13 වන සංශෝධනයේ ඇති සියලු බලතල දෙමළ ජනතාවට ලබාදිය යුතුයි -නවීන් දිසනායක
Posted on August 13th, 2019


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  1. Randeniyage Says:

    What’s wrong with this guy ?
    Is he a Sri Lankan or an Indian ?

    13 වන සංශෝධන which was ruing our economy since inception, creating corrupt Governors, corrupt Chief Ministers, corrupt MPs, corrupt Presidents, corrupt Engineers, corrupt doctors, corrupt policement and politician worshiping Podujanaya should be removed immediately.

  2. Ananda-USA Says:

    Navin Dissanayake is a bloody fool and a traitor, fanning the flames of separatism just to get Tamil Votes in the upcoming elections!

    People should NEVER AGAIN ELECT these TRAITORS to public office!

  3. Ananda-USA Says:

    This STUPENDOUS MYOPIA is why the UNP will suffer an electoral loss in the upcoming elections comparable to Sir John Kothalawala’s catastrophe in 1956 at SWRD’s hands.

    They will LOSE Sinhala votes WHOLESALE, and will get only the votes of Tamil SEPARATISTS and Sharia Law adherents!


    It is an alien concept to them, and the lives of the ordinary citizens of Sri Lanka just does not matter to them!

  4. Vaisrawana Says:

    This is a traitorous proposal, made merely to pretend that the UNP is pro-Tamil (but the UNP today is anti-national actually, that is, it is against all the communities) and to persuade the Tamil voters to vote for a UNP candidate at the presidential election. As Ananda-USA says, the UNP will lose the Sinhala votes wholesale while getting only the Tamil separatists’ and Muslim sharia adherents’ votes. The latter doesn’t amount to much.

    Navin is as stupid and as conscienceless as Sajith. They are already stoking racist passions among the minorities against the majority community. But this time the minorities are more enlightened, I think. Vinayagamurthy Muralidaran recently assured the SLPP that Tamils in the East and North are supporting Gotabhaya. Traitors Sajith and Navin should never be allowed even to dream of becoming president. Navin was among a group of UNP ministers who were loudly laughing in a very casual, careless mood while dispersing after a meeting that discussed the April 21 bombings, a day or two following the incidents. Navin vowed to install “a fully UNP” administration after the next election by hook or by crook. He tried to cozy up to Gotabhaya at a religious event praising him as a capable man who deserves to be considered even for the post of president (This was one or two months ago); his hypocrisy was evident to the audience, I thought.

  5. Dilrook Says:

    This is insane. Navin knows he is facing an electoral wipe out from his Nuwara Eliya district. His voters are Sinhala voters and they have deserted him. Now he tries to win over some Tamil votes from the district. May be he should also meet Perumal.

    13A should be abrogated.

    Tamils currently enjoy all devolved powers under 13A except land and police powers. All presidential candidates and their agents are promising more devolution to Tamils beyond 13A. Some have even met Perumal!

    Sinhala fools just go with big names and totally lack substance. So all politicians promise to further divide the nation and nothing further happens from Sinhala voters.

  6. Vaisrawana Says:

    @ Dilrook,

    You say, “………… All presidential candidates and their agents are promising more devolution to Tamils beyond 13A. Some have even met Perumal!”

    Can’t you, please, name names? Years ago, during his second term as president, MR was reported to have promised (Indian PM or diplomats, I am not sure?) what was described as a 13A+, he never spelt it out. The term 13A+ was surely MR’s diplomatese; only he will deal with what he actually means by that when the time comes. On the other hand, there is still only one definite presidential candidate, and that is Gotabhaya; there are at least three potential candidates from the UNP alone already, that number is likely to increase; then there’s sure to be one from the JVP; there will be many independents, including among them dummies likely to be paid by the UNP and the JVP in a joint effort to eat into the SLPP vote bank. So your statement is totally premature. Unless thwarted by some conspiracy, Gotabhaya will romp home victor as now assured. He is the least likely to promise more devolution to Tamils (particularly if it is seen by him as a stepping stone to separation). “Some of them have even met Perumal”? Is it the Perumal who ran away to India, when Premadasa kicked his ass immediately after his unilateral declaration of independence for the north and east? The Perumal you have in mind could be another bugger. But I can’t bring myself to believe that even Mangala S, the meanest politician I know, could descend to such a low level as to go after a Tamil nincompoop reject to woo Tamil minority support for his political projects.

    Where are the” Sinhala fools” who, you say “just go with big names and totally lack substance”? You don’t seem to have listened to Gotabhaya’s excellent speech at the SLPP National Convention on August 11 with enough attention. Shenali Waduge’s article is worth a look at.

  7. Dilrook Says:


    You really need to update your information for the first question and connect the dots for the second.

    Quoted –

    Earlier on Monday evening, Rajapaksa met Tamil groups which were opposed both to the Tamil National Alliance (TNA) and the United National Party (UNP). The meeting had been arranged by Vasudeva Nanayakkara, leader of the Democratic Left Front (DLF). Those present were Douglas Devananda (Eelam People’s Democratic Party), Prabha Ganeshan (Democratic People’s Congress), Varatharaja Perumal and S. Sridharan (Eelam People’s Revolutionary Liberation Front) and A. Udaya Kumara (Tamil Eelam Liberation Organisation).

    Rajapaksa was asked by a participant on his position regarding the 13th Amendment which dealt with devolution of power. He replied that he was for 13 plus, a position which he took even during his previous administration. It was in effect to improve on the existing 13A by ceding more devolution. He also said that a set of policies to alleviate the problems of the Tamils in the North and East had also been evolved by the SLPP.


