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*Another American War for oil-
- Geogian Conflict
- *

The US establishment for years gloated about the end of the Cold War and treated Russia like Wiemar Germany. In February 1990, Bush Sr. and his secretary of state, James Baker, promised Mikhail Gorbachev that NATO would not move eastward. This is what Gorbachev wrote after Clinton start pushing NATO eastward: "The issue is not just whether Czechs, Hungarians and Poles join NATO. The problem is more serious: the rejection of the strategy for a new, common European system agreed to by myself and all the Western leaders when we ended the Cold War. . . . I feel betrayed by the West. The opportunity we seized on behalf of peace has been lost. The whole idea of a new world order has been completely abandoned." (Mikhail Gorbachev, quoted by Hang Separately by Leon V. Sigal, 2000.)

The Barents Sea, which Russia claims to be its territory may have over 580 billions barrels of oil. For comparison, the oil reserves of Saudi Arabia are estimated at 260 billion barrels.

"if forced to choose between life and sausage, we choose life." Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin
"Russia 'could destroy NATO ships in Black Sea within 20 minutes'-a former fleet commander
"it was the loss of the last illusion - that the current world security system is reliable. We must create a different security system.” "The world has changed almost in an instant after those events. It came to my mind that for Russia, August 8 is almost like 9/11 for America. President Medvedev

In America Forty six million Americans don't have medical cover and 28 million survive on food stamps.The U.S. crisis has caused panic around the world. America, some experts say, needs the help of cash-rich countries to solve the crisis - countries like China, Russia and the Arab world.

Russia has exercised a strong determination to rise from its knees, although it has not stood out yet. Its actions in South Ossetia and Georgia have tested Russia’s military, diplomatic and political possibilities. It seems that Moscow has been winning the fierce fight in foreign policy, although it does not intend to win the fight at all costs. The Caucasian knot became a classic example of the beginning of a global crisis. The crisis appeared at the time, when Russia decided to pass from words to deeds for the first time in its recent history. The West is obviously surprised and scared.

USA has no logic that Russia’s Putin has.-Full Report-(

Unipolar world unacceptable – Russian FM -Full Report-(

Russian economy can withstand negative world trends – Zhukov .-Full Report-(

Comrade Bush and the Banks
By Gwynne Dyer -Full Report-

Mikhail Gorbachev harshly criticizes Condoleezza Rice for her political rudeness.-Full Report-(

Russia’s strategic Tu-160 bombers set two world records.-Full Report-(Prauda-20/09/08)

The Media Covers the Terrorists of Bolivia-Full Report-(Prauda-20/09/08)

Russia takes decisive measures to win 580 billion barrels of oil in Barents Sea
The Barents Sea, which Russia claims to be its territory ( Norway does not think so), may have over 580 billions barrels of oil. For comparison, the oil reserves of Saudi Arabia are estimated at 260 billion barrels. -Full Report-

USA makes favor to Russia losing influence in Latin America
-Full Report-

Rice says Russia playing 'dangerous game' with bomber flights
.-Full Report-

Georgia’s attack is our 9/11: Medvedev -Full Report-(

I don’t want to live behind an iron curtain - Medvedev-Full Report-(

Russia to boost state weapon orders in 2009 to $47 billion -Full Report-(

Putin orders additional $2.6 bln on Glonass development -Full Report-(

Putin: Russia prevented second strike on Caucasus.-Full Report-(

Russian Navy set for U.S. backyard exercise .-Full Report-(

Media verdict - Medvedev-Sarkozy meeting a success -Full Report-(

Regular troops to be deployed in Abkhazia, S.Ossetia - Lavrov
-Full Report-

The West and Russia- Cold comfort -Full Report-(

Russian combat aircraft could return to Cuba - paper -Full Report-(

Russia may suspend support for NATO operations in Afghanistan.-Full Report-(

Common sense prevailed in Brussels - Medvedev .-Full Report-(russiatoday.com04/09/08)

Russia rejects EU’s stand on Georgia
-Full Report-

'It’s impossible to isolate Russia' – Medvedev .-Full Report-(

EU split over Russia .-Full Report-(

Putin pledges measured response to NATO warships in Black Sea .-Full Report-(

EU will delay Russian partnership talks -Full Report-(

Russia won`t accept unipolar world - Medvedev -Full Report-(

Russia may push forward with S-300 sales to Iran -Full Report-(

Putin: Russia won’t be isolated .-Full Report-(
Medvedev reveals foreign policy doctrine -Full Report-(

Putin blasts Europe for following U.S. foreign policies-Full Report-(

Russia 'could destroy NATO ships in Black Sea within 20 minutes'
-Full Report-

If EU introduces sanctions against Russia, Europe will have severe problems with fuel
-Full Report-

