" Ethnic cleansing of the Muslims from the North by the LTTE."

Richard de Silva reporting from Colombo

Mearly 100,000 Muslims evicted forcibly by the LTTE from the 5 Northern districts in October 1990, are now demanding that they be settled in their original houses in the North.

A spokesman for the Northern Muslimsí Rights Organisation said "Our cry is to go to our original homes in the North from where we were driven out at gun point, after all our belongings were looted by the LTTE terrorists".

President of the Northern Muslimsí Rights Organisation Dr. S.H. Hasbullah addressing a public meeting held sometime back at the Colombo Public Library Auditorium said "Muslims of the North got on very well with the Tamils there. Most Muslims spoke Tamil. There was no quarrel or trouble of any kind between the two communities. However one-day (22.10.90) the most cruel blow was dealt on the Muslims in the North, by the LTTE.

"Quite unexpectedly, the LTTE announced over the loudspeakers in the streets and villages of Muslim settlements in the Northern Province that Muslims must leave their homes, villages and towns leaving all their valuables and money behind or face death. While Muslims of all areas of the North were given 48 hours to leave, from 7 am on October 22, 1990, the Muslims of the Jaffna town were given only two hours to quit. Muslim mothers with small children and infants pleaded with the LTTE cadres to allow them time till the heavy rains stopped. The reply of the LTTE cadres was the point of the gun and shouting "move on"," Dr. Hasbullah said.

Now that there is going to be a peace formula to the ethnic crisis, the rights of the Muslims to retain to their original homes in the North cannot be ignored. Ever since they were evicted they had been prevented from returning to their places of origin by the LTTE terrorists." Dr. Hasbulla added, " Ethnic cleansing of the Muslims by the Tamil terrorists was completed as far back as 1990 in the North. The Muslims were driven away from the five districts of the North where there were 75 per cent distinct Muslim settlements comprising 5 per cent of the population there. While there were in this region 48 government Muslim majority schools, there were also over 100 Mosques, majority of the which had been destroyed by the Tamil terrorists.

The ethnic cleansing of the Muslims in the five districts of Jaffna, Kilinochchi, Mullaithivu, Mannar and Vauniya was carried out in one day (on 22nd October 1990).

The LTTE cadres went from house to house to relieve the women and the children of their gold jewellery. Any money the men and women had was forcibly taken away by the LTTE cadres.

In order to terrorise the Muslims of Jaffna the LTTE abducted 35 Muslims and they never returned. Even the Red Cross failed to locate their whereabouts.

According to Northern Muslimsí Rights Organisation even after ten years these displaced Muslims donít see the Green light to return to their permanent houses.

Having perpetrated such grave crimes against the innocent Muslims in the North by the brutal LTTE facists, now their properganda activists abroad and in Sri Lanka are appealing to the sentiments of the Muslims to protest against the Israeli support to the Sri Lankan government.

A Colombo based diplomat, expressing his views said " With the Israeli support, the Sri Lankan government will be able to create a good climate for the evicted Northern Muslims to return to their original homes in the North. The Muslims can continue to live there without any fear once the LTTE terrorists are eliminated with the Israeli and other nationsí support or with the sole heroic efforts of the armed forced of Sri Lanka.

"There fore " the diplomat said " The Muslims in the Arab States or elsewhere will not be convinced with the LTTEís local or international propaganda. Just as much Sri Lanka buys arms from Pakistan it can buy arms from Israel as well , and what is wrong with that ? he asked "In order to eliminate such a ruthless terrorist outfit as the LTTE, the democratic world does not care from where the Sri Lankan government buys its weapons." he added.

Nearly 50 per cent of housemaids that seek employment from Sri Lanka in the Arab states are Muslim women The LTTE propaganda calling Gulf States not to provide employment to Sri Lankans could automatically affect the thousands of Muslims seeking employment in the Middle East.

The murderous LTTE which carried out the genocidal attacks on the Muslims in the North and the East killing innocent Muslim civilians in the bordering villages of the Northern province and the settlements in the Eastern province, has no moral right to appeal to the Muslims the world over for support. The shameless LTTE terrorists are now appealing to the Muslim countries to assist them to counter the Israeli support extended to Sri Lankan government in the fight against terrorism.

The LTTE started the annihilation of the Muslims in August 1990 when they fired at the Muslims who were in prayer at two Mosques at Kathankudy in Batticaloa.

On 3.8.90 the LTTE terrorists opened fire at the praying Muslims in the Jumma Mosque at Kathankudy killing 103 and injuring 70. On 1.8.90, 116 Muslim villagers at Eravur were brutally killed while 20 others were wounded. The LTTE bomb attack at the Akkaraipathu fish market on 24.3.91, killed 9 Muslims and injured 20 others.

Brutal attack on the Muslim villagers with knives and swords by the terrorists at Puther, Polonaruwa, killed 18 men ,women and children and 9 persons were injured on 6.7.91.

The terrorist attack on the Muslim village of Palliyagodella, Ampara, killing 13 Muslims and injuring 6 others, was carried out on 19.9.90 .

In Muslim village of Alinchipotana at Polonaruwa 56 Muslims were killed while 15 were injured on 29.4.92. At Kiranlulama, Batticaloa, a bus load of Muslims travelling from Kathankudy was attacked by the LTTE killing 19 Muslims on 15.7.92. Muslim train passengers were ordered by the terrorist to get off the Batticaloa bound train at Parangiyamadu and the 11 Muslims who got down were gunned and killed on 21.7.92 .

The terrorist bomb attack near the Saindamadu Market at Kalmunai Killed 22 Muslims on 1.9.92. On one day five Muslim villagers Palliyagodella, Ahamadpura, Agbopura, Pamnurana, Polnnaruwa were attacked by terrorists killing 171 Muslim civilians on 15.10.92 .

These are only the available figures published in an official booklet last year of the terrorist genocide attacks against Muslims of Sri Lanka. The LTTE has destroyed more than 60 Mosques in the East and THE North.

The Muslim states , from which the LTTE seek support now, can clearly judge its genocide policy and its strategy, despite propaganda articles written by fictitious persons assuming Muslim names. This most despicable, brutal facist terrorist outfit should not insult the intelligence of the Muslim states the world over.




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