Posted on May 11th, 2022

By Noor Nizam – Peace and Political Activist, Political Communications Researcher, SLFP/SLPP Stalwart, Patriotic Sri Lankan, May 11th., 2022.


The statement made to the Press/Media today by the Secretary of Defense Kamal Gunaratne that Stern actions would be taken against all those involved in violent acts such as vandalism and arson after May 9 irrespective of party politics, reiterate the confidence and trust the peace loving and rural folks of Sri Lanka have in the Mahinda Rajapaksa/Gotabaya Rajapaksa/SLPP coalition leadership – the 6.9 million voters who elected this government through democratic institutions since 2005.

The Defense Secretary has to be thanked profusely for stating that action would be taken against responsible persons after analyzing CCTV footage and video clips and telling “point blankly” that the government and defense establishment mean business when it comes to the manner in which the protests were organized, obstruction were created to law enforcing officers to carry out their duties to safeguard the citizens, assaulting Senior Police offers, burning of government and private property and mob groups laying “SIEGE” to official government administrative buildings and official residences.

The Secretary Defense should “NOT” forget to take a look of the Chamuditha – Lal Kantah interview released on the YouTube channel of journalist Chamuditha Samarawickrama’s “Truth With Chamuditha” on JVP’s opinions about the protests and confrontations that took place on the 9th., instant in front of Temple Trees and Gota Gama at Galle Face green. 

Lal Kantha says clearly that he phoned all his senior cadres in every important city and asked them to launch protest in their localities after the action taken by the government to clear the protesters camped outside Temple Trees. 

Was these calls asking them to launch protests in their localities end up in burning residences of the PM and SLPP Politicians? 

Did the International Operations Coordination of the “gang of protesters” operate from Italy or Sweden?  The SIRASA NEWSFIRST.- TV breaking news broadcasts showed almost all the violent incidents continuously and it was noticed with sadness that Sri Lankans who were former JVP’s, Frontline Socialist Party, Tamil diaspora and some belonging to a religious denomination domiciled abroad had made special trips to Sri Lanka under the disguise of visiting the country, but really to participate in these violent episodes that had been organized as these recent “riots” in Sri Lanka. These have been recorded by the TV cameras and called for scrutiny. Even YouTube individual channels (Tamil and Sinhalese) showed these characters arriving from abroad and then participating in the events , some with their families too.  

The Secretary Defense should also probe to find out “WHO THESE INDIVIDUALS/GROUPS ARE” from these TV footage and YouTube Channels after analyzing those releases and make sure that they will “NOT” be allowed to leave the country until they are probed according to the law and allowed to leave “ONLY” if they were not involved. 

The Government should “NOT” be scared about the HR violations that the R2P promoters of the West who have pulled there strings against the Rajapaksa regime and the Gota Presidency quite smartly now will make big “noises” in the International Forum to stall these legitimate probes against the acts amounting to “TREASON” of a peaceful people and Nation and a Sovereign State. 

These probes will also show whether these interested groups infiltrated the peaceful gathering that was held at Temple Trees on May 9th., 2022 and create the chaos inside Temple Trees and then with the formation of a “CROWD ATTITUDE” by this group, attack the “MynaGama” protesters and run to “Gota Gama” and assaulted the protesters there, which made JVP Lal Kantha to give his “command orders” to his senior cadres in all the cities to begin the assaults as he had admitted to Chamuditha Samarawickrema” Truth with Chamuditha YouTube program the next day?

The so-called democratized” JVP and the SJB are working very closely with the powers that would be” who are interested in Regime Change in Sri Lanka since 2005. The JVP students group, Inter University Students Federation (IUSF), Frontline Socialist Party and the Catholic Church have shown their real faces now in this political game” that is being played in Sri Lanka at the cost of the suffering people and innocent student/youth population. 

Have the SINHALESE PEOPLE FORGOTTEN THE DISASTER THEY CREATED TO YOUR NATION AND HOW THE TRI FORCES DEFENDED OUR MAATHRUBOOMIYA” UNDER THE LEADERSHIP OF SLFP/SLPP GOVERNMENT LEADERSHIPS. Sri Lanka was not allowed to be divided or separated into two nations during the 30 years brutal LTTE war against our “Maathruboomiya” as planned by the R2P group of Western powers and the EU in connivance of the UN, like what the Westerners and the EU/UN did to Aceh of Indonesia in 2005 just after the Tsunami.

Like what the Canadian PM Justin Trudeau did to the Truckers Protest which happened a few months ago in Ottawa and then in other cities in Canada, all the bank accounts of these so-called protesting groups should be also probed immediately and frozen and details of those who funded them must be made public. Using the EMERGENCY” they should be brought before the Rule-of-Law” an punished accordingly, irrespective of party politics, as the Secretary of Defense Kamal Gunaratne has stated. 

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