Disallow passage of Bill 104 claiming Genocide of Tamils in Sri Lanka
Posted on May 10th, 2021

Mahinda GunasekeraTambrook Drive, Agincourt, Ontario Canada 

Her Excellency, Madam Elizabeth Dowdeswell
Leiutenant Governor of Ontario
Copy to:  Ombudsman of Ontario

Your Excellency,

Disallow passage of Bill 104 claiming Genocide of Tamils in Sri Lanka

I along with the other members of our community are deeply troubled and disappointed with the undemocratic and unprincipled manner in which our elected leaders of the Ontario Legislature  proceeded to approve of the above private member’s bill. This Bill claims that the Tamil community in Sri Lanka had been subjected to genocidal action on the part of the Sri Lankan authorities in the armed conflict that was thrust on Sri
by the armed forces of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) that was declared as an international terrorist movement by the UN Security Council’s resolution of September 2001.  Based on which, 32 countries including the USA, UK, India, EU, Malaysia, Canada, etc. took action to proscribe this terrorist movement in
their own jurisdictions, and which remains in force even to the present day. 

Bill 104 was moved by MPP Vijay Thanigasalam which contains numerous falsehoods and unproven statements which unfortunately gets into the Statute Book provided you give your assent to it, making Ontario an ignorant and unthinking state that will regret the purely politically motivated decision taken in order to woo the voters from the Tamil
community and most likely the funding offered to the political parties by them out of questionable funds raised by certain pro-LTTE groups within this community. The Human Rights Watch report of March 15, 2006, stated that the pro-LTTE groups had raised vast amounts of funds through extortion of individuals as well as Tamil businesses to launch their so called ‘Final War Of Liberation’ in Sri Lanka, to establish a separate mono-ethnic
racist state called ” Eelam” in the north and east of the island taking up over 30 percent of the land and over 66 percent of the coastline and adjacent territorial waters of the Indian ocean for Tamils numbering 12.8 percent of whom less than half lived in the region sought for their state.

MPP Vijay Thanigasalam was an active supporter of the terrorist LTTE as he carried pictures of the LTTE leader V. Prabhakaran in his Facebook along with other propaganda material which he removed after he had been exposed.  The only other Tamil MPP, namely Logan Kanapathi had replaced the Chair of the Legislature’s Committee that reviews public opinion on proposed legislation, decided to not hold Committee Hearings and instead
refer Bill 104 to the Legislative Assembly for the the third reading.  The Bill also envisages fixing the 18th of May each year as Tamil Genocide Remembrance Day and holding of a week long program in Ontario schools and the public arena.  This will cause immense embarrassment to children attending Ontario schools from other constituent communities from Sri Lanka such as the Sinhalese, Muslims (Moors), Malays, Burghers, etc., as no such Genocide took place.  The only authorized body that can determine the act of genocide is the United Nations, which has not made any such ruling on Sri Lanka.  The Ontario Legislature is not a competent body to make such determinations, and they have clearly overstepped their limits of authority.  This Bill was passed bypassing public consultations.

Contrary to the claims made in the Bill, the Tamil Tiger Forces cut off irrigation and drinking water to 30,000 farming families living downstream from the Mavil Aru Anicut, forcing Sri Lanka after a wait of 14 days to take military action in August 2006 to restore the water supply.

The LTTE forces under pressure began to retreat from the northwest coast and north central Vanni to their strongholds in the northeast, compelling the Tamil civilians to accompany them to be exploited for their labour, conscripted to replace fallen cadre and serve as a ‘human shield’.

It has been established that over half the LTTE fighters did battle in civilian attire blurring the distinction between combatants and genuine civilians.  Sri Lanka declared two 48 hour ceasefires in February and April 2009, so that the unarmed civilians held by the LTTE may get to safety as requested by members of the international community, but the LTTE would not allow them to leave even firing on those that attempted to flee killing a large number of these civilians.  On conclusion of the armed conflict on May 19, 2009, Sri Lanka had rescued a total of 295,873 including 12,600 ex-tamil tiger cadres that surrendered out of an estimated total of around
305,000 individuals in the battleground, with some escaping by boat to India just 25 miles away and entering Canada and other western countries seeking refuge. Those who were rescued were housed in welfare camps, given three meals a day, access to education, medical and psychological treatment, vocational training and released to society with 1 to 3 years with new livelihood skills, after the grounds were de-mined and infrastructure
put in place including new houses for the rehabilitated civilians and ex-fighters. Peace has returned to the island nation with not a single bomb going off following a 30 year armed conflict.

