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Posted on August 17th, 2020

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I have a dream! That one day, ministers will be chosen for their character and not for their family.

The scale and extent to which Sri Lanka has been captured by family-rule under the Rajapaksas is unprecedented. No country in the world sees such a depth and breadth of family members simultaneously occupying positions of power at every level of government.

Dynastic politics is common in South Asia. But the situation in Sri Lanka is orders of magnitude worse. Not only has there once again been brazen capture of the state apparatus by various clan-members, but the speed with which this happened, merely days after the election results, is both stunning and sickening.

This kind of clan-rule has happened in undeveloped African countries, but usually it has involved father-son dynamics only. Nowhere else in history have we seen fatherunclesonanother uncle, and nephew in cabinet together; not to mention both senior and junior minister posts being awarded to some of the same individuals.

The question that needs to be asked is,

Why doesn’t this happen in other countries?

The answer is simple,

It always fails.

In the span of human history, it is likely that other people have believed they and their blood line alone were the only ones fit to rule a nation. That is the nature of some megalomaniac rulers. And it is probable that throughout history, nations would have been captured by one particular family.

But why don’t we have any examples to refer to?

Because the nations which permitted this, or which were powerless to stop this, do not exist. They have been destroyed, or conquered, long forgotten, erased from human knowledge.

Ugly Wonder of the World

There is no contemporary country around the world where we have a similar situation as Sri Lanka is faced with.

Look at the pariah states — Iran, North Korea, Venezuela, Syria, Cuba — not a single one sees a family cabinet ruling it.

Fine, Fidel Castro’s younger brother took over… but that’s the point. He took over, when Fidel stepped aside. He didn’t co-rule.

The Kim clan of North Korea rule in a hereditary manner, but only after the older person dies.

Let’s look at some respectable countries such as Japan, South Korea, France, Canada or Australia. Can you, off the top of your head, right now, tell me how many brothers or sisters the present leaders of each of those countries has?

Can you name Shinzo Abe of Japan’s children? Do you even know if he has any children? How many cousins does Justin Trudeau of Canada have? Do the numbers come to mind, right now? Can you name them? Without checking Wikipedia or searching online?

No. You cannot. Because those leaders don’t bring their entire family into the cabinet, or even give them prominent roles.

I was recently surprized to hear that Donald Trump, braggadocious even by American standards, had a younger brother! I read widely, but had no idea he had one. This is how it should be. And Trump, as a political outsider without backers, and surrounded by political enemies even within the Republican party, did not bring a single one of his children into the cabinet or give them a ministry to run. Why is that? Common decency, that’s why.

But why is it that Sri Lanka, a country honorably ruled by great Kings, and shaped by thousands of years of Buddhism which emphasizes compassion, has to be compared with the worst states of the present age? We are a democracy, the second oldest in Asia, and have many fine and talented citizens, who excel and become prosperous when they move abroad. But apparently, only one family deserves all offices of state.

And yet we are forced to plumb the depths of the global cesspit to even try and find a similar family-ruled country, and still, we come up empty-handed.

So Sri Lanka has become unique — an ugly wonder of the world.

Gotabaya’s Betrayal

During the war years from 2005-2009, most of Mahinda’s excesses and his close affiliation with gangsters such as Mervyn Silva (have we forgotten the attack on Rupavahini, and how he tied up an official to a tree, and how that victim was so scared to say what happened, that he said he had tied himself by accident?!) because there was a war to be fought. We ignored his jumbo cabinet and his purchasing of parliamentary votes through the dishing out of invented ministries, because there was a war to be fought.

And then the war was won. In 2011, Mahinda obtained a 2/3 majority in parliament in conjunction with Muslim parties. But nothing changed.

He had the chance to fix this country. He could have dismantled the 13A, a single action which would have solved multiple problems. It would have stopped the possibility of separatism, it would have removed the complication of transferring land and police powers, but most of all, repealing 13A would have reduced suffering: all those who have been beaten, bullied, and killed, tormented by the violent Provincial Council campaigns.

