ETCA AND SHIP BUILDING –INDIAN CONTRIBUTION …………ලංකාවේදී නැව් හදන්න ඉන්දියාවටත් දෙයි…
Posted on February 29th, 2016

Dr Sarath Obeysekera

ලංකාවේදී නැව් හදන්න ඉන්දියාවටත් දෙයි… News Items in Sinhala Paper . Where and how ? Trinco is ideal for ship building and only area in along the coastal belt towards Sampur Hambantota already promised to Chinese and they are doing a feasibility study Government should elaborate their plans so that we can advise

I am a ship builder hence I am convinced that despite being an Island with costal belt right around we have not been able to capitalize on ship building.

Neil Marine,Blue star ( now owned by an Indian Company based in Dubai-Solas) north west ,Danushska etc are small scale fibre glass fishing boat builders  who service fishing community

We also have a Belgian person who is fighting for  survival in building Yachts in MIrissa

Government is not giving any support to them except milking them by way of custom duty and vat etc

Solar has got a large order from Indian Coast Guard to build 85 numbers  coast guard boats and recently signed an agreement with Maldivian Coat Guard for  three more

They hardly build anything for Sri Lanka

Then we have Colombo Dockyard which has moved to build larger vessels for Oil Industry and now no more for Sri Lankan Customers .They had an expert team of Naval Architects who were forced to retire at 55 (which is the peak of all expertise knowledge) .They all went to Dubai Dry Docks /Bahrain Ashrae Shipyard in Bahraib,Oman and Qatar and few to Singapore

These experts have spent over 10 years and Middle East .They do not keep them after 65  and some of them migrated Canada Australia and most want to return to Sri Lanka

I meet them often and they are eagerly waiting for Sri Lanka to re commence marine industry and ship building so that they can return home.

I am not talking about welders and fitters as after 65 they may not be that productive who  return and start three wheeler business ,grocery stores and even running rice mills .What a waste !

Colombo Dockyard does not want to re-invest in the ship building industry even though they were asked to invest in Hambantota which they declined

Now Chinese are quite keen to open a ship yard in Hamabantota and I have decided to extent my fullest support and  input ,

Now Japanese  want to build  harbour cranes for Japanese  and to make money but not to develop our ship building Industry ,They import designs from Singapore ,and sadly our Naval Architecture is not developing

Sri Lanka Navy is going to retire many naval rating in next few years on retirement after over 20 year service ,we need to employ them

Otherwise they may tend to get involved in various activities  not very good for the society .

I personally like to hire ex-navy ratings as they are quite disciplined and hard working .

Then the North has many able women and men –ex tigers who need some work hence developing ship building Industry is timely

What government can do is get down Indian managers, marking experts and expert welders and fitters under ETCA to Sri Lanka, providing that we open up small scale shipyards right around the Island and train our boys by working  with them

We have over 20 fishery harbours now very productive, can be ideal locations to base ship building Industry

Sad situation is people like ourselves and Ex Marine experts are not be even consulted how to develop the Industry except that, they want to open our labour market to Indians for Ship Building without having any plans ,We wanted to develop Beruwala as a location and CEA is blocking with no tangible reason

We have to give Pioneer Status” to ship building Industry and allow importation of raw materials duty free and VAT free Then  with cheap labour we can be competitive

We can build multi day fishing boats  with Cold Room  and freezing facilities ,catch Tuna and export .Now Chinese ,Thaiwanese and Japanse catch our Tuna and export

FINALLY ,I WANT ELBAORATE THE FACT THAT ,RATHER THAN CREATING FEAR psychosis we should indentfy what labour we want from india ,we should have forum of experts in the field and disucss what we lack and allow the selected experts to come

One industralist who is quite nationlistic, SAID once that under etca we will have har dressors and their wives and kids and even butchers

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  1. NeelaMahaYoda Says:


    There’s not a lot to hang your hat on. During the last twenty years Ranil had been out of a job and totally converted himself into a “bloody fool” by staying very long time in the opposition. I will not be surprised if he will kill all the ship building facilities whatever we have by inviting Indian ship builders with conditions that can be detrimental for the local industry.

    You and me can talk about ship building industry, but this fool has no clue.

  2. Fran Diaz Says:

    Dr Obeysekera,
    Thank you for information re ship building etc.


    Yes, Lanka business folk ought to really capitalise on the Marine vessels building. Lanka is the ideal spot for that.

