Utter Hypocrisy of “The Humanitarian & Democratic” Western World

By Darmitha-Kotte

The yardstick used to judge terrorism in the west, does not seem to be the same when it is terrorism in Asian countries like Sri Lanka- how come? No matter where terrorism is leashed out, the results are brutality and cold-blooded murder in the worst sense-isn’t it?

Before the Presidential Elections in Sri Lanka on 17th November 2005, we saw full page advertisements in the English, Sinhala & Tamil newspapers in this country, where non other than the Rev. Oswild Gomis Archbishop of the Catholic Church in collaboration with “SOLO-U” and Lalith Kothelawela sending warning messages to Christians in their message “ Christians Awake!” in which they spelt out in no uncertain terms, that Christian voters must not vote for Mr. Mahinda Rajapakse. Why? Is it because Mr. Rajapakse was not qualified to become our next President, or was it because it would be so much easier for them to have their own way with Mr. Ranil Wickramasinghe, who has exhibited his servile willingness to oblige anyone/country who wishes to destroy this country- in the name & game of “humanitarianism” & “democracy?” The latter is closer to the truth!

Is there any difference between the terrorism leashed out by the Catholic Church through the famous “Inquisitions” of by-gone eras, the current US operations in Iraq against Sadam Hussein in his own country(in the US quest to destroy Sadam, they have leashed out terror on an entire nation!), the US attempts against the Al Queda movement which “dared to pinch” US arrogance, the US operations in Afghanistan against the Afghans, AND the LTTE atrocities against firstly, their own Tamil bretheren in the North & East and against the armed forces of a democratically elected sovereign state called Sri Lanka? To us, they all have one motive – that is cold-blooded murder of the innocent to achieve their morbid objectives! It is no secret at all, that the Catholic Church has been nurturing and conspiring together with the LTTE to destroy the cultural heritage of our country for over 2 decades. When the LTTE split into two factions with Karuna waging war on Prabhakaran there were 6 Catholic Bishops from Chilaw / Puttalam who rushed to Wanni to see whether they could establish peace between the two factions. When the blood-thirsty Prabhakaran wanted to visit Norway, it was the Norwegian Monitoring Mission that helped “a murderer” to leave Sri Lanka without the express permission of her democratically elected government disguised as a Catholic Father, to enable him to pass through Maldivian Immigration authorities. The Norwegian Lutheran Church will naturally champion the cause of a terrorist organization backed by western Christian support! Why would the west want to protect a Sri Lankan murderer while at the same time, the same west is hounding Iran, Iraq, Pakistan to capture Bin Laden-the leader of the Al Queda movement?

In the “Expose: The Christian Mafia” written by Wayne Madison he does an indepth study of how the Christian Churches whether they are evangelical or Catholic, wield their way through governments of different countries into commanding positions in order to achieve their ulterior motives. The US under George Bush(Jnr) is acting only on the directives of the Church to destroy legitimate cultural & religious roots of other nations. We see this quite evidently in the manner he has conducted himself since becoming President of the US. Like the late J.R.Jayawardane (our first Executive President) who used words like “Darmishta Samajayak” so does George Bush and Tony Blair use “ Democracy” and “Humanitarian” to dupe the innocent countries of the developing world! In the name of

“ Democracy and Humanitarian”- western powers can invade a sovereign state and capture their leaders, torture & insult them, dictate terms of how to govern their own independent countries!

In Sri Lanka we see that after Mr. Mahinda Rajapakse was elected our 5th Executive President, different waves of Christian groups making their way into this country in the same name of “Democracy & Humanitarian, ” to put pressure on the new government because they fear that our President with the backing of the JHU and JVP will be a threat to the Christian Churches and their agendas! The head of The Catholic Church the Rev. Oswild Gomis who openly opposed Mr. Mahinda Rajapakse’s candidacy for the Presidency, no sooner than he was elected, organized the Catholic Bishop’s Conference to meet the newly elected President- to express their wish to support and cooperate with him. This same Archbishop, organized to invite the Head of the Catholic Church of Britain Cardinal Mc Cormac Murphy O’Connor and meet Mr. Mahinda Rajapakse to make amends for his own debacle before the elections! The Cardinal also represents CAFOD(Catholic Agency for Overseas Development) and offered 4.3 million Sterling Pounds for construction of houses in the Tsunami affected areas of Batticaloa, Galle, Matara and Jaffna Districts. The funds unfortunately will not be given to the Government of Sri Lanka but to CARITAS for them to use funds for construction and conversions of Hindus and Buddhists- the carrot stick is “housing!” One of the main topics of discussion was the Ceasefire Agreement with the LTTE. The Cardinal also stated that “it would be useful for the Catholic and Buddhist clergy to stand together in the demand for peace”(Daily Mirror-3rd Jan.2005). In the same article it states that The Cardinal had given an assurance “ that fund raising activities of the LTTE in Britain would also be addressed…… “ How wonderful! Why have they not done this for 30 years is a good question to ask?