But no, Mahinda had other priorities. So he used his 2/3 majority to remove term limits on himself. And rather than strengthen democratic governance by appointing patriotic independent commissions, he took the power to appoint these committees for himself.

Mahinda has forgotten now, but it was due to the lawlessness, the corruption, and the day-to-day thuggery that ordinary Sri Lankans of every class suffered from 2011-2014, that he was rejected by the people on his 3rd election. The alternative was not the most appealing or well known person, and the association with Ranil made it a difficult decision, but in the end the Sinhalese decided that enough was enough, and booted him out.

Then in 2015, despite many realizing that yahapalanaya” was not what it was advertised as, and that a lot of the charges laid against the Rajapaksa regime were false, people still voted for a UNP government, even knowing that this would make Ranil the prime minister, again because they did not want a return to the Mahinda-domination of just a few months prior.

We have worked hard on these pages and on the earlier iteration (see footnotes), to fight against the lies, and treachery of the Sirisena-Wickremesinghe government, for five long years. We were appalled to see Mahinda and the Rajapaksa family — which despite all their many, many faults, still did rescue the country from terrorism and stood up to massive foreign pressure — being dragged through the mud, harangued, and vilified, not by some foreign occupier, but by our own lawyers, judges and prosecutors.

What is wrong is wrong. And locking up Namal and Wimal was wrong. Bringing war crimes charges against Gotabaya was wrong. Arresting Mahinda’s secretaries was wrong.

As 2019 approached, we needed a new leader to rally around, one who was patriotic and who would develop the nation, instead of dividing it and selling it. There were a few choices, but clearly Gotabaya, with his track record of efficient improvements to Colombo, was a good choice for president.

In manner, style, and speech, Gotabaya was different to the typical Rajapaksa. That is why he won the presidency. And during the recent general election campaign, the SLPP was able to get 2/3 purely because of Gotabaya. If you watch any of the media reports, you can see that he was at the forefront of the campaign, and he was the one who got the most air-time. The message was clear, and spoken by Gotabaya himself: vote SLPP, give me 2/3, so that I can fix the constitution and develop the country.

The people believed Gotabaya. The people trusted Gotabaya. They voted for Gotabaya to run the country in a different manner and style, with a focus on quality over quantity.

And then the cabinet was unveiled.

Back to the Future

It was a coup.

Not Mahinda against Gotabaya, no. It was a coup of the Rajapaksas against the people of Sri Lanka.

Gotabaya hoovered up the votes of everybody by promising Singapore style efficient governance — not just from the Sinhala Buddhists, but even from some Tamils and Muslims who’d finally had enough of poverty and extremism, and even from UNP bastions of Colombo and Kandy — and placed them all in Mahinda’s lap.

The first sign of the trouble ahead was the swearing in of Mahinda. Rather than use a historic and humble setting, as has been the tradition until now, the government went for full theatrics. Mahinda’s inauguration as prime minister for the 4th time was nothing less than a coronation of a king.

The country is in serious peril on the economic front, but there was not a hint of the seriousness and gravity of the situation. In true show-man Mahinda fashion, the whole event was a celebration, an Ancient Rome style triumph, a carnival in honor of this man and every member of his family.

It doesnt’t seem to have registered that in reality he was just another MP, that he is not monarch for life but elected for just 5 years.

Out went the promised scientific method, and in came the same old Mahinda method. No, the determinant for a cabinet ministry was not suitability, skill set, or vision. Instead cabinet posts and ministries were handed out like candies, rewards for loyalty.

And don’t even get me started on the use of Sri Dalada Maligawa as the venue for the cabinet inauguration — someone please tell Mahinda, and Gotabaya, that they aren’t kings.

