COVID-19 Pandemic has been brought to near full control in Andalucía, Spain within two months, as the result of a public health initiative using Vitamin D.
Posted on January 21st, 2021

Sunil Wimalawansa Professor of Medicine 

Why such has not been adopted or implemented in Sri Lanka and other counties?

This is very similar to what Professor  Wimalawansa recommended to the SLGo in mid-March 2020 to effectively control COVID?

A great example is summarized int the following website by one of our colleagues, from the U.K., Dr David Grimes.

If implemented S/L would have carried out normal functions and economic activities, with no loss of jobs, no excess deaths, disruption of the supply chain, and avoid near bankruptcy.  The country would have continued all economic and business activities and no need to shut down schools and universities.  And would have avoided a single day of (worthless) curfew or even CPVID-related deaths.  That was what he recommended in mid-March to SLGo and rejected by authorities in March 2020.  

Now ten months later, a handful of countries just begun to adhere to that; the resulting benefits are astonishing.  An exceptionally cost-effective way to prevent the disease, preventing complications, need for ICUs admission and hospitalizations, and deaths. 

Unfortunately, it still chasing the “tiger’s tail,” that is impossible to win (control COVID-19) with the current blinded approach by the department of health and the COVID task force.  Neither seems to have valid and achievable objectives, method of achieving the said target and a vision OR an effective strategy to control COVID-19.  

In fact, the U.K governmental approach is even worse than the SL approach (see data below); both approaches are ineffective in controlling OCVID-19.  Relying on COVID-vaccine(s) to control COVID is also unwise and is simply insane.  Moreover, the current approach will not enable achieving the intended goal of heard immunity nor prevent the current community spread.

I will upload an illustrative video early next week, into my UTube channel, summarizing the latest data on highly cost-effective approach in controlling COID-19.  Like proposed in 2020 mid-March, which was rejected outright by “pandits,” with little knowledge or experience in preventing and controlling a severe viral epidemic.   

Sunil Wimalawansa 

Professor of Medicine 

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2 Responses to “COVID-19 Pandemic has been brought to near full control in Andalucía, Spain within two months, as the result of a public health initiative using Vitamin D.”

  1. Nimal Says:

    When I saw the word Andalucía gave me goose bumps and bringing back good memories of late 60s in UK.A dear Spanish friend who sat next to me always in the university bring me memories of my life in late 60s where this girl was fond of me because I was a very hardworking person, which was rare among her own people,she wanted to have a long lasing relationship which I would have like but I would not have been able to handle her parents vast wealth in Spain where their people would not be happy to have an outsider like me among them but we had to part company sadly and my books and cloths are still with her in her house at very expensive Knightsbridge. I too had many Iranian friends here in London but married a completely an outsider to their surprise, a Japanese/Chinese from Malaysia and Japan. I was reluctant to marry a person that would end up fat and I gauge ones future size by the size of ones mother and it proved so right.
    I like the Andalucía food and Iranian food and each time I eat,frequently remind me of my two girl friends from Spain and few from Iran. My favourite meal is Paella and poloasdo which I never to fail at least once a week.

  2. Sunil Wimalawansa Says:

    FYI: Comments received from the “author of the blog” indicated above write-up: Dr. David Grime, a well-respected senior physician in the U.K.

    “The case rate (incidence of COVID-19) has started to increase in Andalucía from mid-January, but not in ICU admissions or deaths. The latter decline was most likely due to an increase in population vitamin D status.
    It appears that the third wave of COVID-19 is spreading in Andalucía. It could be either case-finding with the recent increase in PCR testing (so more PCR positive cases) and a new mutation (as with the U.K.) from South America, currently under investigation (second Cordoba study).

    During the last seven days, in Andalucía, around 200 people died due to COVID, whereas Catalonia 200 is dying each day [ ].

    Had a decline in cases not occurred in December/January following calcifediol administration, the third wave’s escalation would have merged with the second, and would not have noticeably. Watch this space.”

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