LTTE is please realease the innocent Tamilians if you truly..... care for them!!

Sheerina Salvi

LTTE, if you are really really really figthing for the Tamilian ("Tamil Mekkal"), please show genuine care and thoughts for the victimized children and not keeping them as shields to protect the Leader. Please let the innocent civilians to leave LTTE region. Stonrgly advise them to leave.

If these people still refused just because of unspoken reasons or due to the reasons their family members are in LTTE as well, then, we think, SLA should go ahead with what they are doing now.

Stubborn headed people will not learn and go so far. LTTE Leaders, if say for example, Tamilians get certain provinces entirely for the Tamilians, can someone who can be talked to and can rationalized things be the leader instead.

We strongly feel, Prabakaran cannot be a good leader. How much have the LTTE leader helped the Tamilians so far? Please correct me if I am wrong. In this civilized world, we cannot live like "Eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth."

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