The 19A limits the cabinet to 30 ministers, but that doesn’t mean all 30 slots had to be filled! But we got this absurdity:

  • a minister for Power, and a minister for Energy;
  • a minister for Trade, and a minister for Industries, and a minister for Labour, and a minister for Plantations;
  • a minister for Transport, and a minister for Highways, and a minister for Ports;
  • a minister for Agriculture, and a minister for Irrigation, and a minister for Water Supply, and a minister for Fisheries;
  • a minister for Environment, and a minister for Wildlife;
  • a minister for Urban Development, and a minister for Land;

6 ministers could do the job of the 17 fake ministries listed above. A cabinet of 10 was more than enough.

Next, there is no limit for the number of State ministers, so we got this farce:

  • a state minister for internal security and disasters, and a state minister for prisons;
  • a state minister for foreign employment, and a state minister for skills development;
  • a state minister for batik, and a state minister for national heritage;
  • a state minister for cooperatives and market development, and a state minister for home economy, and a state minister for natural product export, and a state minister for regional cooperation;
  • a state minister for cane and clay, and a state minister for ornamental fish, and a state minister for livestock and eggs, and state minister for paddy and cereals and organic food and vegetables and fruits and chilies and onions and potatoes and seed production and high tech agriculture, and a state minister for sugarcane and maize and cashew and pepper and cinnamon and bulath;
  • a state minister for road facilities, and a state minister for port facilities, and a state minister for aviation services, and a state minister for vehicle registration;
  • a state minister for land management, and a state minister for paddy field irrigation, and a state minister for rural water supply, and a state minister for rural infrastructure, and a state minister for canals, and a state minister for rural construction, and a state minister for fertilizers and pesticides;
  • a state minister for tea estates, and a state minister for estate housing;
  • a state minister for indigenous medicine, and a state minister for pharmaceuticals;
  • a state minister for wildlife protection

So that’s 30 state ministers doing the job of 9 state ministers. And the 10th one on the list, wildlife protection, could easily be part of the wildlife” cabinet ministry above. Simply put, there are 22 superfluous state ministries, with all their attendant perks, vehicles, staff, and expenses. And God knows how many thugs and crooks will be employed at each of these ministries, at taxpayer expense.

Now let’s look at how many ministries the Rajapaksas have awarded themselves:

  • Gotabaya – ministry of defense (I am not specifically against this, if legal)
  • Mahinda – ministry of finance, and urban development, and Buddha Sasana and Culture
  • Chamal – ministry of irrigation, and state ministry of internal security
  • Namal – ministry of sports
  • Shasheendra – state ministry of paddy and cereals and organic food and vegetables and fruits and chilies and onions and potatoes and seed production and high tech agriculture

So that is 8 out of 67 ministries. Five immediate members of the same family occupy 12% of all cabinet positions. How many salaries are they getting from the taxpayer? This is unprecedented — whether you are comparing with democracies or dictatorships.

Will the clause of the 19A barring dual-citizens from holding office also be scrapped, so that Basil can be brought into the government again?

Mind you, these are merely the open” Rajapaksas, there may be some other hidden” relatives with different names in the cabinet, and this does not account for those family members who work within ministries, state companies, regulatory bodies, or within the diplomatic service.

Jumbo cabinet is back, this time with a minister for bulath.

Wrong is Wrong

Men? Men are weak… It is because of men the Ring survives. I was there. I was there 3000 years ago… when Isildur took the Ring. I was there the day the strength of men failed. I led Isildur into the heart of Mount Doom, where the Ring was forged, the one place it could be destroyed! It should have ended that day, but evil was allowed to endure. Isildur kept the Ring.”

Lord Elrond speaks to Gandalf at Rivendell — The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring

Looking at what is going in front of us right now, I cannot help but feel like Elrond, the leader of the Elves, from The Lord of the Rings novels. He recounts how, when there was a chance to destroy evil forever, the man who should have done it faltered, was seduced by power, and thought he could use it to strengthen his blood line. In the end it destroyed his family.

Sri Lanka too is at a crucial moment in its history. The wretched citizens, with nowhere to turn, placed their hopes in Gotabaya — so desperate were they to lift themselves out of the abject poverty they find themselves in. But at the crucial moment, Gotabaya has faltered, and together with Mahinda, has been seduced by power.

