Why The BBC Is A Greater Enigma To Sri Lanka's War Against Terrorism Than Prabhakaran And The LTTE.

Insight By Sunil Kumar For LankaWeb

23rd Dec-2008
A news story posted in the Asian Tribune website refering to BBC bias towards LTTE - states that "yesterday the BBC's bosses - persuaded by LTTE proxies – have taken upon themselves the burden of imposing their version of democracy and freedom of expression on Sri Lanka by making us listen to whom the majority here treat as vermin. The news report states that all went topsy-turvy when LTTE sympathizers hijacked Sandeshaya and the BBC Tamil Services with the outbreak of the Tiger insurgency. The report states that the whole job of the BBC Sinhala and Tamil Service clowns today is not to educate and entertain the non-English speaking audiences about Europe but to recycle Sri Lanka's political garbage and send them back to us. SLBC Chairman Hudson Samarasinghe points out that the BBC's obvious partiality to the LTTE has been further reflected in its Tamil Service broadcasting the deplorable anti-Sri Lankan comments that Tiger proxy Tamil National Alliance MP Sivajilingam had made in India. He further observed that the LTTE is a banned terrorist organization in UK and BBC is that country's national broadcaster. Yet it airs a despotic mass murderer's speech commemorating his organization's suicide bombers." So is this not cause enough to confront the BBC and make them rescind their attitude towards the realities of what is taking place in Sri Lanka as an illegal, internal armed terrorist insurrection rather than a freedom struggle by the Tamil people which the BBC seems to be suggesting?

The Following item was submitted in late November and is being re-posted towards the arguments relative towards exposing the BBC's pro LTTE bias!!

The 'Enigma' of Prabhakaran Or The 'Enema' That Needs To Be Administered To The BBC To Purge Their Misconceptions!

Insight By Sunil Kumar for LankaWeb
A flashback to November 27th 2008 when BBC served up one of its contentiously duplicitous submissions about the Tamil Tiger terrorists of Sri Lanka and its psychotic leader Velupillai Prabhakaran.( courtesy of Mr. Alistair Lawson this time around) The following is a contradiction intended to confound the damning manner in which the BBC tries to portray this ruthless killer as a folk hero and a case in point also for the Government of Sri lanka not to negotiate under any condition with this megalomaniac unless they themselves are demented and deluded into believung that this piece of trash who calls himself a human being could be rehabilitated under any circumstance!

Alistair Lawson of the BBC wrote :- that
"From a secret jungle base in the north-east of Sri Lanka, Velupillai Prabhakaran heads the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) or Tamil Tigers has a reputation as a fearless and ruthless guerrilla leader and under his leadership, the Tamil Tigers have become a highly-disciplined and highly-motivated guerrilla force fighting for a separate homeland in the north and east of the country." To confound this somewhat myopic opinion it has to be stated that Prabhakaran is no fearless (albeit ruthless) guerrilla whose indiscipline and lack of motivation has driven him and his motley insurgents to the point of elimination at the hands of the Sri Lankan Armed Forces and is a coward who hides behind screens of innocent civilians and undergroung bunkers totally obvious of the concept of Bunker Busters!

It seems hallucinatory on the part of Mr Lawson to suggest that "For much of the past three decades his organisation has shown no sign of being defeated militarily by the Sri Lankan army, even though it is vastly outnumbered." which sound typical pro LTTE propaganda often spewed by BBC and others who support Tamil Tiger terrorism just before an anticipated Tiger crunch as the truth is that for the past four decades despite every attempt to acheive their objectives to form a separate state they have failed miserably and today are running helter skelter in disarray with nowhere to hide as they await their nemesis which is total annihilation at the hands of the Sri Lankan Armed forces!

But it seems a reluctant admission by the BBC correspondent (towards duplicity ) that in recent advances by the Army - including the capture of rebel-held eastern parts of the Island in 2007 -it has meant that Prabhakaran is now under more military pressure than at any time which is an understatement as Prabhakaran is literally 'wetting' his pants for fear of his life and probably contemplating his options either of surrendering to the Armed Forces or swallowing the cyanide pill which is sealed in a capsule around his neck!" Prabhakaran is reputed to wear a cyanide capsule around his neck, to be swallowed in the event of his capture. It is fair to assume that he expects the same dedication from his troops, many of whom the Sri Lankan government says are either women or children"quoting Lawsons BBC item.

It is not merely a strong possibility but a foregone conclusion that the town of Kilinochchi will fall soon where such a loss would be a death blow to the terrorists because the town is assumed to be the rebels' de facto capital, with political offices, courts, a police headquarters and other administrative buildings which were of no real significance where more thetrics than reality were presented to a gullible world about its real credibilities!

It has been concluded by many terrorist researchers that he has been wrongfully depicted as a man whom supportives say is much more at ease fighting in the battlefield than he is sitting around a negotiating table partly true perhaps as a result of his slight acumen to manouver an army of insurgent thugs. Whilst being marginally educated and having his speeches written for him by aides and being more of an incoherent babbling country bumpkin turned criminally insane killer as his track record proves, he also has no intellectual means to communicate with wisdom or compassion and depends on brute force when afforded this by weak opposition towards his ill intended objectives.

It is no mere argument but an inalienable fact that any peace process is doomed to failure with Mr Prabhakaran as leader of the Tigers and that even after a Norwegian brokered ceasefire was signed in 2002, the rebels used the lull in fighting to re-group and re-arm as the only means towards sustaining themselves and their pathetic existences as an insurgent group ably backed by dissenting frustrated Tamil Diaspora in a feeble minority although ambitious to attempt overcome the Sinhalese majority comprising of 75% of the nations populace at any cost and what a cost it has been for them for what little gain from the point of view of Sri Lanka's enemies whose losses have now become unsurmountable!