    Lanka is kept permanently de-stabilised via the Tamil leaders and Tamil illegal migrants and Tamil Separatism, so that no real economic growth happens. Tamil leaders would like to see Lanka as a ‘Failed State’ so that they can take over the islalnd nation. Tamil leaders have NEVER co-operated with any GoSL since Independence. What a shame when they live off this land and others here. Shameful misguidance by Tamil leaders is what we witness.

    Tamil take over of Lanka had been planned. It is not a good thing to bring in Tamil labor or any other labor from outside.
    INDIA will not encourage breakaway Tamil state in Lanka as Tamil Nadu is a breakaway state, not loyal to INDIA.

    Lanka business folk ought to use ex-Armed Forces people, or people seconded from the Armed Forces as they are reliable, disciplined and able.

  3. Christie Says:

    Thanks Dr Sarath.

    Talking about industries in the island and who runs them; boat building is a good example how our industries, politics, political financing and Indian imperialists and Indian colonial parasites operate.

    Taos was a boat building company run by a son of Harry Gunawadana who was a brother of Philip. I don’t think Taos still exists. They did not become ship builders or industrialists. But the Indian colonial parasites who financed Mahajana Eksath Peramuna and its affiliates have ended up as leading industrialists and ship owners. An example is is Gnanams’ St Anthony’s group.

    Walkers Ltd did some ship repairing work in the old days but the so called 1956 revolution put an end to any progress towards ship building.

    Then there is the CeyNor the Norwegian outfit that operated in the North. This outfit may have been part of the procurement of military equipment by the Indian Empire from Norway. That is how the Indian terrorist outfit branded LTTE became boat builders.

  4. NeelaMahaYoda Says:


    Listen to Lasantha Wickremasinghe

    අපගේ රැකියා ඉන්දියානුවන් විසින් ඩැහැ ගැනිමට ලඝු කොට නොතැකිය යුතුයි. මෙරට සිටිනා මෙම ගිවිසුමට සහය පළ කරන අසාර්ථක ආර්ථික උපදේශකයනට එම කූඨෝපාය ගැන අවබෝධයක් තිබෙන බවක් පෙනෙන්නට නෑ.ඔවුන් වෙළඳ ගිවිසුම් ගැන දන්න අය වෙන්න පුළුවන්, නමුත් ඔවුන් මේ තොරතුරු තාක්ෂන ක්ෂේත්‍රය ගැන තියෙන අවබෝධය ඉතා අඩු බව පේනවා.

    අප විසින් ලංකාවේ නිපදවන ම්රුදුකාංග ලෝකයේ දැවැන්ත සමාගම් විසින් භාවිතා කරනවා . ඒ අතර ලන්ඩන් කොටස් වෙළදපල, මයික්‍රොසොෆ්ට්, එමිරේට්ස්, කටාර් එයාවේස්, ජේපී මෝගන් සහ ගූගල් වැනි ලෝ පතළ සමාගම් තිබෙනවා.
    ඒ නිසා මේ කරුණු ස්වල්පය සලකා බැලුවත් පේන්න ඕනා ලංකාවේ තොරතුරු තාක්ෂණ ක්ෂේත්‍රය ඉතා දිගු ගමනක් යා හැකි තවමත් වර්ධනය වෙමින් පවතින ඉහළ විභවයක් ඇති ක්ෂේත්‍ර්යක් බව.

  5. Lorenzo Says:

    Unfortunately Endians are not as foolish.

    NO Endian will EVER teach local boys how to buid ships or boats!! That will destroy a lucrative profit stream for Endians.

    NAIVE thinking. Endians are after SL’s POTENTIAL in boat building to exploit SL’s good relations with China, Pakistan, Bangladesh, etc. and make profit.

    Endians are following MODI’S MAKE IN ENDIA campaign. Already Endia is ROBBING the fish of SL. EU bans SL, not Endia because it is SL waters! With ETCA even the remaining fishing spots will be lost to Endia.

    Another dumb decision by Run-nil who once promised to give CHEWING GUM to beetle leaf farmers. Its the LIVELIHOOD stupid!

  6. charithsls Says:

    Sarath your intentions are quite ‘innocent’ from economic point of view but you forget you are asking help from the Devil.
    Anywhere in the world where the Indians are brought they just don’t leave as you expect but slowly merge into the society by their sheer numbers and their living standard is so poor in their country are able to work at substandard levels until they get hold of the country. Look at the US ,the West or Middle East they just don’t leave; you say the Indians will teach our young & leave in the future and that itself shows, how naïve & stupid your thinking is unless you are looking at some personal benefits through such schemes where you’ve some experience. Sorry that is the honest truth.

