Bouddha Vihar project soon

From, May 6, 2002

Visakhapatnam, India -- Preparations have begun for the construction of Bouddha Vihar project at Bojjanna Konda near Anakapalle, said Maha Bodhi Society president B S Chalam. Addressing the society's meeting held on Sunday, Chalam said the project would cost around Rs 25 lakh and the process is on for collecting donations from Buddhist bodies, voluntary organisations and important persons of the city. So far Rs 25,000 was collected and the project would be completed within four months.

Buddhist monks from all over the country would visit Bojjanna Konda in December this year, he told the participants of the meeting. Two-acre land was needed for this project and the land alone would cost Rs 36 lakh, as per the current market rates. The project will have restrooms for the visiting monks and a meditation centre called Vipasana would be constructed.Chalam said two monks would permanently stay at the shrine and run a school.

He appealed to the city-based Buddhist organisations to come forward and pool up additional resources.

Noted lawyer and Buddhist writer M V S Appa Rao said the spread of Buddhism was essential for maintaining global peace and the Buddhist shrines needed better infrastructure to expand their activities. Former NSTL scientific officer and a Buddhist preacher Prachand said a small percentage of income sourced from the foreign tourism should be earmarked for development of Buddhist shrines in the district.


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