Sri Lankans listens to Vatican more than Mahnayakas ?
Posted on July 5th, 2017

Dr.Sarath Obeysekera

GMOA postpones strike following Cardinal’s request !!

·         Archbishop Malcolm Cardinal Ranjith denounces dumping of garbage in Muthurajawela  !

·         Take urgent steps to help Salawa victims: Malcolm Ranjith  !!

·        Does Vatican disapprove of Cardinal’s nod to give Buddhism ‘foremost place’ in Sri Lanka?

Various headings of news items listed above puzzles me a little .Are we part of the Vatcican state ?Doctors were asked not to resort to strike action by politicians ,public figures,Mahnayaka’s and even Imams .They finally listened only to his Eminence Cardinal .

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  1. Ancient Sinhalaya Says:

    MR (not that ex president MR) is the most powerful man in Sri Lanka. Second most powerful man is, Cancer in
    Mother Lanka traitor chief die hard catholic token Buddhist Bay Gal Karaya Mega Thief Batalande Wadakaya (to
    Sinhalese only) pol pot r@nil wickramaSinhalakiller the Wada Bari Tarzan. Catholic run Sri lankan media keep this well known secrets
    hidden from the Sinhala modayas. So the destruction of Buddhism, Sinhalese race and Sri Lanka goes on unabated.
    Please click in the following links to see the church’s hand in Sri Lanka’s politics.

    MR went to vatican. Traitor maru sira went to vatican soon after his election. Why? Maru sira didn’t go the 72 miles
    to see chief prelates. Instead he went to vatican with malcolm ranjith. If you want any thing done/stopped, get in
    touch with all too powerful malcolm ranjith!

  2. Ancient Sinhalaya Says:

    Buddhist jaathidhrohee vermins’ party aka jvp burnt in tyres under the catholic-run UNPatriotic party. Yet catholic
    tigers of tamil drealam were given half the country by the catholic run UNPatriotic party.
    Cancer in Mother Lanka traitor chief die hard catholic token Buddhist Bay Gal Karaya Mega Thief Batalande Wadakaya (to Sinhalese only) pol pot r@nil wickramaSinhalakiller the Wada Bari Tarzan even sent the millennium
    city intelligent officers to the catholic tigers of tamil drealam bullet to expedite the cause. All the staunchly catholic
    countries wanted to punish Presient Rajapaksha for stopping the creation of a catholic country in Sri Lanka through
    their cat’s paw UNHCR.

    after Aranthala Bikku massacre, Sri Maha Bodhi attack, Sri Dalada Maligawa attack catholic run UNPatriotic
    party didn’t want to take drastic actions against their catholic buddy hitiler malapaharan’s and his acolytes. Wonder
    why Sinhala modayas?
    Dragging the BHEESHANA SAMAYA 60,000+ Sinhalese cull
    Dragging the catholic tigers of tamil drealam war for 30 years 100,000+ Sinhalese cull. Sinhala modayas didn’t
    work out why.
    Still Sinhala modayas vote for these anti Buddhist, anti Sri Lankan, anti Sinhalese catholic run UNPatritoic party.
    Sri Lanka, the Sinhala modayas’ paradiese!

  3. Ratanapala Says:

    Ancient Sinhalaya, you are dead right. Catholic Church is the hidden hand behind this Jadapalana Administration, as it was behind all the previous government. This has not changed since the assassination of King Buvaneka Bahu V by a Portuguese soldier in the 16th Century. They have always played a part in being the kingmaker as well as the executioner. Nothing that happens in Sri Lanka is out of their purview.

    The Mahanayakes in Sri Lanka are just the window dressing to fool the idiotic Sinhala Buddhists. Politicians pay lip service to them when they go to visit them.

    At the moment we see Mahinda Rajapakse always frequenting Buddhist Temples, because Sinhala Buddhists make his political base. However the next time around he comes to power – which is more likely everyday for simple lack persons of leadership quality – he will make his first pilgrimage to the Vatican with his Catholic Wife. See Sinhala Buddhists remain checkmated in every which way possible.

    There is a ray of hope left with Gotabhaya. Patriots must see to it that he is not compromised. He has already paid one visit to the den of thieves and repository of all evil and human rights violation throughout history – the Vatican!

    It is of paramount importance that Sinhala Buddhists whether they be SLFP or UNP unite to save our Motherland and work to bring Gotabhaya Rajapakse to power at the next Presidential Election.

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