  7. Dham Says:

    No he is asking from his known angles.
    He was scared of the devil for all these years.
    He could have pressed the known devil harder and somehow got all these done 7 years ago.
    What did he do all these years ? Ship building ? That is the problem.
    He should have let the known devil know all these facts and probably had some chance.

  8. aloy Says:

    He is probably a ‘devil’s advocate’. Definition: A person who puts the opposing view in a discussion without necessarily holding that view’; perhaps to test the water.

  9. aloy Says:

    The first thing I did this morning was to listen to Lasantha Wickremasinghe’s speech. It is quite clear that Indians are planning to destroy SL’s IT industry. Our previous politicians (Chandrika’s time) who handled this subject actually did a lot to bring this industry to present stage. I even wrote couple of letters to MR to enforce the teaching of some IT subjects to engineering students like in some other developed countries via his secretary, without even an acknowledgement. I did it because I found it extremely useful myself to automate the design and drafting process.
    Either due to ignorance or negligence the present lot are planning to kill the goose that lays the golden eggs. Perhaps RW may be doing it thinking that it is the best for the country. Unfortunately his vision is only as wide as Colombo 7 and his knowledge is only as deep as what Royal could give. The Law college may not have given anything useful looking at the way they have been conducting their affairs lately.
    The president should step in here to put a brake on this unnecessary deal.

  10. Fran Diaz Says:

    Likely the MR govt got busy re the Elections and the UNHRC False War Crimes accusation. The second term slowed down.

    I do not know what it is with INDIA.
    First, they went against the JRJ govt., likely because it was the Cold War times, and JRJ was ultra pro-west. The trained the LTTE in T’Nadu and forced the 13-A on the JRJ govt. The Indian Envoy to Lanka then, J.N. Dixit, a Chennai born Catholic, was the Viceroy to Lanka.
    Now they seem to be buckling the Country again, this time via Ranil, the virtual Dictator. The Parliament is almost dead and so is the Economy. None of the Election promises have manifested.
    Pres MS has brought in one plus item : banning Glyphosate.

    Ranil’s Plan:

    *. ECTA
    *. 5,000 acres for 99 yrs leases of land in Lanka to foreigners
    *. Chunnel to Tamil Nadu

    All this while keeping the real Heroes of the Nation under big foot govt (Fascist/Sadistic rule), in the guise of a False War Crimes Investigation.

    The Law of Land is broken with impunity by the Yahap govt. including the Monetary Laws at the Central Bank with the CB Scam on Bonds.

  11. Dham Says:

    Ranil is very very old school. Older than his age. Not only him all are surrounded by “Low” graduates or day to day friends, living in their own wells.
    Because he cannot handle and without the math-coprocessor he picks his mate’s brains. So, he thought this big thief Mahendran is best in the world. Now he is protecting the thief, relying on him.

    What he should do is to appoint few young Suddas from overseas to handle Sri Lankan economy than using Tamil an Sinhala thieves.
    I don’t think our Pothe Gruas can do it and those who can do it call the bosses “Sir” until the bosses’s head swell and explode.
    This is the culture of present day Sinhalaya. Most of them are Neechayas who උස් තැන් දැක ඇකිලෙන්නේ මිට් තැන් දැක පුප්පන්නේ type.

  12. Fran Diaz Says:

    Lankans may be NAIVE in thinking that the MR Govt which had good plans to teach computer science to school kids (a computer for every child, said MR) and make Lanka a Knowledge Hub for SE Asia, would go gung-ho on these and other plans they had when the chop was obviously coming in the form of UNHRC FALSE War Crimes on the MR Govt & the Armed Forces of Lanka.

  13. Dilrook Says:

    IT professionals include not just professionals of the IT industry, but also IT professionals working in other industries. For instance a bank would have an IT division. They too are IT professionals. This is a vast industry covering almost all businesses and state entities. It will be a total disaster if Indian IT professionals are allowed in. My experience in Sri Lanka in relation to Indian application consultants and other IT professionals is not good. Very low skilled Indians are trained on the job but draw the same salary.

    Boat building industry needs investments, not labour. The industry is vaguely defined and it can cover anyone from fishermen to ship builders. Details of ETCA as released to the public does not restrict anyone to internationally recognised professional qualifications.

    If signed this agreement will ruin the Lankan economy beyond apprehension. Traditional UNP voter block will suffer most as India is after grabbing their prosperity. India’s unskilled labour has better destinations than Sri Lanka in the middle east and don’t need ETCA or CEPA to illegally work in Sri Lanka as they already do. This agreement is for better paid and more lucrative industries. For the UNP, signing ETCA is political suicide but if it goes against Indian dictates, its life span will be cut short.

