Latest Colombo Bomb Blast Must Motivate Positive Action.

SinghaPuthra For LankaWeb

Yet another bomb blast has shattered the calm of a quiet neighbourhood and snuffed out lives.

Chitra Lane, Havelock Town is the scene of the latest suicide bomb detonated by yet another member of the vermin calling themselves the LTTE. A tranquil neighbouhood of children's schools and an artery linking two major parts of the Metropolis of Colombo where a motorcade carrying the Prime Minister had passed through minutes earlier. A suspicious looking individual on the point of being challenged by plainclothes police detonated explosives strapped to his person leaving in its wake the carnage of injured bodies and vehicles,his head on the street and bodyparts wrapped around a 'cannonball' tree nearby in a grisly reminder that the horror of terrorism will continue wherever the LTTE deems it until it is put down by the ultimate military action in collaboration with the International Alliance Against Terrorism.

Ironically there have been stringent warnings of the likelihood of suicide bombers within Colombo lately and motorcades such as the one carrying the Prime Minister could easily have been the intended target, which, if it had been accurate, the carnage would have been far greater.

In the face of a dire need to compensate for decades of terror by the LTTE, the time must be right for the most abrasive all out offensive to commence towards eliminating them where there can be no holding back, reservations, negotiations nor deliberations about righteousness as the only righteousness remains the security of innocent people carrying on with their daily lives.One such, has been an older brother of the Permanent Secretary To The Ministry Of Health, a father of three who died on the operating table of massive internal injuries.A statistic to add to the list of over 60,000 needlesly lost lives

The leadership required for this all out offensive seems to have a flavour generated by the retired Major General Janaka Perera and others of his genre whose strategies and intensely efficient search and destroy tactics once instilled fear into the LTTE and seemed to assure the deliverance of the Nation from the enemy but cut short due to the opposing idealogies of powerful non-military sources who denied Major General Perera and the Nation of the eradication of the ignominy known as the LTTE. There has come the time to re-assert the need for re-vamped powerful leadership to turn the wheels towards the ultimate victory.

There is no more time to waste! The mandate to wipe out the LTTE off the face of Sri Lanka must be taken up perforce, considering the present intensity of the International Alliance Against Terrorism .It must be used to its fullest advantage regardless of the pathetic, perfidious bleatings by the spineless minority begging for negotiations (certain Cabinet Ministers included), to exterminate the LTTE, their supporters, propagandists, financiers and their ilk who as predicted by the perceptive analysts of terror groups would otherwise decimate the present climate of political complacency.

This latest attack should serve as yet another eye opener !!


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