LTTE Weapons Being Unloaded And Personnel Recruited While UNF Looks On.

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A second unloading of an LTTE Arms Shipment off a container in the high seas carried out yesterday under cover of darkness by a flotilla of Sea Tigers under the eyes of the Sri Lankan Navy under orders from its high command to stay aloof has been reported in a shocking turn of events which must not only embarrass the Wickremasinghe Administration but must also expose the indifference of the Defence and Foreign Ministries which have failed to take prompt action in remaining passive and content to resort to meaningless rhetoric full of lame excuses as in the case of the previous unloading of Arms by Sea Tiger Flotillas in early January where both events went relatively unnoticed or deliberately ignored by the authorities and reliable sources have learned that there is strong speculation within Sri Lanka that these shipments have been unloaded with the full knowledge of the Administration which has turned a blind eye to its reality.

The implications it carries towards National Security based on what it believes to be a necessity in order to preserve the Peace Process is the most stupendous display of apathy uptodate where Messers.Wickremasinge, Marapone and Fernando have shown little emotion or response towards the concerns of many worried Sri Lankans now asking many relevant questions as to what is going on and why there is every indication that the UNF Government has set itself on a path of self destruction should the Tigers unleash yet another wave of terror based on the manner in which they have re-commenced arming themselves and recruiting new personnel?.Based on fact and not conjecture!

Many LTTE propagandists overseas are alleged to have openly proclaimed that "their targets and objectives now seem to be within easy reach" and appear to have been on course ever since the UNF victory at the December Election while also stating that it would be a mere matter of time before their strategy of cunning will finally reap huge benefits for them one way or the other and are patting themselves on their backs in disbelief that something which seemed unattainable during the tenure of the PA Administration is now well within their sights and that they expect to easily infiltrate into Sinhalese populated areas, have free movement in once Restricted Waters which were controlled and secured by the Sri Lankan Navy and their greatest expectations lie in recovering control of the Northern and Eastern Provinces in their preliminary push towards Eelam which they have in fact presented to the discerning eye in their latest demands.

The fact that these might not be vain boasts have been proven in the past especially considering the LTTE attacks on the International Airport and Air Base and the planning behind what proved to be their capability of implementing the element of surprise very effectively and are the Security Forces likely to be caught napping yet again? Will there also be more ridiculous raids such as the one involving crack Secret Task Force Officers as in the Athurugiriya Safe House to embolden the LTTE and reveal chinks in the armour of National Security directives while hog tying it prior to another LTTE offensive?

Although these proclamations might be sheer speculation on the part of the LTTE propagandists and doomsday may never be real, when considering the realities of their status quo as proscribed terrorists being pursued by International Law Enforcement Agencies, although within the parameters of Territorial Sri Lanka attempts by the near sighted Administration to manipulate the jurisdiction in favour of LTTE demands while citing the Peace Process and its importance is very possible though hopefully not without stiff Presidential Opposition even though it appears to be onerous for the President who must surely be faced with the dilemma of appeasing more than one entity rather diplomatically while asserting her bounden duty to the Sinhala Nation without compromising its Security. A vital consideration which the Wickremasinghe Admisitration seems unconcerned about while the weapons stockpiles and the headcount of new LTTE recruits are increasing rather alarmingly!


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