The last will of Prabhakaran

By: Gomin Dayasri

In a dying declaration, Prabhakaran writes his own obituary in praise of himself.

He throws a dead rope to the international Tamil community to carry out a rescue operation. The cornered, make believe king of Eelam, once hopeful of extending imaginary borders to encompass a Greater Tamil Nadu, dispatches an SOS from his shrinking kingdom before it passes into oblivion.

His ghost writer presented a script which became worthless at the time he read the contents. An apt phrase was selected as a prelude to his doomed expectations-"Today, there are great changes taking place in India". Unfolding was a drama in India where the pleas of Chennai was checkmated by events in Mumbai. Prabhakaran desperately required a revised script to maintain his own credibility- it was too late and not forthcoming. Fortunes have certainly deserted him. Terrorism in India undid the terrorist in Sri Lanka, in his farewell speech.

He has felt the heat as reflected in his talk-"The land of Tamil Eelam is confronted with an intense war as never before ...... the war is becoming intense and widespread." His stand is loud and clear- "....transformed our land from one that was that was for many years subjugated by foreign rule into a defiant land refusing to submit to a foreign oppressor". There will be no submission, as expected. To his credit he is not an opportunist like the upper echelons of Colombo society shifting positions to fall into the winners lap. Therein is his weakness, lack of flexibility to read and revise his own follies.

This is another rambling repetitive effort to justify himself, where any response will be equally repetitive. In his annual survey he had no achievements to list. This is the year he undid himself most by being the supreme child snatcher of removing forcibly a child from each house to incur the wrath of each householder. He did not have the foresight that a parent's prized possession is the child. A parent was abducted till the child was released to terror. The child had to rescue the parent and offer himself as the bait. The portrait of the Sun God was smeared with his own hands in homes that were once home sweet home to him. Both the parent and child hated him. Prabhkaran destroyed himself in his home electorate. An isolated man knows so little of his surroundings. This is truly reflected in his annual declaration which will be a final valediction unless delivered from across the seas.

He made his own people homeless by demanding they leave their homes before the LTTE lost controlled of its territory. In the house cleansing operation, he cared more to have a human shield to safeguard him, to display to the world that people follow an unseen Moses in jungle fatigue with gun and shot, to scheme a humanitarian issue by inhuman means by creating a wandering band of homeless nomads out of proud house owners. He ethnically cleansed his own ethnic brothers by making them homeless. Not a word of justification of his callous conduct to the people to whom he is offering salvation in his testamentary disposition. Instead it is xenophobic rhetoric to the people drenched in the rain without shelters on his orders. Are you his notary, Mr Sambandan? Who is standing for the rights of the Tamils in the North-the homeless child lost majority? The suffering of the Tamils at the hands of Prabhakaran will surface, once he is no more.

Prabhakaran is driving the people to the lap of the central government. He has dissolved his own popularity among his own followers. The fallacious presentation is obvious to his people as they witness the unfolding reality which they experience. His speech is meant for those beyond his shriveling frontiers to come forth as life guards. On his satellite TV, he would have seen the unfolding pictures of scenes at Taj and Oberoi, which would remind him of Meredian Galadari and the Central Bank contemporaneously with his speech; his wake up call to India will be of no avail. As he spoke, India resolved that the brotherhood of terrorism has to be dismantled for India's own survival. Help in India day dream is over.

Prabakaran is a spent force on his last lap with no lap of honor. His last flight of fancy or fame maybe in a light aircraft.

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