It is a blatant concoction when Prabhakaran's supporters argue that he fully embraced efforts to secure peace, pointing out that in 2002 he began de-commissioning arms, allowed a land route to be opened to the rebels' northern stronghold in the Jaffna peninsula and even gave support to his movement dropping its demand for a separate state which has no tangible evidence or proof to corroborate these and mind boggling as to where the BBC and Mr Lawson obtained these fabrications which is what they are, tantamount to cheap rhetoric perhaps picked up from the babblings of dreamers aspiring to overcome the moderators of Sovereign Democratic Sri Lanka! through insurgent means

When in 2002 to 2008 - the The Mahinda Rajapaksha Government announced that it was formally withdrawing from the ceasefire - Mr Prabhakaran suffered a number of setbacks as his means to regroup were disrupted and the security blanket spread around Sri Lanka to secure it from Prabhakarans terrorists proved a cropper against terrorist ambits and set in motion the wheels of destruction carrying the Armed Forces hell bent on wiping out the terrorist scourge which had plagued the Island Nation for nearly four decades!

The curtain finally fell on Prabhakaran when in 2004 a renegade Tamil Tiger commander once a Prabhakaran loyalist known as Karuna, led a split in the rebel movement in the East - a huge breach of Prabhakaran's security was initiated and a body blow to his ranks dealt which has prevailed to this day and is said to have been the turning point in Sri Lanka's war against terrorism which was then picked up by the Armed Forces under the present commander Lieut Gen. Sarath Fonseka together with the leaderships of the Naval and Air Commands which have equitted themselves to the task of ridding Sri Lanka of Prabhakaran's insurgents very admirably and efficiently!

Thus the BBC's last litany in a long drawn out list of such conducted by Alistair Lawson continues in it tedious and long drawn tirade of moaning and griping in favour of the terrorist leader Prabhakaran who is also sought after by Interpol and India for the crimes of killing India's much loved Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi and the many crimes Prabhakaran has committed against humanity and is certainly not deserving of any accolades where realistically the BBC and Mr Lawson's broadcast information should be trashed effectively rather than being dispensed as the salient truth which it is the furthest from, to an unsuspecting and at times gullible world! It is an affront to rational thinking based on logical interpretation to even suggest that "Prabhakaran is the dominating force in the rebel movement, and that without his consent peace in Sri Lanka will never be attainable" as to the contrary, he is a very sick puppy suffering from both physical as well as mental impediments rabid on every count who needs to be put out of his misery sooner than later!
This in a manner of speaking is the 'enema' needing to be administered to the BBC towards purging it from broadcasting trashy bulletins as opposed to the suggestion by the BBC that Prabhakaran is an 'enigma' ~ one which might not have been had the jungles of the Wanni been cleared effectively with no though to the civilian population and the beautiful flora and fauna which surrounds it now sullied by his evil presence.

And today it has been followed up with the latest BBC posting which is a continuation of all the confounding concoctions put together by the BBC in what seems like a concerted effort to give legitimacy to the Tamil Tiger terrorists and an endeavour which they don't ever seem to want to desist from albeit with no right to be involved in as it violates many protocols relative to the legitimacies of the global need to wipe out terrorism!!!

" Tamil Tigers vow to keep fighting ~ BBC 23rd Dec.2008

Sri Lanka's Tamil Tiger rebels have said they will continue to fight even if they lose their political headquarters town of Kilinochchi.

There has been fierce fighting as the army tries to capture Kilinochchi.

The head of the rebels' political wing told the BBC he rejected the government's offer of talks if the Tigers disarmed first.

The Tigers say they killed 75 soldiers in the latest clashes. The army has put its losses at 12 dead and 12 missing.

The rival claims cannot be independently verified because journalists are barred from the conflict area.

Symbolic target
The battle for Kilinochchi in northern Sri Lanka is getting increasingly bloody. Both sides claim to be inflicting heavy casualties.
The rebels insist they can defend the town and the head of the Tamil Tigers' political wing, Balasingham Nadesan, told the BBC by e-mail that even if it falls, they will fight on.

"Freedom... never depends on one city. We can create more communities, more cities and [in] our freedom struggle, we are supported by people.

"We have the confidence that we will capture more areas in our motherland and we will create so many communities in [the] future."

He rejected out of hand the government's offer of talks if the Tigers laid down their weapons first.

"This is not a realistic question, we took up arms to safeguard our people, so we will keep these arms until the safeguard is guaranteed," Mr Nadesan said.

Kilinochchi is a hugely symbolic target of the government's offensive to crush the rebels.

In the town, the Tigers, or Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE), have assembled the trappings of the independent state they want for the ethnic Tamil minority, including political offices, courts and a police force.

Government ministers have been predicting the town's imminent capture for months, but the rebels are holding out.

A military spokesman said the people of Sri Lanka wanted the LTTE to be eliminated.

"The military also wanted the same thing and they are doing their level best to capture the rest of the areas" under Tamil Tiger control, said Brigadier Udaya Nanayakkara.

Sri Lanka's government says it is on track to win the war but heavy battles are likely to still lie ahead and there is concern about the fate of the large number of civilians in the Tiger-controlled north.

The rebels deny using them as human shields and reject allegations they are forcing people into their ranks to fight."

It's about time the BBC put its money where its mouth is and went to the Legitimate and Official Sri lankan News Source the Government of Sri Lanka to get their information about the Situation in Sri Lanka relative to the war against terrorism at a time when the British Government categorically agrees that the Sri Lankan Government has every legitimate right to rid the Nation of the scourge of Tamil Tiger terrorism and defend her territory and sovereignity from any threat to the nation posed by terrorism.

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