Timeline of UNP follies & crimes
Posted on January 10th, 2017

Shenali D Waduge

They say ‘people in glass houses should not throw stones’ if JVP has no business to talk about human rights the UNP does not either. Both their track records will reveal and remind citizens of the horrors they experienced under both parties and in particular under the rule of J R Jayawardena, R Premadasa and Ranil Wickremsinghe.

The United National Party was founded on 6 September 1946. Apart from the election of R Premadasa leadership of the UNP has been passed to family members only.

At a time when Sri Lanka was facing food shortage R. G. Senanayake, the then Minister of Commerce negotiated the Ceylon-China Trade Agreement or the Rubber-Rice Pact in Beijing in 1952 (after appeals to US failed) J. R. Jayewardene, the Minister of Finance opposed the agreement with China as did the American government, and some local newspapers. The American government invoked the Battle Act which prevented it from giving aid to countries selling strategic materials to Communist countries and cut off aid to Sri Lanka. America also stopped selling sulphur needed by Sri Lanka’s rubber plantations. However, Prime Minister, Dudley Senanayake backed the China-Lanka agreement realizing that the benefits to Sri Lanka from the agreement far outweighed losses consequent to the cutting-off of American aid

JR Jayawardena opposed the Bandaranaike-Chelvanayagam Pact.

In 1960 UNP voted against the SLFP’s school-take over legislation in Parliament.

In 1963 when Sirimavo Bandaranaike conferred China as the Most-Favored-Nation treatment under the Maritime Agreement with China, UNP opposed claiming Sri Lanka would be drawn into China’s sphere of geopolitical influence.

UNP refused to accept the 1972 Constitution after then PM Bandaranaike formed a Constituent Assembly in July 1970 which led to the new Republican Constitution of 22 May 1972.

It was JRJ who introduced a semi-dictatorial constitution vesting himself with unlimited executive powers in 1978 – all the political parties, civil organizations and even the Tamil parties were against the new constitution.

After becoming President enacting a complex electoral system combining proportional representation with preferential voting designed to favour UNP, he collected undated letters of resignation from all UNP Ministers to ensure they did not dissent. JRJ boasted that the constitution was so powerful that the only thing it could not do was to turn a man into a woman and vice versa.

The UNP policy was to follow the capitalist system in the West as a result of which state assets became privatized, prime land went into foreign hands, tax holidays were given, foreign investors enjoyed all the tax breaks and scooted off with the profits leaving workers in the lurch. About 100,000 manufacturing jobs were lost. The rising inflation led to many strikes culminating in the general strike in 1980 – all that the workers asked for was Rs.10 per day and an allowance of Rs.5 cost of living. The UNP response was to fire 40,356 public and private sector employees.

Preaching that it upheld democracy – it was under UNP that evaded going to elections and bringing about amendment to constitution to have a referendum to extend term of office for 4 years. The Presidential election that ensued resulted in mass election rigging another first for Sri Lanka – even the main opposition candidate, Hector Kobbekaduwa was impersonated while Communist leader Pieter Keuneman also found that his vote had been cast when he went to vote. After the election the UNP began arresting leading members of the Opposition accusing them of being ‘Naxalites’

It was under the UNP Government that terrorism was birthed not taking action to nip it in the bud when it could. Failure to support the military and give orders to wipe out terrorism is a factor UNP leadership stands guilty of

It was the UNP that began suppressing Trade Unions, Media rights, Working Class Rights, poor Farmers Rights and even students rights from 1978 to 1994, 2002 and now through 2015 to present.

Repealing the Criminal Justice Commissions Law which led to the gross abuse of human rights and harassment of political opponents of the Government.

The UNP Leader Ranil Wickremasinghe accepted guilt of his party burning the Jaffna Library in 1983

It was UNP goons that led the 1983 riots against Tamils. However, baffling is UNP can boast that the majority of the minorities do in fact vote for the UNP

Jayewardene gave birth to the politicized underworld its power reached the zenith during President Premadasa’s rule

During the 1980s – Prof.Ediriweera Sarathchandra was hooted down and physically abused – during this same period that lawyer Kanchana Abhayapala, Rohana Wijeweera, Vijaya Kumaranatunga, Ranjan Wijeratne were all murdered in the most brutal manner and the then UNP government never did anything to investigate and punish those who committed the crimes even though culprits were well known. 

Vivienne Gunawardena women activist was beaten and when Supreme Court ruled in her favour the UNP Govt paid the compensation and gave a promotion to the officer who assaulted her! (Neil DeVotta)

One of the thugs the JRJ government used against its opponents was Kalu Lucky, who even stoned the houses of Supreme Court judges especially the 3 judges who ruled in favor of Vivienne Gunawardena.

