Deproscription - next in the step by step appeasement.


The government which is stupidly schizophrenic in the matter of terrorist motives, and trying overwhelmingly to appease them at the insinuation of terrorist agents in the gigantic Ministerial group itself, western hypocrites, and alien vassal NGO pundits sent several lorry loads of Thaipongal gifts to the people in Vanni who are under the enslavement of the terrorists and who were alleged to be starving for the last seven years. Four Minsiters with Tiger spots led by Tiger agent Dr. Jayalath Jayawardene were physically present to deliver the gifts to the Tiger emissaries.

Even before the heat of the Pongal fire was settled the terrorist aggressors have removed their sheep clothes and have publicly declared their next demand. Speaking to foreign reporters the so-called political wing leader of the terrorists Mr. Thamilchelvam has emphasised that the Government must lift the ban on the LTTE before face-to- face peace talks could begin. He has declined to commit himself on whether the LTTE was finally prepared to settle for a political solution within a united Sri Lanka.

This is not a new policy statement of terrorists but mere reiteration of their established stand. Mr. Sivasithamparan who is responsible together with Chelvanayagam, Amirthaligan and their chauvinist ilk to drive the Tamil youth to the path of terrorism and for enunciating the infamous Vaddukkodai resolution which declared the separatist Ealam goal, on return to the island from his self exile expressed the same stand. He emphasised that the two principal demands of the Tamils were lifting the ban on the LTTE and dismantling the unitary state so that the Tamils could govern their own affairs without any hindrance.

Despite having an unfavourable international environment for their activities, the terrorist aggressors are bold and firm on their stand. On the contrary the shameless government has no backbone to declare their stand firmly and resort to ambiguous statements with the sole intention of refraining from antagonizing the terrorists. The government spokesman Mr. G.L.Peiris has said that it was premature to comment on matters such as de-proscription. The government cannot make a firm statement on lifting the ban because they have already committed to this under the secret MOU signed prior to the election on 21st June. Peiris has said that the government does not believe in hurrying matters and would adopt a step by step approach. The next major step facing the government is the lifting of the ban. It is widely believed that in this step by step approach of granting anything and everything to the terrorists in return for nothing, the government is planning to announce a suspension on the ban in order to hoodwink the people by playing with words.

Analyses of the election results have confirmed that economic difficulties, deceit, minority sections, and business and anti national elements were responsible for bringing this government into power. Lifting (or suspension of) the ban on LTTE is the crucial turning point in the history of this nation. This action would certainly whitewash their horrendous crimes and would also negate the reason for their ban by the international community. The time has come for all patriotic people to forget their petty differences, interests, and other considerations and join hands in unison to oppose the anti national path being pursued by the shortsighted government.


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