As I said earlier, what is wrong is wrong:

It is wrong to give your own family members multiple ministries in the cabinet.

It is wrong to give your body-builder, undignified, poorly educated, uncultured son a ministry when there are plenty of others more qualified and better suited.

It is wrong to give your idiot brother Chamal ministries. It is wrong to give your good-for-nothing clown of a nephew Shasheendra a ministry when there are so many others who are deserving.

It is wrong to abuse the people’s trust like this. It is wrong to hold the people in contempt like this — they are free and sovereign citizens, with hopes and dreams.

It is wrong to obstruct others with talent from entering parliament by stuffing nomination lists with your clan, or gaining ministry experience.

It is wrong to treat this ancient nation with its great history and the legacy of all those who fought and died to protect it over millennia as if it is your personal property, to divide up into pieces and apportion those chunks to your own family members as you, and only you, see fit.

It is wrong to declare that only you and your blood line are capable, smart, and deserving enough to be ministers, prime ministers and presidents.

The placement of Namal, Chamal and Shasheendra on the minister list shows that Gotabaya and Mahinda have placed their clan above the country. They work not for the betterment of the people, but for the betterment of the Rajapaksas. We knew this was the case back in 2004-2014. But to see it repeating again in front of our eyes right now, and so soon, is stupefying. Have they learnt nothing from their rejection in 2015? Or perhaps the better question is, have we learnt nothing of the Rajapaksas?

Sri Lanka Weeps

There was a better way.

Gotabaya could have said Mahinda, I don’t think it’s right for you to be prime minister again, and what will the public think if I make Namal and Chamal and Shasheendra ministers?! Let us show the people that we will do things differently this time, that we are are responsible. Let us limit the cabinet to a bare minimum, given how small our country is and how poor we are.”

Mahinda could have said Gotabaya, I’ve been prime minister 3 times already, let someone else do the job. I will be your adviser instead. And no, of course Namal should not be getting a ministry! How embarrassing that would be for me, the public would think we are mad, spreading nepotism like this!”

Namal could have said Father, Uncle, I do not deserve a minister position. What skills do I have? I only got a 3rd-class bare minimum pass law degree from a 3rd rate polytechnic college. Let me be an MP and learn for a few more years. I want to become a minister on my own accord, through my own skills, and not through nepotism or favors. What will the public think?!”

But that is not what happened. The conversations at the dinner table at Temple Trees and the Presidential Palace took a different turn. There was only one thought process and only one mission. Mahinda, Gotabaya, Namal, Chamal, Shasheendra, and all the others spoke with one voice:

We are back! They’ve voted for us again! With 2/3 this time! Let’s take whatever ministries we can. Let’s reward our cronies. Let’s divide up the state and hand out pieces of it like candy to those who lick our boots. Let’s make sure Chamal succeeds Mahinda, and create a path so Namal succeeds Gotabaya, and Shasheendra succeeds Namal!”

Sri Lanka will weep because the power play of the Rajapaksa clan enriches the family, while the country is hobbled. It will remain impoverished, decaying and stagnant. The people will toil, and pray for decent leaders, but none will come. Those who are genuine, and honorable, and noble, and honest, will have all those good attributes ground out of them through frustration. No one with skill and ability will be allowed to rise up. They will be noticed and identified, and will be sidelined, or worse. The Rajapaksa clan will have taken over everything, from the parliament to the ministries to the regulatory bodies to the state enterprises to the the private companies.

There is Always Hope

At the beginning of this article I asked the question, why we do not see any other country, now or in the past, with a similar clan-based government? I answered that it was because such countries collapse and are conquered, and are erased from history.

Saddam Hussein worked hard to hand Iraq to his sons. Gaddafi wanted his sons to take over Libya. Mubarak wanted his son to take over Egypt. They all held onto power for decades, hoping to suffocate anyone who would be a challenger to their children, to their succession. It’s important to note that even these dictators did not stack their cabinets with relatives, though they had full power to do so.