You are no doubt aware that the LTTE had illegally abducted children as young as ten years and conscripted them into their fighting ranks which was condemned by UNICEF.  They also had a separate squadron of suicide bombers that carried out attacks against both military and civilian targets detonating over 375 human bombs in the course of their separatist war.
You may recall, that even Toronto Police had to set up a Tamil Task Force to curb the violence and criminal activities within the Tamil community.

I am a Canadian of Sri Lankan Sinhalese descent who migrated to Canada with my wife in 1975, and contributed my skills and knowledge for the betterment of my adopted country.
The actions on the part of the Ontario legislators who are only interested in seeking power by whatever means, and feel obliged to pamper members of the Tamil community that may have votes to sway the results in a few ridings in the northeast end of the GTA, plus funds from illicitly acquired means to finance elections/political campaigns disregarding truth,
principles or other values of human society.  Our only hope is that you may be able to withhold your assent for Bill 104 and prevent it from becoming law.  You may even summon the Political Party Leaders and question them if the Ontario Legislature has the authority to decide on issues relating to genocidal charges levelled against other countries.

With best wishes,

Mahinda Gunasekera
84 Tambrook Drive
Agincourt, ON M1W 3L9
Tel.  416-498-0783

4 Responses to “Disallow passage of Bill 104 claiming Genocide of Tamils in Sri Lanka”

  1. Charles Says:

    West will never help us. This the foolish Opposition Leader Sajith Premadasa has to learn. He was blaming the government for not contacting Canada to get Vaccines. Even America the great friend claimed by JR Jayawardhana abandoned him when India forced him to sign the peace accord.

    Trudeau has gone bonkers . He is the worst Canadian political leader. He has ,done nothing to the aborigine Canadian but pampers the Tamils. He will learn his lesson soon. Before that he will have to understand how foolish he is to allow the Tamil MP in Parliament to bring a foolish and and an utrterly false private member Bill against Sri Lanka.

  2. dingiri bandara Says:

    The West was never want peace in the Asia and the so called third word countries. They rejoiced, rightly or wrongly, the assassination of Osama Bin Laden, that I believe saved so many lives. They are, however trying to punish Sri Lanka for eliminating the ruthless terrorist leader Prabhakaran and his cohorts.After elimination of the armed wing of the LTTE, people , MUslims , Tamils and the Sinhalese are able to freely move about.
    A question to these Tamils in Canada, if the Tamils are being killed in the manner, in the country, how is that so many in the Tamils live in peace in the South? In Fact, they are prospering. Those so called Tamil refugees/ terrorists who really ran away from LTTE but claim to have ranaway from the Lankan government, return on holiday and buy up property in South but as far as I know not in the North.

  3. Cerberus Says:

    Some facts about the claim about ‘genocide’ of Tamils and 40,000 Tamils killed by the Lanka Army :

    1. The Tsunami of Dec 26, 2004 took away over 30,000 lives, with high numbers from the SE & NE of Lanka where Tamils reside. The Tsunami was an “Act of God’ in the eyes of the Law in any country. The govt of Lanka was not responsible for such events !! These Tamil deaths & missing appear to be included in the war against the LTTE in 2009.

    2, Also included in the numbers are those Tamils who vanished abroad (mainly to the west) as refugees after the Tsunami and the war with the LTTE. These numbers (padded up) are likely included.

    3. Also, in the war the LTTE had with the IPKF of India, the LTTE lost many fighters.

    All these dead plus exaggerated numbers are probably responsible for the claim that ‘genocide’ of Tamils
    This is how the number of Tamils dead and missing during the war with the LTTE have been padded up.

    Question to ask is : Why did India train the LTTE in Tamil Nadu ?

  4. aloy Says:

    This is in far away Canada. We are not worried about some thing not in our control. If you all cannot live in peace there go to some other place. But, I like to make a request from those still around: do not allow LTTE to steal the war. It looks as if they have already done that, too.

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