Consolidate unity to Continue the Ban


A group of terrorist evangelists deceptively self designated themselves as the Peoples Peace Front but acting entirely against the will and desires of the majority Sri Lankans and astutely promoting the interests of the western religious sects and self interested NGOs have visited the terrorist hermitage with much fan fare. The media mafia for whom only activities related to whitewashing the LTTE are newsworthy these days have given the widest possible coverage to this treacherous visit. The detestable manner the media mafia misquoted and exaggerated the statement of the Asgiriya Maha Nayake Thero and world wide publicity given to this cocked up statement aptly demonstrate the media mafia's servitude to promoting terrorist interests. The denial and clarification made by the venerable Maha Nayake Thero was confined only to a few local newspapers and denied its due exposure worldwide to reverse the harm done and erroneous impression created.

Welcoming the Pseudo Peace Front (not People's Peace Front) delegates, the local spokesman of the LTTE Tamil Chelvan has said that "we respect the freedom and safety of the people of the South and they expect these be adhered to by them in respect of the people of the North. For this the Sinhala and all others in the South should assist the government in attaining a peaceful settlement". Once again this is a blatant reiteration of their elusive two-nation policy. In return, one of the delegates Mr. Samson Jayasinghe calling himself as the National Secretary of an outfit called Samasevaya (appropriately Vahalsevaya) has said that it will pave way for a unitary state second to none, where Sinhala and Tamil live side by side respecting each other but with the Tamils having right for their own decisions. These moves, statements, and actions confirm the secret agenda being unveiled to bifurcate this nation fulfilling the goal of the separatist terrorists, which they were unable to achieve by military means for nearly two decades.

The much publicised lunatic move to deproscribe the terrorist outfit is the first step for this bifurcation exercise. The deproscription would legitimise the terrorist clan and invalidate the zealous sacrifices made by many thousands of our brave soldiers. It also will absolve them from the horrendous crimes committed by them. The former Foreign Minister and much respected Statesman Mr. Kadiragamar has cautioned the government against this lunatic move which has earned him strong criticism from the terrorists and some idiotic individuals in the government. It is a welcome sign that mounting pressure is emerging from patriotic organisations against this move. It is reported that these organisation have called for a joint meeting next Tuesday to discuss ways and means of opposing the de-proscription move. We hope that all Political parties will emerge as a consolidated body to oppose this treacherous move of the government. Also it is a golden opportunity for persons like Navin Dissanayake and Sujith Premadasa to avenge the brutal killings of their fathers, if they are patriotic and the country is dear to them than petty politics!!


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