CKDmfo – URGENT Action Needed by the Government:
Posted on May 7th, 2015

Prof. Sunil J Wimalawansa, MD, PhD, MBA, DSc

To Secretary to the President:

Dear Mr. Abeykoon:

We are very concerned that to-date, the successive governments have failed to take prompt and right actions to prevent this deadly disease, in spite of over 5,000 of our poor farmers are prematurely dying each year causing these families to become destitute.

Since “CKD of multi-factorial of origin” (CKDmfo; previously known as CKDuo) issues span across a number of ministries and departments, none has taken (or will take) the responsibility or accountability to-date, to prevent this deadly disease.  CKD-Task Forces will not work.  Actions taken if any, it is too little and too late. Meanwhile, compared to several other ministries and departments, the Department of Health/Ministry of Health has little role to play in this regards ( ).

All CKD-Tasks Forces have consistently failed and , not surprisingly, the current one will have the same fate.   Establishing CKD Eradication Authority is the only way forward to prevent this deadly disease from Sri Lanka. However, to be effective, to move forward, and to avoid conflicts of interests, we strongly recommend that none of the previous or current CKD-Task Force member to be included in the new CKD Eradication Authority. It needs a fresh start with fresh blood, and new thinking.  Unlike Task Forces, there are plenty of highly dedicated, erudite, retired” scientists in this field with credible academic background, who can effectively manage the CKD eradication authority, without introducing conflicts of interests.

We urge the President to replace all existing CKD-related asks Forces and units, and to establish a new dedicated Agency, charged with eradication of CKDmfo (CKD-Eradication Authority; CKD-EA) [or fund PHEPRO charitable Foundation for the same purpose] that is headed by a credible, senior scientist with necessary academic qualifications and field experience; reporting directly to the President.

Expanding dialysis centres or creating new hospitals are NOT the answer to this problem. In fact, we do not need new CKD or Renal hospital(s) as some proposed whether these are donated, or created from public or private funds.
We understand that the Department of Health is intended to import 200 dialysis new machine at a cost of 2.5 billion rupees.  In fact, we can double the capacity of renal dialysis, without importing a single dialysis machine!
It is ironic that what is necessary to eradicate CKD menace from Sri Lanka is less than 2.0 billion rupees!!!   It is truly puzzling the lack of consideration to implement the programs we have proposed (a synopsis is attached) to do so, rather that than speeding (wasting) over 2.0 billion rupees of taxpayers funds per year for dialysis and opportunity costs.  ONE year’s economic losses for the country due to CKD is adequate to eradicate this disease!
If money is earmarked for such, that should be use for prevention and eradication of this disease. When the disease is prevented using the action plan that we have proposed to the President, the demand and the need for renal dialysis will go down markedly.  We are puzzled why then going to have these unnecessary White Elephants?

We look forward to hearing from you and working with you to overcome this National Crisis that has become a Chronic Emergency.
Together we can prevent this fatal disease.

Yours faithfully,

   Sunil Wimalawansa


Prof. Sunil J Wimalawansa, MD, PhD, MBA, DSc

President, PHEPHRO and WF Foundations

[Professor of Medicine Endocrinology & Nutrition]

Behalf of all members of the CKDmfo Prevention & Eradication Group.”


4 Responses to “CKDmfo – URGENT Action Needed by the Government:”

  1. Ben Silva Says:

    The ckd problem affects the life of people and the right to life of poor people. No body seems to care. If the Buddhists cared, they could organise bottled water to be sent to affected areas. The problem is related to human rights. Please bring this to the attention of international human rights organisations. Various contributors to Lankaweb can do it as well. Right to life of many poor people are denied, orphans created and people have to suffer unnecessarily. If I remember right, MY3 was the health minister. I hope Lankaweb and media also take this problem seriously. In particular safe handling of chemicals is important and also collecting rain water. Just dig a hole, put a plastic sheet, collect the water in the hole. and store water in ‘muttiyas’. Even simple charcoal filters could reduce harmful chemicals.Preferable to use a RWHS.

  2. Independent Says:

    Why must use poor tax payers money to save the polluters ?
    Bring 2 billion dollars from polluters by banning all brand of big American thieves and suing them. Kerry must have paid big to corrupt individuals to kill Sinhalas.

  3. Fran Diaz Says:

    Around 5,000 farmers suffering and dying each year …. what a catastrophe. I am thinking that mudslinging and importing dialysis machines is more important to the present govt than doing what is necessary to permanently eradicate the problem. Very distressing … the public ought to be better informed about what is going on.

    Is the cut table plus ignorance in operation here … ? I detest saying such things, but it appears so.

  4. Cerberus Says:

    Our politicians and the foreign countries are so busy trying to solve the problems of the Tamils that they do not see the problems of the Sinhala farmers. They are the real back bone of the country not all the opportunistic political scum and their stooges in Colombo. These poor farmers supplied the brave young lads who fought the war and defeated the LTTE with the help of Mahinda Rajapaksa’s Government. Why don’t they open their eyes and look at the plight of the Sinhalese? They are so ready to look after illegal immigrants from India, the Tamil plantation workers in hill country, the Muslims are receiving bags of money from the Muslim countries while the Sinhalese are neglected by our own politicians. I understand the Muslims are setting up a city in Wilpattu where they have cleared about 1000 acres for a city for them selves.

    The Reverse Osmosis filters are the only permanent solution as suggested by Professor Wimalawansa in a previous article. It will cost only a fraction of the cost of dialysis units and provide clean drinking water to these villages. It must be done on a war footing if we are to save these people. I believe the problem originated due to the many tons of Glyphosate imported to Sri Lanka which has now been declared to be a carcinogen by WHO. Please see link below:

    It will take many years to wash off the Glyphosate in the soil. Therefore reverse osmosis filters are a must in the meantime.

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