Shashi on the run? ‘පොලීසියෙන් එද්දී ශෂී වීරවංශ ගෙදරින් පැන යයි’ –…Another Mudslinging news choreographed by pro-UNP journalists in Daily Mirror/ ලංකාදීප
Posted on February 21st, 2015

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In a blatant attempt to discredit the combined opposition, the Daily mirror reported another mudslinging news today  and says that the former minister Wimal Weerawansa’s wife Sashi Weerawansa has fled her home according to the CID team assigned to arrest her said.

In response to this shameless  report published by Daily Mirror/Lankadeepa papers, the former minister Wimal Weerawansa says this report is totally fallacious and untrue. The police Criminal Investigation Department had asked my wife Sashi Weerawansa to come to the police Criminal Investigation Department  at Battaramulla  to take a statement on the day when we had our opposition party rally at Nugegoda. Weerawanse said ” Since my wife was in the hospital at that time, we requested them to give another day to come the police Criminal Investigation Department through a lawyer and supported by a medical certificate, . She has not left the house nor she is in hiding. She is still in the hospital and if the police wants her to make a statement they can go to the hospital at any time and take a statement.

Mr. Weerawanse further says that this is another misinformation campaign launched by close relatives of UNP political leadership who occupy the dominant positions in the Lankadeepa/daily mirror group and against the popularity and the admiration gained by the combined opposition movement in Sri Lanka. It is kind of tragedy that these politically manoeuvred journalists who attempt tarnish the reputation this media group maintained for a long time.

The Daily mirror reported today that the former minister Wimal Weerawansa’s wife Sashi Weerawansa who is alleged to have obtained diplomatic and general passports by submitting birth certificate with forged names and dates of birth, has fled her home according to the CID team assigned to arrest her said. The special CID team which arrived at her residence in Kaduwela said they could not find her there. The team had also searched several other houses believed to be possible hideouts according to the police.

The report further says that at the meeting held in Nugegoda on February 18 Wimal Weerawansa questioned why the arrest of her wife was delaying and challenged that they were awaiting the police. A senior police officer said he might have said so knowing her wife’s plan to escape. He said the police would however take Sashi Weerawansa into custody within the next few days. Police said she had obtained a general  passport in May last year furnishing an application with the name of Sirja Uyanthi Weerawansa and date of birth as 01.02.1967 whereas she  has given the name as Randunu Mudiyanselage  Shehasa Udayanthi and the date of birth as 03.02.1971 in the application she submitted to obtain the diplomatic passport, police said. Seven police teams have been deployed in  Kandy , Gampaha and Colombo to search and arrest Sashi Weerawansa  police said.(Indika Ramanayake)

4 Responses to “Shashi on the run? ‘පොලීසියෙන් එද්දී ශෂී වීරවංශ ගෙදරින් පැන යයි’ –…Another Mudslinging news choreographed by pro-UNP journalists in Daily Mirror/ ලංකාදීප”

  1. Christie Says:

    Namaste: It is only the Sinhalese who are corrupt. In a country where an Indian language is blaring, none of them are corrupt, other than one or two. No wonder our Presidents worships the Emperor with both hand in fold while the Emperor is not even looking at him. Even Queen Victoria would have paid attention. This is the new Empire since 1947. Jai Hind.

  2. ranjit Says:

    Any fool will understand the real motives of this unpatriotic Govt which is more closer to our enemies than friends. We know inside our hearts that they will harm the former President and all the Ministers of his before the General election because if they do only they can continue their power play if not they will not have any chance in the next General election because people are already fed up with this shameless Govt.

    They are telling everybody is happy in this country because of the things they have given to the public as promised.Bullshit!!! These liars boasting only on the T.V.Channels and in their news papers because nothing said about Opposition in any of those media outlets. Now everything is theirs and they are talking about Yahapalanaya. Bullshit!!

    If the people of Sri Lanka who loves their Motherland do not stop these trouble makers and liars we will have a bigger headache than the previous LTTE terrorism. Already India and America poking their fingers in our affairs and our current traitors appreciate everything what they do.

    India is never a friend of ours.They are the ones who trained,Financed and send terrorists to our country to destroy the Sinhalese, now again they have started the same with the assistance of the same group who helped LTTE to kill thousands of innocent Sri Lankans during the EELAM war. If we allow this Tie Coat traitor to do he pleased then we will not have a country to call home therefore take a united stand to send these Gobells home in the next General election. They will harass everyone connected to our hero President Mahinda Rajapksa and eventually they will take him too. Be prepared to fight the cowards.

  3. dingiri bandara Says:

    While investigating alleged corruption against against the members of the previous regime, first the alleged corruption ,first finish allegations of the charges against Ravi Karunanayake who still ca do damage. It is shame for man who, if the allegations are true, to be in charge of the finance ministry. Sadly the media is silent on this matter.
    Do we not have any other person without any blemishes in the country to run this ministry.

  4. Fran Diaz Says:

    Best thing to do in Lanka is to issue Diplomatic Passports to all MPs and their spouses !! There will be more and more folk scrabbling to become MPs !! Diplomatic Passports can then be given as reward points for excellence in service to the Public of Lanka only, decided through Parliament votes only. That would be truly Democratic.

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