Combined Reactionary Plot and National Exigency

A.A.M.NIZAM Matara.

Failure to have a stable government despite a clear mandate from the people, unethical filibustering by terrorist proxies and kicked out political bandits, manifested the apparent futility of JR's self-imposed 1978 absurd constitution.

The hurdles, restrains, dictatorial measures, inadequacies, imposed on the people by this constitution aptly warranted repeal of its impertinent provisions.

However, Government's attempts to introduce necessary changes were repeatedly thwarted by the main opposition party, as any such change required 2/3 approval in the Parliament.

This hurdle warranted the change of constitution and the most appropriate method to overcome the parliamentary restraint was to place the issue before the people who are the sovereign authority to decide the destiny of this nation.

The dual-tongued Opposition Leader who in keeping with UNP's new policy of considering masses as 'asses', says entirely contradictory things to the Tamils, and the Sinhalese.

Addressing a meeting in Matara recently, along with political residues such as Vasudeva, Harischandra Wijetunge and Abdul Rasool, he said that instead of holding a referendum, a proposal to change the Constitution should have been brought before the Parliament.

If its was done so all MPs would have voted favourably with a two thirds majority.

This dual-tongued may beguile the blue jeans bracelet prone, alien minded bourgeoisie with these petty hollow talks but not the national minded patriotic people in the South.

We have not forgotten his abject treachery last August after having lengthy discussions and introducing several modifications to the now abandoned draft constitution.

At that time he justified his puerile misbehaviour saying that it has not got the express approval of the LTTE.

Even a recent report in the Tamil daily Veerakesari stated that this Sinhala machan has emphasised the need to have LTTE approval for any change to the constitution.

He will not release these statements to Sinhala papers, even for the ones blindly carrying his eulogies. When the combined reactionary forces of the treacherous UNP, terrorist proxies and the kicked out political bandits obstructed the extension of the Emergency needed for maintaining security, and drive the country to the abyss of anarchy, the President was compelled to exercise her Executive Powers and check the disaster.

The combined reactionary forces, with several hundred million dollars thrown at their disposal by the bourgeoisie vested interests and the terrorist enemy, mobilised all its forces to obstruct any change to the constitution, lucidly exposing their absolute nudity on the democracy they profess.

They have clearly confirmed that they want the following measures to continue without any hindrance.
1) The despotic Presidential system. It shows that they dislike only the incumbent President holding this post but they want its continuance in the future so that they could have a reign of terror by utilising the dictatorial prerogatives entailed with this post.
2) The proportionate system: So that the people will not have their will represented in the Parliament. Electorates, especially the rural electorates will not have their elected members, instead some electorates will have cluster members. Defeated members may gain entry to parliament. Elections will become a war of might. Mainly the wealthy, corrupt, unscrupulous and unlettered individuals will be able to contest elections due to the enormous expenditure involved. Poor, honest, educated patriotic persons' entry to parliament will become impracticable, and inconceivable.
3) North and East to remain permanently merged thus forcing the Sinhala and Muslim population in the East to become an insignificant minority.

This will enable separatists to justify their claim for a homeland. By the deferment of the imperative referendum the President has taken a rightful step to expose the duplicity, treachery, and the hidden dictatorial trend of the reactionary opposition and to give people to realise the inadequacy, unsuitability, rigidity, and autocratic nature of the present constitution.

The deferment will give sufficient and adequate time for people to evolve a constitution suitable to restore the damages caused to this nation by JR's absurd constitution and the UNP reign of terror which is solely responsible for the terrorist war.


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