But all three of these people failed. Their sons never saw power.

In America, the Bushes are a dynasty of far superior quality than any third world political family, and yet the youngest one, Jeb, was unable to secure the presidential nomination.

In a slightly different example, the great minds of Imperial Japan planned to create an ever-lasting East-Asian empire, but two atom bombs came out of nowhere and put an end to that.

Closer to home, Ranil’s father was adamant that Ranil should rule the country one day, but he could never become president, while his premierships always ended in failure. Chandrika became president, but her son has no chance of entering high office.

What I seek to illustrate by all this is that the best laid plans, even those created by far greater minds than the Rajapaksas of Medamullana, can go awry.

It is certain that without the backing of Gotabaya or Mahinda, who have huge political resonance due to the war effort, the Rajapaksa family will lose all its clout, and will shrink into obscurity.

Perhaps then, things will improve. Until then, never give up. Demand better! Do not let them get away scot-free. Until then, keep fighting!

We shall go on to the end. We shall fight in France, we shall fight on the seas and oceans, we shall fight with growing confidence and growing strength in the air, we shall defend our island, whatever the cost may be. We shall fight on the beaches, we shall fight on the landing grounds, we shall fight in the fields and in the streets, we shall fight in the hills; we shall never surrender!”

Prime Minister Winston Churchill — Address to Parliament with Nazi invasion of Britain looming,
June 4th 1940

6 Responses to “Family Rule | පවුල් පාලනය”

  1. Gunasinghe Says:

    Who ever you are the author, You are one of looses belong to west worshiping fool. Only 7 out of 60 some ministers. Mahinda and Gota save the country from you friend Braba. People of Sri Lanka gave the mandate to develop the country. Ypu can shut up and wait.

  2. Vaisrawana Says:

    Well said, @Gunasinghe. I’d like to add the following:

    First of all, the website named doesn’t seem to exist. But there are a number of websites with the logo ‘Wayforward’. Among them, there is a WayForward, which is a California based ‘video game developer 20 years in the making’ according to the WEB. Wonder whether the writer is using it as a pseudonym. I am also writing under a pseudonym here, but not because I am afraid to accept responsibility for what I am writing here. Anyway, let me try to answer some of his most important false ‘concerns’: There is nothing wrong with the character of the Rajapaksas. They belong to a respectable political family with a history of at least eighty years. They have a family name, honour, and reputation to safeguard; above all they cannot betray the trust that the country’s citizens have always reposed in them.

    In some democratic countries, as well as in some not so democratic countries, the phenomenon of a ‘political family’ is a common occurrence, for example, the Kennedy and Bush families in America, the present North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un’s family, India’s Nehrus, and so on. ‘Family rule’ in the Sri Lanka’context is meaningless. Family rule means rule by a royal/ruling family. Incidentally, the only royal family at present in Sri Lanka is the family of the Vedda Chief Vannilae Aeththo because his family is the hereditary ruling family of the Veddas; in the Middle East he would be called Emir, Sheikh, Sultan, King, or Prince. This is no laughing matter. This is the truth. Besides, anybody with average intelligence watching him during occasional TV appearances or listening to his speech will not fail to see his regal demeanour, dignity, deportment and speech, despite the apparent primitiveness of his traditional mode of dress. Royalty is in his genes. The Rajapaksas are not royals. They have been elected to parliament by the people over a long period of time, which shows that they are worthy of that honour. They are not forcing themselves on the people. They will be democratically elected only as long as they are judged to be better than their rivals to take part in any government or opposition. All the Rajapaksas in the cabinet, from the youngest to the oldest, have proven their mettle in specific fields; they all have an enviable track record.

    The writer describes ‘Iran, North Korea, Venezuela, Syria, Cuba’ as pariah states. That is America’s assessment of these countries which are all ruled by heroic patriotic leaders. It shows where the writer’s loyalties lie. No further comment is necessary on that score, I think.

