Tamilnadu, do not preach what you do not do yourself

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The Tamilnadu pro-LTTE, anti-Sinhalese politicians are up in arms against the SL Army Commander, Gen. Sarath Fonseka. They say that Gen. Fonseka’s reference to some "political jokers in Tamilnadu" is derogatory to them and India and thus, they are demanding an apology from the General or else, they want India to summon our President to reprimand or ask to withdraw the SL consulate in Chennai. The pro-LTTE goons of Chennai are burning effigies of the SL President and the SL Army Commander.

What comedians these Tamilnadu, pro-LTTE politicians are!!!!

One thing is clear from this on going saga of Tamilnadu comedy programmes. That is that they are of the firm belief that Sri Lanka is a colony of Tamilnadu, or, India. Their actions and words are quite reflective of this misguided thinking. For starters, Tamilnadu political scarecrows are openly supporting the most dangerous terrorist organisation in the world, LTTE, with which the SL armed forces are locked in a decisive battle. The TN politicians do not try to hide their support for the LTTE terrorism and demands from India that it go all out and stop the humanitarian operations of the SL army so that their beloved LTTE will not be annihilated. Secondly, some political jokers like Vaiko of Tamilnadu has the nerve to openly say that if India does not intervene in the internal matters of Sri Lanka, he is prepared to come to Sri Lanka armed with several thousands of his supporters to assist the LTTE to defeat the legitimate armed forces of Sri Lanka, which have a legitimate endorsement from the majority public of SL to annihilate the LTTE. Yet, the Tamilnadu LTTE loving politicians seem to be of the firm belief that it is the opinion of Tamilnadu that should govern Sri Lanka, not the opinion of the Sri Lankan public.

Thus, these Tamilnadu political comedians are saying and doing everything possible under the Sun to derogate Sri Lanka in a bid to bail out the dying LTTE, and in the meantime, expects the people of Sri Lanka to take their insults sitting down, without uttering so much as a word, against their masquerading political comic acts. Therefore, when our Army Commander speaks his mind about the comic drama unfolding in Tamilnadu, as he has the sole right of to exercise his freedom of speech, these same Tamilnadu jokers are so infuriated of being allegedly derogated by the mere words of the Commander!!

Why?..because, as I said earlier, they are of the opinion that Sri Lanka is a colony of theirs, which they think they can handle as their Tamilnadu public wants.

Well, for that, we the public of Sri Lanka, a sovereign nation across the Palk Starits, would like to remind Tamilnadu Political jokers of this:

Keep your jokes to your own audience in Tamilnadu and elsewhere in India. It fails to amuse us. If you Tamilnadu comedians deem it fit to undermine our own sovereignty with your actions and statements, you have no right to expect that SL Army Commander nor any other patriotic Sri Lankan to sing hosannas to you in return. It is high time you Tamilnadu political jokers grew out of your own hypocrisy and minded your own business when your own back yard in India is burning with the blight of terrorism.


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