MINISTER’S CHILDREN TRAVELLING BY BUS TO SCHOOL-   විශ්‍රාම ගිය මාතලේ දිසාපති බස්‌ එකේම ගෙදර යයි
Posted on April 5th, 2017

Dr Sarath Obeysekera 

I read above news with amazement .I am sure that these People may be observing Attasil” and not breaking the oath taken by them. Content of the new items is unbelievable. I am sure that GA and the Minister have received duty free import facility to bring down a car for personal use .Even though the minister and the GA is not using his personal car at least to go home after leaving the job ,I am sure that they should have been using the official car for personal use during their time of service .

I wonder his peon who may be using his closeness to the GA is travelling by a three wheeler or even own three wheeler !!

I cannot believe that any minister or a higher up in the state will ever use public transport to send children to school, or he will go home by bus.

I have also seen public officers and politicians attending inquiries at CIABOS and Bribery Commission attending  in very expensive cars  with body guards. One wonders how a Ministry Secretary or a minister who would have come from humble beginning ( there was one minister who had only a push bicycle ) comes in such expensive cars .I am not sure that the salaries paid to them  .would have been enough to pay for such an expensive car.

We have politicians who are obnoxious with power and state officials who never work diligently for the people, and yet they make such statements thinking the ordinary people are somewhat stupid and dumb .

Dr Sarath Obeysekera 

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  1. Nimal Says:

    These politicians and some government officials make me sick, who without any care enjoying perks not in line with a poor country. We the taxpayers must put the bill.
    They pretend to be pious and cultured, but the moment one see them in the national ambude and frequent places of worship knows that they are not sincere but dishonest. They take out or spend our take money disproportionally our meager incomes, which is wrong and sinful. And they claim that we are cultured with a great history. We need the likes of the Colonials to put the country in line with the modern world. I doubt they can be bothered to help us and our poor are condemned to a life of hopelessness.

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