LTTE propaganda by Human Rights Watch

John MacKinnon

To: Board of Directors of Human Rights Watch

Once again the Human Rights Watch has allowed themselves to be taken for a ride by the LTTE Terrorists by falsely claiming that the Sri Lankan armed forces have attacked civilians. In fact the armed forces have protected and cared for the civilians and there is plenty of evidence to prove that. Please visit these Web sites for the truth: Google "LTTE Terrorists human shield". Tigers killing civilians fleeing Sri Lanka war zone: UN
Civilians seek protection with security forces in Mullaittivu
Rescuing Tamils from human shield
Civilians flee from LTTE attacks to seek protection with security forces
Sri Lanka's humanitarian campaign to save civilians

What you see at the HRW site are images provided by Tamil Tiger Terrorists holding civilians hostage. In those images staged for dramatic effect, there is absolutely no evidence of any wrongdoing by government forces. In fact the armed forces have rescued many civilians from the clutches of the terrorists and cared for them as indicated by the above links. The Sri Lankan government and the international community have asked the LTTE Terrorists to release these hostages to safer areas. But the Tamil Tiger Terrorists need to use the civilians as a human shield to slow the liberation of terror-held areas. In addition to that, several countries have informed the LTTE Terrorists to lay down their arms to stop the bloodshed. Not a word from HRW to that effect. Then Tamil Tiger Terrorists holding these innocents against their will got the HRW involved in their criminal plan to cause outrage. That is shameful, unethical and fraudulent.

On Feb 10 2009, the Tamil Tiger Terrorists killed 19 civilians fleeing from terror-controlled areas. We expected the international community to respond with outrage. But there was no response from HRW or other concerned western nations. Now with the prodding of the LTTE, HRW is erroneously accusing the Sri Lankan government that has cared so much for these civilians. How can we ever trust these so-called human rights organizations when they are influenced by the most vicious terrorists who have violated human rights of millions for the past 30 years?

The Board of Directors of Human Rights Watch should consider this: during their campaign of murder, over 10,000 Sinhalese were killed by the Tamil Tiger Terrorists. Tamils live and work in peace in all parts of Sri Lanka. They own over half of the businesses, run political parties and publish newspapers freely in Sri Lanka. On the other hand, only a Tamil can live in the North or North-East of the island. All other ethnic groups live in fear of death or were systematically murdered by LTTE. This is genocide caused by the Tamil Tiger Terrorists. Where was HRW during this time? Where is the outrage by the international community? Where is equality & integrity? Why would we ever trust these so-called human rights organizations to represent the civilians mentioned above?

I am extremely disappointed by this misguided attempt by the HRW. Now the Amnesty International is silent since we exposed their agenda to be also run by the same LTTE Terrorists who operate a base in London, UK. I think it is time we asked our lawmakers to investigate these illegal activities of HRW and their connections to Tamil Tiger Terrorists who are on the US State Department's list of Foreign Terrorist Organizations. There is nothing wrong with working for the oppressed. But no human rights group should be driven covertly by terrorists to further their terror agenda as shown above. When was the last time HRW and AI called on the LTTE Terrorists to lay down arms, stop their terror and did anything significant to put these brutal human rights violators out of business? Answer: never!

John MacKinnon

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