How can one continue to be a pacifist, when Sri Lanka is the Patient, the terrorists the virus, and Karuna the life preserving antibiotic ?

Charles Perera

I am a pacifist I do not like war. I would not willingly kill even a small ant. Therefore, I feel extremely sad when people are being killed . The Tamil terrorists of Sri Lanka are an uncouth band of ruthless killers and they have no iota of compunction in destroying life. I would not however tell any one to kill the Tigers because they are killers, like rabid dogs. Therefore I thought it was a good thing to engage the terrorists into a dialogue so that the killing will end, and some thing positive will come out of the dialogue.

The ceasefire between these blood thirsty terrorists and the Sri Lanka army , was a first move to dialogue and end of continuous killing. The army gave up shooting at the terrorists, but the terrorists never gave up shooting, they engaged themselves in deliberate and planned killing of every one that opposed them or did not agree with them. That was the outcome of the ceasefire and the agreement to settle ethnic problem by dialogue.

It gave gruesome terrorists a freehand to eliminate all those who opposed them , build an army with kidnapped children, strengthen their black tigers the human bombs, in addition to that to have a separate area marked out for themselves, without the right of entry for the Government Army or any one else including Government Officials. The cease fire instead of putting an end to killing aggressive macabre terrorists by the Army in their duty of protecting civilians and the country, resulted overt killing only by the terrorists, while the army helplessly stand by. Dialogue only fortified division, making the terrorists act like a legal force in defense of a self- claimed locality.

Under these circumstances, one cannot remain a pacifist. Now it is only the despicable terrorists, who have the right to kill. The army has the guns but cannot use them against these miscreants. But somebody has to stop the terrorists. It has to be somebody who is not bound by the stupid MoU, which is not even a legal document, ratified by the State Parliament.

When the LTTE go on their killing rampage and kill the members of the Karuna group, I feel sad……. really sad. But when I hear that the Karuna’s group have killed Wanni terrorist, there is somewhere inside me a shameless sense of happiness. I know it is wrong , but yet it is like killing a dangerous virus. You kill a virus to save a patient. The patient now is Sri Lanka, and the virus the Vanni terrorist band, Karuna has become the life giving antibiotic.



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