ලංකාවේ සුළු ජාතිය වුණත් අප ලෝකයේ මහා ජාතියක්.. අප බය කරන්න හිතන්නවත් එපා..- හිස්බුල්ලා [Video]
Posted on June 8th, 2019

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මුස්ලිම් ජනතාව බියට පත්වී නිවාස ඇතුලත වී සිටි කාලය හොඳටම ඇති යයි නැගෙනහිර පළාත් හිටපු ආණ්ඩුකාර එම් එල් ඒ එම් හිස්බුල්ලා මහතා සඳහන් කරයි.

මුස්ලිම් ජනතාව හිස එසවා සිටිය යුතු බවත් කී ඔහු ශ‍්‍රී ලංකාව තුල මුස්ලිම් සුළු ජාතියක් වුවද ලෝකයේ මහා ජාතියක් බවත් ඔහු අවධාරණය කරයි.

මුස්ලිම් ජනතාව ලෙහෙසියෙන් බිය කර තල්ල කර හැරීමට හැකි යයි කිසිවෙකු නොසිතිය යුතු බවත් ඔහු කියයි.

හිස්බුල්ලකා මහතා මෙම අදහස් පල කරන ලද්දේ කාත්තන්කුඩි දී පැවති ජනහමුවක් අමතමිනි.

10 Responses to “ලංකාවේ සුළු ජාතිය වුණත් අප ලෝකයේ මහා ජාතියක්.. අප බය කරන්න හිතන්නවත් එපා..- හිස්බුල්ලා [Video]”

  1. NeelaMahaYoda Says:

    ඉතින් කරුනාකරලා වදනොදී ලෝකයේ මුස්ලිම් මහජාතියක් තියන රටකට යන්න. මේ රටේ ඉන්නවානම් මහජාතිය කියන විදිහට ඉන්න.

  2. Randeniyage Says:

    You would like to know that the same argument was made by some LTTE inspired Tamil politicians because of 60 million Tamils in India and the world, but that world could not do any thing when right leaders decided to end being scared of 60 million Tamils.

  3. Dilrook Says:

    They act like the majority in Sri Lanka too thanks to EP and 13A.

    If not for EP and 13A, these people are nothing.

  4. Ananda-USA Says:

    There is ANOTHER REASON why they TALK BIG: the fact that most of our expatriate workers work in Muslim/Arab countries, and Sri Lanka cannot afford to lose their remittances. So, the SL Govt is vulnerable to this type of BLACKMAIL.

    That is why Sri Lanka must committ itself to STRENGTHENING our economy, placing the CONTROL and OWNERSHIP of our ECONOMY in our hands, CREATING GOOD JOBS for our people within Sri Lanka, and BRINGING OUR EXPATRIATE WORKERS HOME where they belong and can look after and raise their families according to our own traditions.

    As long as we EXPORT the MOST VULNERABLE of our people as slave workers to other countries, we will REMAIN SUBJECT to BLACKMAIL, and in the long term we will CEDE the OWNERSHIP of our Motherland to FOREIGNERS!

    We Sinhala Buddhist have to OWN the LION’s SHARE of the ASSETS of our country, PERIOD!

    That is why I appeal to SKILLED and WEALTHY expatriates: Bring your Money and your Expertise back to Sri Lanka NOW, and HELP BUILD our own country for our own people, and leave that behind as your LEGACY to our Motherland!


    WHERE there is a WILL, there ALWAYS is a WAY!

  5. Christie Says:

    I agree with you Ananda and I practice the same. But unfortunate thing is our economy is in the hands of Indian Colonial Parasite.

    What ever we spent ends up in the hands of these parasites and ultimately in India or in another country.

    Muslims are a religious group not a racial group.

    Our Muslims; the majority are Sinhala Muslims.

    Unfortunately Indian interests have managed to drive a wedge between Sinhala Buddhists Christians and Muslims.

  6. Dilrook Says:

    What Ananda says is right.

    Sri Lanka has to stop depending on the unstable middle east for bulk of remittances.

    However, that is not the number 1 or 2 reason. It may be the 3rd reason. Muslims’ economy in Sri Lanka is at least $15 billion against around $5 billion remittances from the middle east (that too part of it goes to Muslims).

    Although OICs look after Muslim interests, actually disrupting good relations with Sri Lanka over it (other than mere statements) is a far more serious and divisive matter. Will Saudi take harsh action against Sri Lanka over just 220,000 Wahabis in the island? Unlikely. If the 2,200,000 Muslims were mostly Wahabis then it is a different story.

    Sri Lanka is in the midst of vital Middle Eastern petroleum export routes. Any lack of support from Sri Lanka will lead to higher cost of export.

    Such interference will put them into spotlight and other countries will be weary of their interference.

    Considering all these, there is little OICs can and will actually do in a hostile situation.

    The number 1 reason for this power of Muslims is the executive presidency. The second reason is 13A. These must be removed.

    Mahinda met most of the Muslim ministers who left the Cabinet last week in a secret closed door meeting yesterday. No journalist was allowed inside. This is an old trick of Muslim politicians. When they can’t suck anymore from the government, they join the opposition to get back to government. This creates competition between the opposition and the ruling party to appease Muslims. They gain either way.

    Just 2 days before the 1988 presidential election, SLMC forced Premadasa to get the parliament to reduce the 12.5% parliamentary election threshold to just 5%. But within just 6 years they switched to Chandrika’s PA. SLMC have been kingmakers since 1988.

    All executive presidents appeased Muslim mono ethnic political parties (very high emphasis).

    The next EP will be no different. It applies to all candidates from existing political clans. I challenge anyone to prove me wrong a few months after the next general election. Whoever wins the 2019 presidential election will be worshiping SLMC and ACMC politicians as they always did since 1982 (the first presidential election).