    Yes, wrong is wrong, wherever it happens or whoever is responsible for it. But there is nothing wrong in the Rajapkasas being in command of the Sri Lankan state in the current stormy seas.

  3. NeelaMahaYoda Says:

    Vaisrawana and Gunasinghe

    I found the website

    I think writer is spot on.

    We believed Gotabaya. We trusted Gotabaya. Then majority voted for Gotabaya to run the country in a different manner and style, with a focus on quality over quantity.

    And then the cabinet was unveiled and we were surprised to see Mahinda has hijacked the victory.

    Vaisrawana and Gunasinghe,
    do you really believe that Namal is better suited to be in the inner cabinet than Wijedasa Rajapaksa or Sarath Weerasekara?

    Mahinda has got an inherent problem in selecting right types of people. Sri Lankans in England were very unhappy when he sided with Vas and went agaist one of our best highcommissioners Dr.Chris Nonis.

    History can repeat !!!

  4. Vaisrawana Says:

    Thank you @NeelaMaha Yoda for your thoughtful comment. I sincerely respect your wisdom on this point. I too felt that Sarath Weerasekera was given less than his due in the allocation of posts. This was no doubt Mahinda’s work. Looks like he is proving to be a pain in the neck for Gota. But they seem to set much store by their Buddhistic younger brother-older brother relationship. That’s problematic in the current context. Gota has already shown some signs of chafing…. Sarath W has been put in charge of provincial councils, which, he remarked, was an irony of fate. (This was an honest expression of dissatisfaction; but Sarath W is a gentle person, despite his tough military training. He has been against 13A from the beginning; he was the only MP who voted against 19A. It is like a troublesome schoolboy being made a class monitor as happened in olden days. Sarath W has repeatedly said, following his appointment as state minister, that no land and police powers will be given to the PCs. Hope this will prove something more than mere cold comfort for him and those including me who would be happiest if 13A itself was abrogated, an unlikely prospect under Mahinda. Though my opinion of Wijedasa Rajapaksa is less flattering, he too should have been included in the inner cabinet along with Sarath W as you suggest, and Namal R. left out. It will be disastrous for the government if MR is perceived to still sticking to his fond dynastic dreams regarding Namal. Yes, I remember how Mahinda got rid of that excellent diplomat Dr Nonis to placate the Vas G character. But I thought Mahinda won’t repeat his past follies. May saner counsel prevail during the rest of Gota’s term!

  5. Ancient Sinhalaya Says:

    GR might not be able to give free wifi, small cars, million jobs, Google balloons. He won’t of course plant one of
    his buddies to clean up the CB. The problem here is GR & co is Sinhalese Buddhists. That’s the crux of the matter
    for these anti Sinhalese, anti Buddhist, anti Sri Lanka people. They don’t want Sri Lanka to progress. As long as
    Sinhalese are third grade people in their own land, that will make them happy.

    MR stopped 30-year long protracted war anti Sinhalese, anti Buddhist, anti Sri Lanka, murderous (Sinhalese
    Buddhists only of course), minority worshiping, Mother Lanka dismembering GooandPee aka UNPatriotic_rats
    dragged sacrificing 100,000+, mainly Sinhalese, in order to break up the country. So called invincible (Gooand
    Pee-made) terras were running for their lives within a few months of MR’s rule. The tragedy is some Sinhalese
    still fall for these elements’ stories. To this day a lot of Sinhalese don’t realise why Buddhist jaathidhrohee
    vermins’ party aka JVP (later GooandJVP) terras were mercilessly massacred and traitor chief die hard catholic token Buddhist bay gal karaya mega thief mega thakkadiya mass murderer (Sinhalese Buddhists only)
    Batalande wa(n)dakaya Pol Pot r@ni_leech wickrama Sinhala killer’s catholic tigers were mollycoddled and
    given half the country on a plate to start a separate country. Sinhalaya called modayas for a reason.

