The blessings of the Maha Sangha is a must for communal amity
Posted on July 6th, 2017

V.Anandasangaree   Secretary General-TULF

The Maha Sangha had been right through out agitating for a reasonable solution for the ethnic problem. The sudden change in the attitude of the four Mahanayakas is very surprising. What made the Mahanayakas to come to this decision all of a sudden, will have to be considered seriously.  I hope they will soon reconsider their decision in accordance with the high principles of Buddhism.

I will only blame the Federal Party and not the TNA for the latest developments. As far as I am concerned the TNA has lost its credibility because most decisions are taken in the name of the Federal Party and implemented in the name of the TNA. This matter is such a serious one, that needs the involvement of the entire Tamil leadership and cannot be allowed to be handled by novices in politics, who by their thoughtless utterances had created a certain amount of suspicion in the minds of even the clergy and the moderates. Even leaders like Mr.R.Sampanthan had contributed to some extent for the present developments, by saying one thing in the morning and another the next day.

During the Presidential election of 2005, the UNP candidate Hon.Ranil Wickramasinghe offered Federalism as a solution to the ethnic problem and obtained 49.5 % of the votes while the SLFP candidate Hon.Mahinda Rajapakse polled about 50.5%, opposing the Federal solution. At that time I appealed to the newly elected President backed by the leftists, who under normal circumstances support a Federal solution, to consider the leftist votes as those of the supporters of a Federal solution. I also urged him to consider Federalism as a solution for the ethnic problem. If a few thousand voters had voted for the UNP, Federalism would have been accepted as a solution to the ethnic problem.  The Sinhala people who came close to a Federal solution have now taken a right about turn, may be due to the thoughtless speeches and statements made by the MPs. The Federal Party in the TNA should take the blame for this change of mind, among the Sinhala people and perhaps the Maha Sangha too.

A sensitive issue should be dealt with utmost caution. Mr.R.Sampanthan is very well aware that the TNA has lost its credibility and the constituent partners of the TNA are not consulted for anything. Problems that should have been taken by the Tamil leadership cannot be dealt with by novices in politics.

In the interest of peace I strongly urge Mr.R.Sampanthan to organize a meeting for a delegation of members from various Tamil political parties, with the Maha Sangha to discuss this issue.


Secretary General-TULF

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  1. Ananda-USA Says:

    We must TOTALLY REJECT FEDERALISM of any and all kinds in Sri Lanka, IGNORING Anandasangaree’s Lament.

    Sri Lanka should REPEAL the 13th Amendment and DISSOLVE the Provincial Council System as UNNECESSARY REDUNDANT BUREAUCRACY that burdens the people and INVITES SEPARATISM!

    Neither the Yamapalanaya nor their allies the MINORITY COMMUNITIES of Sri Lanka can be TRUSTED to PRESERVE, DEFEND and FOSTER our Motherland as a Single Undivided Country.

    When people like Sivajilingam, Sumanthiran, Sampanthan and most of all Wigneswaran, who commemorate the defeated murderers of the LTTE, call for an EELAM all unto themselves, and EXPEL Sinhalese from the North and East, we SINHALESE understand the MESSAGE very well.

    It is the very same thing that the SunGod fought for over 30-long years of murder and mayhem to dispossessed us.

    We have to TOTALLY REJECT the notion of COMMUNAL Bantustans in Sri Lanka, whatever the proffered PRETEXT is, and destroy every BASIS that these DESHADROHIYO want to create in Sri Lanka in support of it.

    Sinhalayeni …… NEVER BE FOOLED BY THE SIREN SONGS OF Sri Lanka’s ENRMIES who want to CON YOU into giving up your Motherland!

  2. Dilrook Says:

    Sinhala people never came close to accepting federalism. It is wrong to say so.

    [Quote] If a few thousand voters had voted for the UNP, Federalism would have been accepted as a solution to the ethnic problem. [Unquote]

    Complete nonsense. Firstly, a few thousand more votes to Ranil could not have tilted the victory for him. He needed another 305,000 votes and Mahinda should get no more votes to reach 50%. One can do this simulation using a spreadsheet. The denominator also rises with more votes. 305,000 more votes means a 3% increase in votes which is enormous. Denying Mahinda 50% and Ranil winning 50% are two different things.

