Goodbye, Farewell, My Fair Mr. President!

Prof. Hudson McLean

There are many ways of saying "Goodbye, Farewell" to a friend or foe, but throwing a pair of shoes at anyone, at any place, any time, is neither civilized nor politically correct.

Said that, President George W. Bush has demonstrated that if not for his dad's money and his connections, "Dubya" would be be most likely end up as a gas station attendant. Many a time, he has aptly demonstrated that he cannot even read what is written. Hopeless at his pronunciation. Jokes are wet. He himself was the biggest joke himself. A comedian. A bungling idiot!

Yet, as the democratically elected leader of a great Nation, he should be awarded the civility of a traditional respect.

The United States of America, in my time, has elected a peanut farmer (Carter), a B-Class actor (Reagen), a con-man (Nixon), a man who could not walk and chew gum at the same time (Ford), a wimp - as described by Reagen (Bush Sr), and The Son-of-Wimp (Bush Jr). GWB, The Man who brought the entire world to the edge of the greatest financial precipice and thinks its funny.

Said that, GWB is not a crook or a bad man. A son of a wealthy powerful father, all dressed-up, and did not know what to do or where to go. And the dad put GWB into a suit and got the Dad's Army, including Gen. Powell, to install him at the White House. GWB, a just a fool or a "Joker" (with due respect to the Indian Jokers as said by C-in-C Gen. Fonseka).

The financial world was brought to its knees by GWB in eight years, but many other leaders have done worse to humanity.

Sri Lankan population may look at the past forty years and look back and see what CBK, Premadasa, RanilW, did create for the Nation. Did the Sri Lankans throw any brik-bats or Bata slippers? Cannot afford such luxury. Only the Tamil Terrorist LTTE threw hand grenades and blew up suicide bombers at these politicians. RanilW is yet to receive his dues!

Back to GWB. All the world can say on the 20th January 2009 is, Good Riddence, Thank God, Goodbye, Farewell, My Fair Mr. President!

PS-: Thank you for the kind words from the Readers of LankaWeb!

Incidentally, I delve into LankaWeb daily, as part of my breakfast.

The contributors to LankaWeb were and are, doing a fine job. Factual, readable and very correct. Sometimes one can stay quiet and make a finer contribution in silence.

My great admirations for the President Mahinda Rajapaksa, Sec. of Defence Gothabhaya Rajapaksa and of course the General Sarath Fonseka for a consistant quality approach towards the cockroach infestation in Killinochchi.

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