It was during UNP rule that media personalities like Richard de Soyza, Sagarika Gomez faced untimely deaths.

In the Katunayake Free Trade Zone there was not a single individual who gained employment during this time unless he/she happened to be a UNP supporter because every person who sought employment in the FTZ had to be recommended by the Jathake Sevake Sangamaya(JSS) which is the UNP Labour Union,

President Premadasa appointed leading underworld figure Arambawela Don Ranjit alias Soththi Upali alias Pidali Upali a UNP Working Committee Member. His powers were such that some say he sat in the OIC Borella’s chair! Even senior police officers used to salute that criminal in public In 1997, a presidential commission appointed by President Chandrika Bandaranaike Kumaratunga concluded that Upali was directly involved in assassination of Lalith Athulathmudali. According to the Batalanda Commission Gonawala Sunil had the blessings of the UNP Government. He was involved in the massacre of 53 prisoners at Welikada Prison in 1983 and raping a 14-year-old girl in 1982. He was convicted of the murder, and was serving in prison when he was famously released on a presidential pardon given by President J.R. Jayewardene just before the 1982 presidential election.Gonawala Sunil was one time bodyguard of both R Premadasa and Ranil Wickremasinghe  http://www.lankaweb.com/news/items/2015/08/15/how-the-unp-gave-birth-to-underworld-rapist-gonawala-sunil-dies-under-a-hail-of-bullets/  

Government servants working during the UNP regime of 1978-1994 dared not talk contrary to the government stand even in the compounds of departments or ministries for fear that they were not sure of who was listening. Those who dared to do so, suddenly disappeared and were found dead or floating down rivers, yet some others were found burning on tyres under organised thuggery of the JSS and underworld mafia which was created by the UNP politicians of the time.

Who was in charge of Batalanda Torture House is immaterial – what is true is that brutal acts of torture took place inside this compound and we do not know how many disappeared thereafter. No one has counted these dead.

At the time of the Indo-Lanka Accord in 1987, JRJ imposed a censorship on the independent media. A powerful Competent Authority (CA) appointed by the government for that purpose debarred the independent media from reporting what was going on in the Northern and Eastern Provinces. (there was no private owned television or internet at the time) http://www.island.lk/index.php?page_cat=article-details&page=article-details&code_title=70334

The 2002 Ceasefire Agreement signed by PM Ranil was done so without approval of the then Executive President of Sri Lanka and even his cabinet were not aware.

Allegations made by Charitha Ratwatte (UNP Chairman) and Daya Pelpola (UNP Vice Chairman) in November 2001 resulting in orders to raid the safehouse kept by Directorate of Military Intelligence and the names of the intelligence officers were released to the public which eventually resulted in 44 of these officers been killed by the LTTE as revenge killings.  None of the UNF heads tendered an apology for helping to bump off 44 officers endangering national security falling prey to rumors. The same has been committed in 2015.

Signing a detrimental ceasefire agreement with the LTTE placing a national army on par with a terrorist organization and allowing LTTE territory to call its own – keeping soldiers in barracks while LTTE were given freedom to travel to any part of the country armed while the soldiers had to be without arms. The national army was humiliated to appalling levels

When the decision was taken to militarily defeat the LTTE the UNP chose to ridicule the war effort, laughed at the war victories, ridiculed the soldiers, laughed at the army commander and kept on telling its vote base that it was an unwinnable war and the only solution was to talk to the tigers.

PM Ranil calls Gotabaya Rajapakse a traitor for leaving the country but he has employed the likes of Paskarlingam as advisor both in 2002 and since 2015 who fled the country due to  accusations of misappropriation and terror during the 1978-1994 UNP regime

UNPs economic policy – Indiscriminate privatisation of profit-making state ventures and a lop-sided public transport policy – completely ignoring that health, education, insurance, infrastructure development and public transport should be in the government’s firm grip

The good governance government voted in 2015 has a plethora of questionable actions including the appointment of the current PM in January 2015 without the removal of the sitting PM, appointment of the CJ without giving show cause to CJ Mohan Pieris or following due process to impeach him, bringing the Central Bank and Securities & Exchange Commission under the PM – which had never been done previously

Appointment of a foreigner as Central Bank Governor with questionable connections to LTTE linked Raj Rajaratnam.

Creation of the FCID under the control of the PM resulting in politically motivated arrests.

Sudden sacking of General Secretaries of SLFP and UPFA and the sacking of 25 SLFP Committee Members on election day.