    In 2005, Ranil did not offer federalism clearly. He promised federalism to Tamils, a separate Muslim district in the east to Muslims (against Tamils) and he promised Sinhalese western supported war against the LTTE (the Kandy declaration by Bandula, Rajitha and Keheliya – then in the UNP – of tougher UNP action against LTTE during CFA than UPFA). Ranil’s offerings were a mix of jokes. It is unwise to take them seriously.

    JVP is the only leftist group with votes and they totally reject federalism! Leftist parties that support federalism are mere name boards. So it is wrong to say leftists supported federalism. They opposed federalism.

    TULF and TNA are not different. The writer contested the NPC election from the same TNA that produced Wigneswaran and Sasitharan. He lost.

    Sadly, 13A turned Sri Lanka into a miserable federal nation with the sham “unitary” clause.

    13A and all traces of federalism must be rooted and booted out from the island. They don’t belong here. If federalism is imposed on Sri Lanka it must be no more than the Indian model where 95% of Tamils live in Tamil Nadu, not Uttar Pradesh or Maharashtra.

    The Maha Sangha is staunchly opposed to federalism, demoting Buddhism from the supreme place and a new constitution. The Maha Sangha also want BBS allegations investigated. Even if TNA kept quiet, the Maha Sangha would have opposed federalism.

  3. Dilrook Says:

    I totally agree with Ananda. There are different shapes of enemies of the nation.

    The aggressive type – foreign enemies, now defunct LTTE and some TNA, ACMC and SLMC politicians time to time
    The deceptive type – NGOs, certain political scientists
    The sympathy seeking type – TULF, religious personalities, certain Tamil people
    The opportunistic type – mostly in UNP, SLFP, JO.
    The fainthearted type – section of the people that give up when faced with challenges.
    The overly-ambitious type – too good to be true personalities whose plots bring more danger than good.

  4. Senerath Says:

    Tamils always ask for this and that.
    What can they give back to the country ?
    What is their contribution to economy ?
    What is the contribution of Tamil politicians to economy, specially the PCs ?

    Let us push for demolition of 13A as Sangha has now insisted. Almost all Sinhala politicans want to keep it.
    I would like to see 100 writings in support of Maha Sangha’s this demand.

  5. Leela Says:

    According to scholarly source, of the 192 UN member states 165 countries are ruled as ‘UNITARY’ states. In all these states, the central government remains supreme. In all these countries, political power that is delegated to local/regional governments can be abrogated by the central government.

    The United Kingdom is a ‘unitary’ state. Its Parliament may enact laws unilaterally to abolish any delegated power to Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. Another impotent thing is, in Unitary countries, no region can decide their own laws. For example, China, Japan, France are all Unitary states.

    On the other hand, a union of partially self-governing states is called a Federal state. ‘The US’ is a Federal State because it shares power between the central government and many a state. For example, Germany, Switzerland, Australia, Nepal are Federal states.

    Today both Tamils and Sinhalas understand the meaning of ‘Federal’ to a great extent. Sinhalas haven’t forgotten that Tamil tigers waged a murderous thirty year war for ‘Elam’ (separate country) from neighbouring Tamil Nadu. Sinhalas also remember the agitation by Tamil Nadu Tamils for an independent country for Drvidaians long before and long after Indian Independence. Stringent amendments to the Indian constitution by Nehru alone put a stop to that Tamil pioneered agitation.

    Two and a half years on to Yahapalanaya both Tamils and Sinhalas not happy with Ranil/Sirisena regime. Both communities realize that they have been fooled and not getting what they were promised. Tamil leaders want Federal. Sinhala mass do not want Federal. Sangaree should not fool himself: Just because few leftists in his camp are Federalists, it is absurd to assume Mahinda is a Federalist. Clearly, Mahinda opposes delegating Land and Police powers to PCs let alone giving Federal.

    So, Sangaree may well meet Maha Sanga but he should forget fooling them with pep talk.

  6. Senerath Says:

    ආණ්‌ඩුව නව ව්‍යවස්‌ථාවක්‌ ගෙන ආවොත් ජනතාව සමඟ එක්‌ව එය පරාජය කරනවා
    – අතුරලියේ රතන හිමි

    රනිල් ධර්මසේන

    ජනමත විචාරණයට තුඩු දෙන ව්‍යවස්‌ථා සංශෝධන සිදු නොකරන බවට ජනපතිවරයා දුන් පොරොන්දුව කඩකරමින් අලුත් ව්‍යවස්‌ථා ගෙන ඒමට ආණ්‌ඩුව කටයුතු කළහොත් එය පරාජය කිරීමට ජනතාව සමඟ ගත හැකි උපරිම ක්‍රියාමාර්ග ගන්නා බව පාර්ලිමේන්තු මන්ත්‍රී අතුරලියේ රතන හිමියෝ පැවසූහ.