Putin: USA pushed Georgia to war to make Russia look like an enemy
.-Full Report-

Putin: Russia won’t be isolated
-Full Report-

U.S. tells Russia: Give us back our Humvees!
-Full Report-

U.S. citizen was among Georgian commandos - Russian Military
-Full Report-

U.S. may have staged Georgian conflict - Putin.-Full Report-(

Georgia wins popularity points for McCain .-Full Report-(

Russia harshly criticizes Group of Seven members for their hypocrisy.-Full Report-(

Russia steps up security of its navy facilities in Ukraine.-Full Report-(rian.ru29/08/08)

U.S. failure to restrain Georgia harmed Russia-U.S. relations - Putin .-Full Report-(

EU leaders considering sanctions against Russia -Full Report-(

Russia's Topol ICBM hits target with new warhead in test launch-Full Report-(

Medvedev exclusive: We’re not afraid of Cold War .-Full Report-(

Russia in full compliance with Georgia peace deal - Lavrov
-Full Report-

NATO’s navy delivers weapons to Georgia under the guise of humanitarian aid .-Full Report-(

USA to evacuate disgraced Georgian president in case of national coup.-Full Report-(

Russian warship eases Abkhazian fears of NATO -Full Report-(

‘Western lectures puzzle us’: Lavrov -Full Report-(

Medvedev exclusive: We’re not afraid of Cold War .-Full Report-(

Russia not seeking new Cold War, but not afraid - Medvedev .-Full Report-(

Russia recognizes South Ossetia and Abkhazia to save people’s lives.-Full Report-(Pravda-27/08/08)

USA to evacuate disgraced Georgian president in case of national coup.-Full Report-(

Russia will not recognise Kosovo: UN ambassador -Full Report-(

How Russian decision will affect world’s unrecognised states-Full Report-(russiatoday.com27/08/08)

Russia to support Abkhazia, S.Ossetia if they are attacked -Full Report-(

Western leaders blast Russia for recognizing Abkhazia, S.Ossetia -Full Report-(

Russia may hit USA very hard below the belt.-Full Report-(

Russia ready to ditch NATO - Medvedev
-Full Report-

Russia sees no prospects for WTO accession in next 12 months
.-Full Report-

Russia stands up from its knees.-Full Report-(Pravda-24/08/08)

U.S. using NATO to pressurise Europe.-Full Report-(

Russian troops to patrol Georgian port of Poti - Gen.Staff -Full Report-(

Russia’s Foreign Ministry reacts to USA’s missile deal with Poland-Full Report-(

Russia freezes all military cooperation with NATO-Full Report-(

Moscow: U.S. missile shield may spark arms race -Full Report-(russiatoday.-22/08/08)

Russia says ready to supply Syria with defensive weapons .-Full Report-(

H.D.S. Greenway: America botches Georgia
-Full Report-
(the International Herald Tribune-20/08/08)
NATO: deaf, mute, and blind
Peter Lavelle'S BLOG.-Full Report-
NATO-Russia feud erupts over Georgia conflict .-Full Report-(yahoo-20/08/08)
Russia shuns Baltic drills, refuses to receive U.S. ship .-Full Report-(
Moscow says NATO 'protecting' Georgia's Saakashvili -Full Report-(
Row escalates over U.S. media bias-Full Report-(
U.S., U.K. hinder UN resolution on S. Ossetia - Russia-Full Report-(

Russia could not let Georgia get away with S. Ossetia - Medvedev
-Full Report-
Is Georgia's NATO dream coming true? .-Full Report-(
Georgian President Saakashvili eats his tie on TV live -Full Report-(

Russia may strike nuclear blow on Poland in case it deploys US Patriot missiles -Full Report-(

It is time USA should call a spade a spade-Full Report-(

Lavrov Sees New Cold War-Full Report-(

Leading article: A conflict that has cost Georgia's democracy dear -Russia flexed its muscles and proved its mastery of the region .-Full Report-(

Alistair Horne: We mistake the mood in Russia at our peril -Full Report-((

Putin's revenge: Russia agrees ceasefire – but the war of words still rages
After a six-day war that left scores dead, a resurgent Russia has crushed an unruly neighbour, humbled the US and Europe, and demonstrated once again that it is a force to be feared-Full Report-

US troops to fly in to Georgia .-Full Report-(

The view from South Ossetia: Joy and thanks in the land that is now part of Russia .-Full Report-(

Medvedev Backs Independence Bids.-Full Report-(Moscow Times-15/08/08)

Anne Penketh: Moscow flexed military muscle, and left West humiliated-Full Report-(

Status quo not possible: Moscow
Vladimir Radyuhin .-Full Report-


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