    August 11, 2019

    This goes well beyond Navin’s position which confines to existing 13A! There is stiff competition between SLPP and UNP on who gives more devolution of power if they win the election. No surprise there.

  8. Vaisrawana Says:

    Thank you @Dilrook for your prompt reply. So, this is what made you say “Some have even met Perumal!”. According to The Sunday Times political column that you have quoted from, Vartharaja Perumal doesn’t seem to have been given enough recognition as a political leader for MR or his agents to ‘have met’ as your comment claims. Actually, Perumal was one among a rather obscure group of fringe Tamil politicians that MR had agreed to see at his official residence at a sideline meeting before his more important tete-a-tete with prez Sirisena later, who was himself made to sit at one edge of the couch where MR was seated. These minor Tamil politicians – the only important one perhaps was Douglas Devananda – called upon MR through the volatile Vasudeva Nanayakkara. The understanding the SLPP has implicitly reached with Karuna Amman (Vinayagamurty Muralidaran) who was second in command to Prabhakaran, probably based on the so-called 13+ that MR has been offering all alone, must be more important than the opinion of this nondescript group of parties that are opposed to the TNA, which should be more receptive to MR’s 13+ if it is something genuine. I still think that it is nothing more than Mahinda’s benign diplomatic gobbledygook.

  9. Ananda-USA Says:

    Dilrook is wrong in saying 13+ is MORE DEVOLUTION.

    Mahinda has said, and it reported even recently, that by 13+ he meant the introduction of a Senate in the Parliament with equal representation on a regional basis, while curtailing the existing 13 (particularly eliminating the demand for land and police powers).

    Mahinda said that some Indian Politician was the one who labelled it as 13+, and represented it as MORE DEVOLUTION! Mahinda EMPHASIZED that 13+ as he had proposed was NOT MORE DEVOLUTION of POWER!

  10. Dilrook Says:

    13+ is obviously 13 plus (13A plus much more). Otherwise there is no point discussing it. Looks like some are confused with plus and minus. If it is less devolution, say 13 minus!

    Although these parties are opposed to it, their aim is also Tamil Eelam (except EPDP). It is Rajapaksa’s inability to lure TNA and mainstream Tamils that got them to meet these jokers without votes. That shows how desperate they are! No matter what trick they try, close to 90% of minorities will reject Gota. He is only a Sinhala leader. Not a national leader to win both the south and the north.

    Why can’t SLPP go directly to Tamil voters without selling more division?

    Who said Tamils want 13 Plus?

  11. Ananda-USA Says:


    Tamils want Eelam, but they can only get much less, because the majority of citizens don’t want to give an Eelam.

    Mahinda also knew giving land and police powers was death for a unitary Sri Lanka and a step towards Eelam, so he offered a Senate with equal regional representation and 13 without land and police powers (call it 13-, if you want).

    Indian politicians in their haste to placate their own Tamils called it 13+; that is not Mahinda’s fault, because people, especially foreigners, can label however they want to.

    So you might ask why didn’t he REPEAL 13A right after the war. He knew the political situation, especially the internal pressure, much better than anybody. So, he avoided it at that time, hoping that a full effort on RECONSTRUCTION of the war zone would gain the favor of Tamils and enable him to ELIMINATE 13A later.

    With the ELECTION LOSS of Jan 8,2015 that was never to be, and we find ourselves mired in the current predicament.

    BTW, I blame FOOLISH Sinhala people for that catastrophe; they forgot the danger we as nation were in BEFORE May 18, 2009, and got BRAINWASHED by the incessant propaganda of the Yamapalanaya.

    I ask ONE THING of our Sinhala people, don’t forget the past SO QUICKLY, and who saved your lives and your country when there was no body else to help; not the UNP, not the Foreigners, not India, not Tamils, nor the Muslims! Who saved us were the Patriots of Mahinda’s government and the thousands of village boys who gave their lives in the defence of our Motherland.


  12. Dilrook Says:


    What matters is the future not the past. And past is no indication of the future when the challenges are different.

    The fault of not abrogating 13A and talking of 13 Plus is not of the Sinhalese. It is the treason of politicians. However, the fault of the Sinhalese is not avoiding separatists and not demanding they remove 13A altogether.

    Anyway those are givens. Sri Lanka is a divided country and the divisions will become more and more profound with each day 13A continues.

    Patriots are powerless at this election as the pendulum swing is too strong. I have accurately forecast all national election outcomes since 2004 (whole percentage number for presidential elections and within +/-3 seats for each party at parliamentary elections) and political strategists from all major camps ask for my forecats. As at now Gotabaya is going to win 53% – the second highest for any incoming president and the highest for any party at the initial national election in history.

    As a Gotabaya supporter’s post says even if Lord Buddha contests against him, Gota is going to win! No matter how disgusting it is, that is the disgusting reality of this nation.

    In 2005 patriots were powerful. We agitated JHU and JVP (under Wimal) not to support Mahinda against Ranil (despite the CFA and all other anti-national things) unless Mahinda agreed to finish off the LTTE. He knew the numbers and had to agree.

    The next turn of patriots come in 2024. But it may be too late to save the nation from 13A, 13 Plus, ACSA, MCC, SOFA, R2P and a worse debt trap. Those who howled about MCC and SOFA have now gone silent which was expected!

    Our gratitude should be to the nation, the Sinhala language, culture and values and Buddhism and local diety. Certainly not the political clans! In democracy politicians must be the servants, not masters.

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