Ranil lies, Peiris beguiles, Segregation in the door-step.


The double-tongued Prime Minister Mr. Ranil Wickremasinghe mendaciously tries to mislead the Maha Sangha and the nation saying that his government will safeguard the unitary status of the country. The Tamil National Alliance, political poxy of the LTTE terrorists, publicly proclaim that any solution to the present crisis should be based on Thimpu Principles. The local spokesman of the LTTE, terrorist Thamil Chelvan reiterates the policy of two nations existing together side by side and the need for the Sinhalese and the other communities to accept this position.

Despite government's obscure attempts to deceive the Maha Sangha and the people, the terrorist side is frank and outspoken in their uncompromising, stubborn and unyielding goal. Tyronne Fernando who exposed his political nudity by criticising Mr. Kadiragamar blamed the former Foreign Minister and the PA Government for mistrusting the Norwegians due to their links with the LTTE. In his infamous interview with the pro-UNP organ Sunday Leader he emphasised that the very fact that the Norwegians have links with the LTTE, is their strength, to march ahead with one aim. Accordingly the government is subjected to the dictates of the terrorists as well as their associates the Norwegians.

The implementation of the two-nation concept embodied in the notorious Thimpu principles, rejected by majority Sri Lankans continuously and vehemently, is being moulded by terrorist Anton Balansingham and their Norwegian associates in the form of an MoU, which as per informed sources, is to be signed on February 24th in the pretext of a "Joint ceasefire declaration". This obnoxious document, among other terms and conditions will consists the following:

1) Proposal for segregated areas of control for both sides;
2) Setting up of ``neutral'' zones separating both sides physically,
3) Clear rules of passage to govern movement of personnel by either side to the other and
4) Rules of conduct for both sides to follow during ceasefire,

It also will provide measures to station foreign forces as observers and PIECE KEEPERS.

Even before signing this treacherous document the terrorists have commenced self-administration of their elusive homeland. From 1st February onwards they have commenced collection of their own taxes and extortion. Forced conscription of children, youth and even elders in the age group of 15-45 is being extensively carried out, despite UN condemnation of using children for war purposes. Founder of separatist ideology Mr. Chelvanayagam speaking in the House of Representatives on 26th November 1947, gave vent to this destructive ideology saying that if Sri Lanka (Ceylon) is to liberate itself from the British Empire, Tamils should secede from the rest of the country. Mr. Ranil Wickremasinghe, progeny of the post independent Kalu Suddas is aiming to materialise this ideology by assigning a piece of this nation under the guise of 'peace' to Chelvanayagam's progenies.

Signing of this treacherous "Betrayal Declaration" would ring the death-knell to the independence and the existence of this nation as sovereign unitary State. Tongue-twister Peiris beguiles the nation by hiding the facts in the "Betrayal Declaration" and tries to camouflage it as a ceasefire declaration. This document will concede all demands of the terrorists without even having the necessity to conduct the so-called piece talks. Attempts to sign this treacherous document should be resisted, and opposed unanimously and firmly by all and every peace loving patriotic Sri Lankan. The hollow threats made by Mr. Ranil Wickremasinghe saying that he will not allow repetition of the events of 1987 should not deter or impair the determination and resolution of the patriots to save this noble nation from being betrayed to a barbaric enemy by a treacherous ruling clique.


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