    Allowing Indians to enter Sri Lanka’s import industry is a lesser evil. This is a huge industry with massive economic prosperity which is now dominated by local Tamils and Muslims. Considerable amount of money earned by them goes to finance TNA, CWC and SLMC politics. Even if the prosperity of this industry transfers into Indian hands, locals would not feel any difference. Public transport is another industry Indians can invest in to reduce the extortion of the private bus owners’ association.

  14. Christie Says:

    I don’t think most of us aware of what is happening in Nepal, Bhutan, Sikkim etc. They have similar agreements with the Indian Empire.

    I have met some kids from these countries who are study in the West.

    If we proceed with Indian imposed ETCA or any agreement we will be screwed by Indian vermin in partnership with the Indian colonial parasites.

  15. Christie Says:

    This is old news but the situation is worse now. See what is in store for us. Not many Indian colonial parasites went to Bhutan during the British-Indian Empire.

    Bhutan asks 3,000 Indians to quit the country by today
    Published on Nov 29 2011 // MAIN NEWS
    The Ministry of Labour and Human Resources has directed people of Indian origin working in the country to leave by Tuesday, November 29. However, no Bhutanese media from inside have reported the ministry’s order, and the actual reason behind this matter has remained yet unclear.

    According to reports, convenor of overseas affairs of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), Vijay Jolly, has sent a letter to the King and Prime Minister Jigmi Y Thinley, lodging a complaint against the move.

    He said that the order violated the India-Bhutan friendship treaty clause 5, which envisages a closer co-relation between the people of the two nations.

    “About 3,000 businessmen, workers and their dependents – all of Indian origin – working in Bhutan and contributing towards its growth and development for over 40-50 years, have been directed to get out of the Buddhist nation by Tuesday, November 29, 2011,” reports quoted Jolly as saying.

    The BJP further said that Bhutan has always been a home away from home.

    “Indians have lived and worked hard and productively in Bhutan. This category of people would never be an impediment to the indigenous Bhutanese workforce,” Jolly wrote in his letter.

    Although it is a verbal order, but the signatures of the said affected people have been taken by the authorities, added reports.

    He further added that most of these people are small-time businessmen/traders and workers.

    “They have nowhere else to go and nothing to fall back upon as they have already spent the prime of their lives in Bhutan working for the country.”

    The BJP also warned the Government of Bhutan that those Indian nationals have never been a threat to the integrity, unity, independence, sovereignty, socio-economic and cultural growth of Bhutan.

    On behalf of BJP, Jolly demanded ‘The People of Indian Origin’ in Bhutan be treated with honour and respect. BJP has requested the king to intervene in the matter urgently and rescinded the order.”

    What will our Kankani Ranil or Coolie Sirisena or Governor Chandrika do in future. Today they are doing what Indian Empire has asked them to do before the elections in November 2015 and January 2016.

  16. Asanga Says:

    Dr Obeysekara,

    I believe like the others here that you are being far too optimistic about the motivations of any Indian ‘craftsman’ in teaching our people the finer points of ship building.
    But you do bring up many valid points. For example, the availability of highly skilled, highly disciplined naval technicians.
    Then we have the very experienced Engineers and naval architects from the dockyards.

  17. Asanga Says:

    …submitted before editing.

    We also have very experienced Engineers and naval architects from the dockyards.

    Before these highly skilled people leave our shores to find better options in fairer climes, hopefully a consortium of local boat builders can be organized to use them in innovative ways; at the same time, compensating them well.

  18. aloy Says:

    Ship building skills are natural to Sinhalese. Read Mahavansa. During King Parakrama Bahu’s (ie. 12th century?) time the whole of east coast was one ship building yard. However that has been done with a purpose: to take revenge for an insult made by a South East Asian ruler. It seems their mission was successful and that country paid ‘kappam’ to SL for over 200 years. If you go to ‘Ayuthya’ in Thailand you see a lot of historical things about us. My only wish is that another leader of that caliber takeover the reigns of SL during our life time; this time not to fight but give some respectability to our nation.

  19. Lorenzo Says:

    Did King Parakrama Bahu come to power after winning an election?

    According to what is available in the internet, he grabbed power after wiping out his enemies through a military takeover.

    We have to decide WHAT we want.
    Do we want POLITICS? Then we need a POLITICIAN.
    Do we need LEADERSHIP? Then we need a LEADER.
    Do we need GOVERNANCE? Then we need a CEO.

    A politician will NEVER be a leader. We need a LEADER who is UNMARRIED, who has NO CLOSE FAMILY TIES and who is NOT SCARED to live and die. May be a Buddhist monk!

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