Why has the Catholic Church of Sri Lanka stood together with the Buddhist Clergy upto now, in our quest for peace in this country? The obvious, is that there is no sincerity in the Catholic Church for the welfare of the entire nation. If the Catholic Church is sincere, they would stop supporting the LTTE movement in Sri Lanka, they would prevail upon the terrorists to stop their atrocities against the majority Tamil community in the North, they would prevail upon the terrorists to stop abducting children to become human shields and suicide bombers. Prabhakaran the murderer and child abductor, has ensured that his own children are studying abroad, sitting for examinations in this country under special security- while he kidnaps the children of other Tamil parents to destroy their education and future!

We now hear that a proposed delegation of Americans on “Religious Freedom” will be visiting Sri Lanka in the very near future- for what? Sri Lanka has enjoyed freedom of religion for centuries in this country & that freedom has been jeopardized by insensitive Evangelical onslaughts on our indigenous culture and religion. Most of them have been coming from American Churches to hurt our religious identity & our own freedom. Many more “good-will delegations” will visit Sri Lanka in the near future-all wishing to sell their agendas to President Rajapakse before it is too late!

One thing that these western groups all fear, is that Mr. Mahinda Rajapakse might keep his backbone straight and do what is right for Sri Lanka! They fear that if he progresses with his “ Mahinda Chinthanaya” and succeeds in establishing the rightful place of Sinhala Buddhists & the majority Tamil community as against the terrorists- then their false agendas of “Democracy “ and “Humanitarian” conspiracies will have no place on our soil, therefore they have to act fast to establish their “ Christian Mafia” operations with the current government in power! They had succeeded beautifully with the previous government of Chandrika Kumaratunga and Ranil Wickramasinghe & they must surely ensure that they succeed with President Rajapaske as well.

At this point, we need to ask the blaring question from western powers “ Do you sincerely want peace in this world?” If it is an emphatic “Yes” – then we may ask you “ why don’t you close down your arms manufacturing operations in your own countries?” This is the most lucrative business in the world & countries that are producing weapons thrive by fanning dissention in developing countries to sell their weapons to us- is that not the naked truth that you wish to hide under words like “Democracy” and “Humanitarian” to deceive us? Was it because of humanitarianism that Hiroshima was bombed, Vietnam was bombed with chemical weapons (all these which exhibit horrors left on human beings and seen even today), Burma is facing foreign manipulations, the Kuwaiti-Iraqi war was orchestrated, the war in Afghanistan is perpetuated, the current faked attack on Iraqis & Sadam Hussein is being conducted, feuds are encouraged in the African continent, the cold-war between North & South Korea has been encouraged, the cold-war between Taiwan and The People’s Republic of China has been encouraged, the cold-war between the Koreas & Japan has been encouraged and the LTTE demand for a “traditional homeland myth” has been encouraged? The sum total- is that with all these situations, the western arms manufacturing countries prosper and earn revenue to continue their eerie agenadas!

With each and every dispute in the developing world and Asia, it is the western powers that reign supreme by selling weapons to become rich at the expense of misery targeted at innocent people!

Western powers will never wish for Asia, Middle East or the African Continent to be rich economically, nor do they wish for “genuine peace.” It is sad to see organizations such as The United Nations being controlled by the cowboy politics of the US and Britain. It is sad to see the utter hypocrisy of western powers and their quest to continue to deceive developing countries.

President Rajapakse- please be alert & cautious with sweet promises given by western powers, stand up for what is good and right for our country-Sri Lanka and be bold enough to say kindly and courteously “ Thus far and no further please- our internal problems need to be solved to suite our own situation- we are not prepared to take your recipe and destroy Mother Lanka!

For this President Rajapakse, you will be hailed as the greatest leader Sri Lanka has ever had, since our independence in 1948! We need true sons of our soil to show the world, that we love our country & will not bend our knees to western words of hypocrisy!



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