    Hizbullah’s statement that Kabir won over 100,000 votes from Kegalle mainly from Sinhala voters is not entirely true. Over 120,000 people in the district are Islam and Tamils. That is 80,000 minority voters.

  7. Christie Says:

    Hi Dilrook

    There are things we can control and things we cannot. We depend on remittances from Middle East.

    India depends on remittances from Middle East .They get about 70-100 billion dollars a years. No Hindu domestic workers go to work there except up market ladies.

    Our problems started with India and Indian Colonial Parasites financing Hon. SWRD and his new party SLFP in 1951.

    Time for Sinhalese to unite.

  8. Ancient Sinhalaya Says:

    Terrorist patron empty dog aka his bxlla bragging knowing all Sinhalese deshapaluwas lick the back sides of
    mussies for their votes. Thanks to anit Sinhalese, anti Buddhist, anti Sri Lanka, minority worshiping, Mother Lanka
    dismembering traitor UNPatriotic_rats aka United National Ponnayinparty divides the Sinhalese and make
    mussies king makers. While tamils mostly stay away from the government of the day, mussies always somersault
    after the elections and land powerful minisiteries.

    And what do the traitors do?
    Promote mussie mass breeding,
    land grabbing,
    towns overrunning,
    build eye sore sword stores/bomb factories/ammunition dumps every street corner to mass murder Sinhalese,
    settling down mussie new breeds building new mussie villages saying war displaced etc. etc.,
    deforestation to settle down new breeds,
    bulldozing ancient Buddhist temples to sette down new breeds,
    destroying Kuragala etc.,
    importing more mussies from Myanmar, afganisthan, pakesthan etc. as if we don’t have enough already,
    sterile agents in food for Sinhalese,
    sterile agents sprayed in underwear etc. for Sinhalese women,
    sterliisation of Sinhalese mums by mussie doctors (after FREE education, pay back?),
    marrying Sinhalese women and convert them to fastest breeding religion aka religion of violence,
    planning to kill Sinhalese by millions in one night using weapons stored at sword stores/bomb factories/
    ammunition dumps mussies put up at every street corner etc. etc.

    Are these humans or huanimals in a host country? This is what this crafty, two faced, untrustworthy, treacherous
    mussies do to non-believers since their murder text book says kill all of them. Can any human believe such
    heinous acts professed by a religion? No human with an iota of humanity will approve or even contemplate such acts!

    Sri Lanka should stop sending Sinhalese to work in the middle east and instead train doctors, nurses, engineers,
    etc. etc. and send them abroad. One of them will earn enough money to cover 10/20 doing menial jobs in the
    ME. Let all mussies to go to their beloved ME and practise their beloved religion, lifestyle etc. etc. A country
    baking in the sun most of the time using oil? We all know all the governments around the world love to sell oil
    to balance the boks. Now it is the time to stop and turn towards the sun to save money and the planet. Promote
    tourism and we will have more than enough to cover our costs. Meanwhile stop baby production, especially by
    mussie baby machines. More mouths means more jobs, more schools, more food, more hospitals, etc. etc. etc.
    Only thing they will do is more baby production. Do we need that? Do the planet need that? We know mussies
    around the world are the biggest baby farmers. They should stop that dirty, disgusting, sub human trick of
    multiply, multiply and murder the natives trick. It worked in the olden days. Not in this tv, phone, internet age
    since people going to know what they are up to and fight back to save their countries. Just like what happened
    recently in Buddhist Myanmar.

  9. Randeniyage Says:

    Muslim envoy slams ex-minister for controversial remarks

    Unbelievable but true. A leading Muslim country’s envoy read the riot act to a one-time minister who has resigned in protest.

    He did not hide his anger over the controversial politician making public remarks that the diplomat’s country together with other like-minded countries should expose the Sri Lankans over the treatment of Muslims.

    “Don’t place your community at risk with those irresponsible remarks. We are not here to do your bidding,” the envoy exhorted.

    Then he dropped the bombshell. The angry envoy held in his hands a pile of documents. “Look what you have done. You got all this money from us saying they were for projects for your people. They never went for their welfare. We know where you sent the money,” he exhorted.

    The onetime minister was unmoved. He said he would fight it out and made a hasty exit.

    Days later, the envoy in question heard another bitter story. The former minister turned up at the Iftar party hosted by President Maithripala Sirisena last Tuesday evening and told a colleague, “Sri Lanka is becoming a Myanmar.” The one who heard it laughed it off but was dismayed.

    He later told another colleague “this guy wants us to fight his own battle.”

    In all this, there is a serious snag when it comes to a three-member Police Committee that is now conducting probes. Diplomats who have incontrovertible evidence through documents about the gross abuse of their countries’ funds cannot complain for fear of being involved in the “internal affairs” of the country. Some are won over and the others are frightened.

    Why worry when one has powerful friends in powerful places?

    Resignations trigger scramble for highways

    It was hardly an hour after word got around that a group of Muslim ministers, state ministers and deputy ministers would resign en masse.

    Canvassing began within United National Front (UNF) circles and from others for different positions.

    What raised eyebrows was a request by a senior who wanted to annexe the subject of highways to his existing ministry.

    “Highways show him many ways,” remarked a colleague who knew his connections to the hot portfolio.

    Pujith told: Address PSC, not the media

    Suspended Police Chief Pujith Jayasundera was carried away momentarily when he was testifying before the Parliamentary Select Committee (PSC) probing the events leading to the Easter Sunday massacre.

    He turned to the media and began addressing them. He declared there were two causes (or four words) why those attacks took place. One, he said, was “system failure” and the other failure of “national protocols.”

    It took a member of the Committee to point out to him that he was testifying before the PSC and should not address the media.

  10. jay-ran Says:


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