Rs. 21 million as monthly rent on an unused building, mega coal racket

2016 – fraudulent release of hundreds of super luxury vehicles taken into custody by the Customs for undervaluation

Questioning good governance promised to the people for their vote – The CID, the FCID and the Commission to Investigate Allegations of Bribery or Corruption have chosen to steer clear of some powerful ruling politicians, who have risen above the law

instances where courts were kept open till midnight to remand Opposition politicians and their lackeys, courts have functioned during weekends to bail out government politicians who had to be arrested owing to media pressure (civil society organizations and the international community that helped bring the good governance govt to power are stoic silent)

Attempt to create a super ministry above Presidential powers claiming it to accelerate development

The impulsive Port City closure and the loss of jobs as well as compensation for which Hambantota deal has resulted in accepting a weak 80:20 compromise which is not beneficial to Sri Lanka.

These records are just a handful of examples and nothing to be proud of. It questions the subservience of its votebase in applauding these actions. What needs to now be said is that these parties are now all worn out – they are irrelevant particular so because the parties are made up of kangaroos jumping from one party to the other while most parties relying on foreign donations for campaigning end up compromising the party’s aims and objectives.

It is now time that all of Sri Lanka’s political parties were laid to rest and new political parties with young, talented and educated individuals surfaced to usher in a better future for the youth and the citizens of Sri Lanka.

All the older parties have simply lost their appeal and have been miserable failures.


Shenali D Waduge

6 Responses to “Timeline of UNP follies & crimes”

  1. Ananda-USA Says:

    We, the patriotic people of Sri Lanka, don’t want any part of our sovereign nation to be given on long term leases to ANY FOREIGN POWER, China, India and the USA (in the future) included, beyond the LEGAL JURISDICTION of the government of Sri Lanka!

    Only OUTRIGHT TRAITORS do that!

    Revise these deals to maintain the sovereignty of our people over our sacred Motherland, NOW!

  2. Lorenzo Says:


    “JR Jayawardena opposed the Bandaranaike-Chelvanayagam Pact”

    It was a GOOD thing.

    Otherwise SL would be FEDERAL since then.

    “It was UNP goons that led the 1983 riots against Tamils. However, baffling is UNP can boast that the majority of the minorities do in fact vote for the UNP”

    MOST Tamils vote for UNP because for TAMILS 2009 is WORSE than 1983. You cannot understand this unless you are Tamil.

    According to Tamils 1983 killed 5,000 but 2009 killed 40,000.
    1983 helped Tamils get REFUGE VISA but 2009 ENDED refuge visa.

    Tamils are also very happy UNP killed 60,000 Singhalese.

    Bitter truth.

  3. Christie Says:

    Indian puppet SWRD Bandaranayke started it all being funded by the Indian Empire and Indian Colonial Parasites.

  4. Cerberus Says:

    Thank you Shenali for this eye opener. RW has been the worst of the UNPers. He has surrounded himself with a bunch of very dubious people and is running the country to the ground. His plan appears to be to bankrupt the country and then when it is helpless bring in his new Constitution to break it up so that the former Colonial masters can move in and take over once again. Though people accused MR of being a dictator RW is worse than anyone we have ever seen. He hides behind My3’s platitudes and is doing as he pleases. Last year he went to Davos in Switzerland with 40 of his lackeys and appears to be doing the same this year. The visit to Davos did not bring any benefit for Sri Lanka and it is a very expensive place to visit since it is a meeting place for billionaires. Poor taxpayers have to pay for all this nonsense. Even the giving off 15,000 acres to China is to create hostility between China a good friend for Sri Lanka and the people. He is trying to drive a wedge between the Chinese and MR by telling everyone that it was MR’s project. MR would have done it differently without selling off the country. I think RW is laying the ground work to give land to the Colonials to receive 5000-acre parcels on a 99-year lease by creating a PRECEDENT with the Chinese by giving 15,000 acres which is excessive.

    Ranil and the Yahapalana bandwagon after doing virtually nothing for two years has finally done something which was made to be a huge project. It turns out to be a smoke and mirrors type of sleight of hand operation. The BOI made it appear that they were doing a major Volkswagen factory and what they ended up doing was to get a local businessman some land from a prime coconut estate in the Kurunegala electorate, on which he is to set up a vehicle assembly plant. This is like the one done earlier by Fernandopulle to import used cars as parts and assemble and sell them locally to prevent taxes going to GoSL. The businessman supposedly benefited by getting prime land free or at little cost and then assembling cars and selling with no taxes to GoSL. The is probably worth more than what he invested.

