India Receives The Lash Back & Public Humiliation

Prof. Hudson McLean

As said before, "The Birds Come Home to Roost".........but with a vengeance!
India received a taste of its own medicine. But more is yet to come!

It was India which fed and clothed the Tamil Terrorist LTTE, which in return assassinated Rajiv Gandhi. Then the Indian Coast Guards, Tamil Nadu politicians turned a blind eye to the smuggling from India to LTTE in Sri Lanka, which fed the terrorists with all the infrastructure of the killing machines.

The bungling Indian Intelligence is described by the global media as "amateurish, sluggish and feeble". A slap in the face for a major Asian powerhouse, with Nuclear capability.

This begs a question, "Is India capable of defending its Nuclear resources?"

Whilst India talks loud and big, their defence infrastructure has been described after the Mumbai debacle, as "The Mumbai attacks prove that the whole system is falling apart. The police in India are working on manpower and equipment assessments last made in the 1970s," says security analyst Praveen Swami.

At the railway station, when the terrorists opened indiscriminate fire, the two policemen peeping from behind a pillar, had one antiquated rifle between them.

The Mumbai police are equipped with World War II vintage rifles and carbines.

Straight from a Peter Sellars comedy Inspector Cleauseau!

The commandos came eight hours later due to lack of air transport.

The bullet proof vests did not prevent bullets from a AK47 and the policemen got killed.

The hotel security guarded the front entrance but did not protect the rear or the exits. The terrorists entered through the rear. This is an Irish comedy!

India had no Radar on the Mumbai coast line or coastal police patrols.

And after this should Sri Lanka look upto India to protect Sri Lanka against the Tamil LTTE Terrorists?

Can the Indians teach Sri Lanka about protection from terrorism, when the indians cannot protect their own?

Said that, Sri Lanka should keep her options open and maintain an Open Door policy with Pakistan, China, Singapore, Israel and Russia on weapons as well as on anti-terrorist warfare. If politics do not permit close relationships with Pakistan and China, turn to Singapore and Israel. Singapore government owned Temasek Group has such facilities within their Domain, the STET Homeland Security. (

Now the SLDF should continue with its multi-pronged assault on the scavanging LTTE squatters and wipe them out. Take no prisoners. It costs too much to feed and house them in prisons!

India Receives The Lash Back & Public Humiliation is very likely for the good of Sri Lanka.

First, the SLDF now may go on to anihilate TERRORISM in Sri Lanka!

Second, whilst India is busy clearing up the current mess, (and many more to come before the year ends), Sri Lanka should open up discussions with Russia, Singapore, Israel on counter terrorism back-up.

Third, for the next 6-9 months, Sri Lanka should turn a blind eye and a deaf ear to all comments from NGOs, Human Rights, et al and get on with the job in hand.

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