Sri Lanka's greatest political betrayal.

A.A.M.NIZAM Matara.

From time to time we have seen ignoble, despicable, treacherous individuals plunging to any depth of ignominy and disrepute to accomplish their desires, and satiate their craving. Parental affection, family bondage, social ethics, religious norms, national priorities are all alien and pariah things for them. Egotism, greediness, and selfishness obscure all their judgements as well as estimations and they never vacillate or stagger to deprive, relinquish, abdicate and betray anyone at any time if such acts are beneficial or advantageous to them.

Mostly people with these base qualities can be found among the rich who worship wealth and the politicians who worship power and crave for nothing but for absolute power. Unfortunately for the detriment of the progress and welfare of our country, we are cursed with a leader of the opposition who has made numerous but unsuccessful endeavours to accomplish his craving for power by unholy, unethical and contemptible means. Since the day he lost by 3 votes to Mr. Gamini Dissanayake in the UNP's internal contest for the post of Leader of the Opposition following the 1994 General Election, his nefarious and insidious activities have taken many faces causing much embarrassment even to his close associates.

His naked affinity, solidarity and collaboration with and complete servitude to the terrorist leader who has vowed to destroy and dismember this nation are now even known to a toddler.

His latest betrayal was his own party MPs and other MPs who trusted him when a no-confidence motion was moved against the Government. Whilst instigating ordinary innocent UNP grass-root members to agitate against the government, by all means even spilling blood, he has conducted covert talks with the President in the middle of the night. It is an open secret now that he vowed to crossover with 40 UNP MPs, if he was given the Prime Ministerial portfolio and several Ministerial portfolios to some leading UNP MPs (His cronies). He has also ridiculed his own Deputy saying that his Deputy cannot command the support of more than 20 MPs.

UNPers, in fact, should be grateful to the President for rejecting to accept the greatest political betrayal in our history. Many of the misfortunes our country face today are consequent to the destructive influence exercised by spineless politicians of this calibre and unless and until these despicable anti social elements are cleansed from the political stage of our nation, we will be driven into intolerable misery.


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