    Everything this Yahapalanaya has done is a racket. Starting with the Ranil/Arjuna Bond Scam which is still not resolved, to this current fiasco. They seem unable to work straight. With people who seem to be hell-bent on filling their pockets only with no loyalty to either Buddhist teachings, the Sinhalese or Sri Lanka what can you expect?

    My3 is a puppet going round opening buildings started by former President Mahinda Rajapaksa and doing the bidding of the local puppet master RW. Can someone please tell me what RW achieved in a lifetime of politics in Sri Lanka? He and the then UNP only helped to kill innocent Sinhala youth during the 1988 riots when the JVP wanted the 13A removed. Instead of talking to them he set up the Batalanda torture chamber where he is supposed to have presided over torture and killing.

    RW has been a blot on the Sri Lanka political landscape for decades now. All the great UNPers such as Lalith, Gamini, Premadasa were killed by LTTE while this guy is still around. RW had made a statement that the Hambantota port was making a loss and only after the UNP came in that they will start making a profit. This is utter bull s..t since it was making a lot of money earlier by bunkering of Chinese and other ships going to Africa and the Middle East. After the UNP came they stopped everything associated with the Chinese and turned to the West licking their backsides in a pathetic display of abject desperation to get money and more political power. Nothing manifested other than platitudes and pats on the back and handshakes with ungloved hands and some small funds from the US.

    After wasting two years now they have turned back to the Chinese and are trying to restart the projects that President Mahinda Rajapaksa initiated. MR was doing it the correct way without selling the country to foreigners. As Wimal has said the “Wikunanasinghe” has started selling all the profit making GoSL institutions, prime tea estates, coconut estates, and even our people. He is is a man with no ideas or vision and can only act according to the script from his handlers. What a fiasco Sri Lanka is undergoing. We have the disloyal Tamils trying to create Dravidasthan for the Untouchable Tamils in Tamil Nadu to pour into Lanka, and we have the Western back licking Colombians who are more Westernized than the Westerners themselves. The West is corrupt and the societies are crashing. In the USA there is so much gun violence that the only advice the new President-Elect could give Americans to counter gun violence is for everyone to carry a gun like in the old wild west. Is this the model Sri Lanka is trying to emulate?In the USA heroin addiction is now reaching epidemic proportions.

    After the unjust bombing of Iraq and Afghanistan by the Western countries,in their frustration the Muslim radicals have formed and are hell-bent on revenge for all the millions killed in the Middle east. I think this is going to end in World War III which will kill everyone if global climate anomalies do not kill them first. As educated human beings do we have to live like this spouting only lies for short term benefits all the time. Personally, I would prefer to beg on the street instead of lying to the people and ones own self.

    We have to ask ourselves where we are headed if all these falsehoods are not going to end. Even Economics must be based on truth and reality, as people must too. The Buddha said that ‘Right Livelihood’ (the Noble Eightfold Path), brings happiness.

  5. Ananda-USA Says:

    Cerberus said “Everything the Yamapalanaya has done is a RACKET”.


    Here is a partial list of Wikunanasinghe’s RACKETS:

    Central Bank Bond Scam
    Luxury SUV imports for Ministers
    Tax-free Luxury SUV permits to MPs and Chief Ministers
    Salary doubling + Rs 1 lakh/mth bribes to MPs
    Rs. 10,000/mth govt employee salary increase election gundu
    Hoaxwagen plant and tax-free land transfer
    Renegotiating Chinese loans at higher interest rates
    Colombo Port City sale
    Hambantota Port + land sale
    Sri Lankan Airlines Sale
    Floating large IMF and WB loans at high interest for current consumption
    VAT-tax increase to meet IMF demands and generate funds for consumption


    Aloysius Mahendran buying real estate + media channels with STOLEN Bond Scam money

    Potential scam on resurfacing of Katunayake Airport runways in an unseemly hurry during peak tourist season

    Please feel free to add to this list of FINANCIAL CRIMES of the Yamapalanaya govt!

  6. Ananda-USA Says:

    The above list of rackets does not include the even greater CRIMES of the SEPARATIST CONSTITUTION, the ETCA and the FTA with India, and the SUPER MINISTRY Development (Special Provisions) Bill for the PM to acquire the CHIEF EXECUTIVE POWER that currently belongs to President Sirisena through the BACKDOOR!

    Wikunanasinghe became PM through the BACKDOOR, and NOW

    Wikunanasinghe wants to get CHIEF EXECUTIVE POWER through the BACKDOOR!

    We have NEVER HAD such a devious and slimy CROOK as PM in the History if Sri Lanka!

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