An explaination to the reading of an incident related to an alleged previous birth (පෙර මතකය කියවීම)
Posted on June 9th, 2023

Tissa Gunatilaka

our senses or sensory systems are conditioned to capture waves emit (අංශු කම්පනය) from a present phenomenon/incident only. This is the ‘default’ condition of our sensory system. But waves emitted from a past phenomenon or an incident exist for a long time in the space. Only waves from a present phenomenon/incident are captured in a conditioned/defaulted sensory system or so called mind.

But in some persons sensory systems can be ‘faulted’ that it can capture waves from a past event (phenomenon/incident). Though this fauly sensory systems are very rare it can happen to certain individuals. The read/capture of waves from a past event will happen through faulty sensory system untill the sensory system get corrected itself in time eg. when growing old etc., When that happens a person is no longer has the ability of doing so.

This is how some children read past events though we think that incident is related to child’s previous birth. The past incident may be a ‘birth old’ for that child but it is a past incident for ‘a living’. Whatever the time it relates it is a wave form emitted from a past event which exists in the space. In nature, some of these wave froms will dissipate or dampened with time so that they are no longer receptive to ‘a faulted’ mind. But some wave forms from a past event do exists in the spaces for a longer time some of which can be captured by a faulty sensory system.

Accoding to Buddha there is ‘no person’ (අනාත්ම) in this existance so that there is ‘no person’ to be born after – Anuradha Sutta). The above is the only explaination within the ‘Dhamma’ can be provided for ‘reading of a past incident/phenomenon by a child’. 

Further, the wave forms related to the present or past incidents/phenomenon consists of vibrating atoms (අංශු කම්පන) which are described in Dhamma as ශුද්ධාශ්ඨක or in particle physics as quantum packets. Whatever the names they are called these vibrating atoms consists of total characteristics of the elements reprenting the incident ie. Total Knowledge of the incident. While capturing the wave forms representing past events by ‘faulted sensory system’ captures the ‘total knowledge’ of such incident. Therefore whoever is having a faulted sensory system capable of capturing a past event captures the total charactor/knowledge of the event enabling to describe the incident fully as it happened.

This is how a child reads about some incidents alleged happend in their previous birth even such previous births are not in existance in accordance with Buddha’s teaching.

Tissa Gunatilaka

10th June 2023

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