERY WELL … so you did your UTMOST to UNDERMINE and OUST the UPFA GOSL before that OBJECTIVE of INTEGRATING the North & EAST into the rest of Sri Lanka could be achieved!


  9. Geeth Says:

    What I say is that it is good for the time being.

    Lorenzo, you wanted to defeat MR to ensure the victory of My3. But when I say ‘it is good what happened for the time being, what I meant was the lesson ‘defeat’ is good for the correction of a political leadership. My3 is not an alternative to MR for my standard. My3 is in the midst of too many pigs. When you are living with pigs, you end up eating sh….t!

    My problem with you is that you are trying to convince us of something that never exist; and promise something never can deliver. Take my word Lorenzo, My 3 will bring disaster to the country. That will prove you that the sinhala saying…
    දන්න යකා නොදන්න යකාට වඩා හොඳයි බව.

    at this point of history, I think MR needs to be in politics to balance this circus!

  10. Christie Says:

    Namaste: we are fighting among ourselves. Why?

  11. Nanda Says:

    SLFP is tainted with UNP , UNP is tainted with SLFP and MR is tainted with himself. My3 is tainted with all of them ?

    This is called Antho Jata Bahi Jata.

  12. SA Kumar Says:

    Namaste: we are fighting among ourselves. Why? because that what we done it last 2,600 years according to mahavamsam !!!


    Hela-Demala (You phrased it not me) SA Kumar, Only Hela Demala’s and many more of you can understand. It clearly state OBAMA OWNS Sri Lanka. Were are the Mahanayake’s? Where are the Sinhala Americans in Los Angeles, California, USA?? No other comment writer can see this, except you!

  14. . Says:

    haroldhetti Says
    Sri Lanka lion is tamed and being ridden by the yanks….tells who is in
    control now – a Freudian slip?? Who is jumping with joy on the green
    strip of the flag???? – a pity that they did not show a tiger head
    instead of a person there. A picture says more than a thousand words. In
    1815 there were monks who stomped on the Union Jack and raised the
    Sinhala flag but in 2015 where are they? Enjoy the future…..there will
    be more to come.

  15. Marco Says:

    Freudian slip indeed.
    The Green strip of the flag represents the Sri Lankan Muslims whilst the Orange strip represents the Sri Lankan Tamils.

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