    Lee Kwan Yew developed Singapore single handedly. Then his son carried on from there. Patriotic Singaporean
    never complained. They are grateful to their patriotic leaders. In Sri Lanka it can’t happen according to some
    people because they are Buddhists. That’s the problem. These people prefer a melting pot with Sinhalese at the
    bottom of the pile with a country and people going nowhere. What these people don’t understand is all the
    people are safe with the Buddhists. Probably they don’t know former Buddhist iran, afganisthan, pakisthan,
    bangladesh (very few left), malaysia (very few left) and indonsia (again very few) have no Buddhists left.

    Look what happened to the traitor chief die hard catholic token Buddhist Batalande wa(n)dakaya Pol Pot r@ni_
    leech wickrama Sinhala killer. Today it is like a cat done the business on a rock and suffering without a single
    seat against the Buddhism destroyer’s name. Ditta dhamma vedaniya kamma. Remember traitor alugosuwa
    (to Sinhalese Buddhists only) lk porisada R@? Killed Sinhalese Buddhists mercilessly and all the victims families
    cursed the mass murderer and it was blown into pieces. Kala kala de pala pala de! Covid19 is the curse of the
    animals. While the two legged who ran naked in the wild developed their brains to land on the moon, fly in jets
    etc. etc and these poor creatures who give their lives by billions in daily basis didn’t develop their brains to
    curse the two legged? It’s absurd to think that way. The Buddha preached not to eat meat knowing the
    repercussions. Animals too have diseases and they pass them to the two legged when the most dangerous
    creature on the planet devour them on daily basis! Their revenge. That’s why we see so many cancers etc. etc
    and so hospitals in every city. After all our distant relative chimp isn’t a meat eater (Darwin’s Theory of

    All the crimes (sins) any two legged creature can do anywhere under the sun:
    1 killing (animals included? Of course in Buddhism only)
    2 stealing
    3 sexual misconduct
    4 lying
    5 alcohol/drug abuse

    The above five is the basis of penal code in every country under the sun while refraining from them is Buddhism’s
    Five Precepts. Do we need to say anything more about the only true religion on the planet. What The Buddha has
    preached science keeps proving to be true. Yet people who follows these religions of conveniences which don’t
    regard sins as sins want to destroy the only true religion in the world not realising people who commit sins pay
    for them in their next 100s 1000s of lifetimes in the animal kingdom before being ‘promoted’ to be two legged
    creatures again (Darwin’s Theory of Evolution?). The Buddha even preached health is wealth. How appropriate
    for a money ruling, wealth is health-world today!

    If you love Sri Lanka and have an iota of patriotism in you and want us to progress do one thing! Let GR get on
    with the job. We all know we never had a leader of this caliber since independence. Until MR came, people hadn’t
    seen a motorway for real. He stopped GooandPee aka UNPatriotic_rats so called unwinnable war and developed
    the country at break neck speed. Grateful? How can we? He is the wrong type! When I saw the article, my first
    thought was, was it written by pig the pigneswaran or church acolyte sumanthira. Any patriotic Sinhalese will say

  6. Nimal Says:

    I am very concerned about the number of state ministers that were appointed which will only waste our hard earned monies from our taxes.
    One of the many wrongs were mentioned above and one was Dr Nonis was assaulted after a blue Whisky party in NY and there were many other wrongs that was personally brought to the notice of MR and Prof GLP in London by me.
    This big majority might give the strength to government to run the country with little care for it’s peoples’ rights and to the concerns of us the tax payer.One must keep in mind what is happening in the third world nations like Mali,DRC ,Lebanon and now in Belarus.
    After winning the elections and then going from temple to temple seems strange which is not done in an advance country where ones religion is personal. Hope our leaders will give much thought before they indulge…..
    Lee Kwan of Singapore will never would have done that because he rightfully think that religion is personal. Instead he praised the last colonials which resulting in their legacy still remains by way of their streets named after them. Such countries offer confidence to people to invest, the reason why our leaders run there.

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