    මේ ආණ්‌ඩුව බලයට ගෙන ඒමට තමා ඇතුළු භික්‌ෂුන් වහන්සේලා රැසක්‌ විශාල කැපවීමක්‌ කළ නමුත් ඩොලර් මත යෑපෙන රාජ්‍ය නොවන සංවිධානවල කිහිප දෙනකුගේ අවශ්‍යතා මත ආණ්‌ඩුව අලුත් ව්‍යවස්‌ථා ගෙන එමින් රට අස්‌ථාවර කිරීමට උත්සාහ දරන බවද මේ තත්ත්වයට කිසිසේත් ඉඩ නොතැබිය යුතු බවද ඊයේ (06 දා) කොළඹ පැවැති ලංකා ජාතික මහා සභාවේ ප්‍රවෘත්ති සාකච්ඡාවේදී රතන හිමියෝ කියා සිටියහ.

    ව්‍යවස්‌ථාවේ යම් යම් සංශෝධන සිදුකිරීමට විරුද්ධ නැතැයිද වහාම මැතිවරණ ක්‍රමය වෙනස්‌ විය යුතු බවද කී උන්වහන්සේ රජය පොරොන්දු වූ පියවර වහාම ගත යුතු බවද කීහ.

    යුද්ධයෙන් අවතැන් වූ ලක්‌ෂ ගණනක්‌ උතුරේ වැසියන් යළි පදිංචි කරවීමට ඉකුත් රජය කටයුතු කළත් ඉතිරි 7500 ක්‌ පමණ දෙනා යළි පදිංචි කරවීමට වසර දෙකක්‌ ගතවීත් මේ ආණ්‌ඩුවට නොහැකි වී ඇති බවද එම වැසියන් හොඳ නිවාසවල පදිංචි කර උතුරේ වැසියන්ගේ කෘෂිකර්මය නඟා සිටුවා ආර්ථික ශක්‌තිය ඇති කර භාෂා ප්‍රශ්නය විසඳීමට ක්‍රියා කළ යුතු බවද ඒ සඳහා ව්‍යවස්‌ථා සංශෝධන අවශ්‍ය නැති බවද රතන හිමියෝ සඳහන් කළහ.

  7. Wetta Says:

    quote “I hope they will soon reconsider their decision in accordance with the high principles of Buddhism.”

    This is one of the most absurd sayings by a supposedly mature politician like Mr. Anandasagaree.

    Buddhism never advocated for any particular type of governance be it federalism, dictatorship, democracy or any other way. It simply taught how to live peacefully leading to eliminate suffering of life under any type of governance, specially under a King’s rule. It is ridiculous to see those people who have no idea of Buddhism trying to preach Buddhists what is in Buddhism.

    In Sri Lanka federalism is only an idea of or a proposition by power hungry politicians and racists who do not want to live in harmony with other different races. They are also a group of sick-minded people who believes they are superior to the rest. That is why they want to live separately. They cannot tolerate people of other races making decisions. However the only thing I cannot understand from the federalism pushing Tamil politicians is that they never made such noise or demand when this country was governed by white coloured people who speaks English and had extremely different culture and customs etc for over 500 years. They could easily and happily live under the white man’s boot but could not live with Sinhalese people who are very similar in culture and customs and also are extremely tolerant of other races.

    I wonder if Mr. Anandasagaree would like to advocate a federal system to Singapore where 3 different types of races living similar to in Sri Lanka. It does not have any federal system, in fact they didn’t have true democracy till 1992!

    Is the trick for this harmony in the skin colour of the rulers?

  8. SA Kumar Says:

    Once opposition leader Appapillai Amirthalingam said, Sinhalese do not know how to live together (United) or separately live together (Separate) .

    Velu Where are you ???

  9. SA Kumar Says:

    I would like to see 100 writings in support of Maha Sangha’s this demand
    Senerath , Great … So Very soon We-Demila get Our TE .

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