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 Sri Lanka, Thursday 28th of May 2015
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Questioning the Integrity of Nominees to the Constitutional Council
Shenali D Waduge
If some thought it was wrong to have one man with Executive Powers to rule Sri Lanka what is their opinion when many with dubious track records are to be given the mandate to decide for the country? The Constitutional Council is said to be empowered with appointing the members to the Independent Commissions – Chief Justice, Judges of the Supreme Court, Court of Appeal, Attorney General and other key appointments. The Executive President is elected by the People of Sri Lanka. While some of the MPs nominated are questioned the members currently nominated as civil... -Full Story-
(LankaWeb - 29/05/15)

Two laws for two people:  Is it the beginning of elimination Sinhala Buddhists from this country
 Sudath Gunasekara. President Senior Citizens Movement Mahanuwara  28.5.2015.
This Government has arrested 8 prominent Buddhist monks and 19 leading Sinhala Buddhist activists for participating in a demonstration purported to be violating a court order and carrying a traditional lion flag, alleging that they carried  an illegal national flag which in fact is not the national flag stipulated in the constitution. I think all those arrested were Sinhalese Buddhist leaders. I do not know why and to protect and satisfy whom they were arrested and harassed. This could the first time such a large number of Buddhist monks had... -Full Story-
(LankaWeb - 29/05/15)

FCID නීති විරෝධීයි.. මං අගවිනිසුරු නම් මුලින්ම හිරේ දාන්නේ පොලිස්පති..
lanka C news
පොලිස් මුල්‍ය අපරාධ කොට්ඨාශය මුළුමනින්ම නීතී විරෝධී බවත් තමන් අගවිනිසුරු නම් මුලින්ම හිරේ දමන්නේ පොලිස්පති බවත් හිටපු අගවිනිසුරු සරත් නන්ද සිල්වා මහතා පවසයි.කොලඹ පැවති විද්වත් සාකච්චාවකදී ඔහු කියා සිටියේ පොලිස්පතිවරයාගේ අපරාධ විමර්ශණ පිළිබඳ නීතිය හා දණ්ඩ නීති සංග‍්‍රහයට විරුද්දව මෙම ඒකකය ස්ථාපිත කර ඇති බවත් මෙය සිදු කල පොලිස්පතිවරයාගේ නිල ඇඳුම ඉවත් කල යුතු බවත්ය. ‘පොලිස්පතිවරයා මොනවද මේ කරල තියෙන්නෙ. ඔහුට අලූත් අපරාධ නීති හදන්න බෑ. මම හිටියා නම් මුලින්ම පොලිස්පතිතුමා ගෙනැවිත් හිරේ දානවා. FCID එක නීතියට අනුව නෙමෙයි හදල තියෙන්නෙ. අපරාධ විමර්ශණ පිළිබඳ නීතිවලට හා දණ්ඩ නීති සංග‍්‍රහයට පටහැනිවයි මේක හදලා තියෙන්නෙ'යයිද හිටපු... -Full Story-
(LankaWeb - 29/05/15)

ගල්යිපොසේට් වස කන්ටේනර් 15ක් ප‍්‍රබල යහපාලකයකුගේ අණින් රේගුවෙන් නිදහස් කරලා..
lanka C news
ජනාධිපති මෛත‍්‍රිපාල සිරිසේන මහතාගේ නියෝග මත රට තුලට මුදා හැරීම තහනම් කරමින් රේගුවේ රඳවා තිබූ ගල්යිපොසේට් වල් නාශක සහිත බහාලූම් 15ක්  හැර ඇති බව හිටපු ඇමති මහින්ද යාපා අබේවර්ධන මහතා සඳහන් කරයි.කොලඹදී පැවති මාධ්‍ය හමුවක් අමතමින් ඒ මහතා සඳහන් කලේ මෙය ජනාධිපතිවරයාගේ බලතල පවා ඉක්වමා යමින් යහපාලන ආණ්ඩුවේ බලධාරීන් විසින් සිදු කරන ලද්දක් බවයි. රේගු අධ්‍යක්‍ෂක ජනරාල්වරයාගේ ඉල්ලා අස්වීමට පවා මෙය ආසන්න හේතුවක් වී ඇති බවද මන්ත‍්‍රීවරයා කියා සිටියේය. 16,219 Viewers... -Full Story-
(LankaWeb - 29/05/15)

Prosecute, but don't persecute
By Rohana R. Wasala
 Courtesy The Island Listening to the Adaderana TV  8 pm/May 25 news bulletin the next day (May 26) on the internet, I was shocked and saddened by the unjustness, the irrationality, and the insensitivity of what prime minister Ranil Wickremasinghe (whom I always respect as a decent and cultured person) was reported saying from his official residence Temple Trees about former president Mahinda Rajapaksa's casual remarks in connection with public protests following the recent gang rape and murder of an 18 year old girl in Jaffna. Mr Wickremasinghe accused the former president, among other things (which... -Full Story-
(LankaWeb - 29/05/15)

Dr. Tilak S. Fernando
Continuation of a fascinating true to life story of Wijesim Peelige Bandiya, son of a Kandyan ‘hack & burn'peasant farmer, who sailed away from the Colombo harbour to the UK at a very tender age, with only three Australian pounds in his pocket, accompanied by Sir Oliver Goonatillake in 1948, married a German girl and transformed his life into something unimaginable over the years and returned to his roots as a ‘ laxapathiya'(millionaire) and is now settled in a spacious house at the age... -Full Story-
(LankaWeb - 29/05/15)

Psychoanalytic Novels of Simon Navagattegama
Dr. Ruwan M Jayatunge M.D.
"Where there is much light, the shadow is deep."- Johann Wolfgang von Goethe The Sri Lankan novelist Simon Navagattegama used a series of mystic symbols in his famous novels -Sansaranyaye Dadayakkaraya (The Hunter of the Saṃsāra Monastery) and in Dadayakarayage Kathawa (The Hunter’s story). These novels can be regarded as the best psychoanalytic novels of the Sinhala literature. In these volumes Simon gives broader interpretation of a carried meaning and presented different conceptual systems. He used metalanguage to describe the story. The reader has to grasp the story ontologically and essential do deconstructive reading... -Full Story-
(LankaWeb - 29/05/15)

‘All sitting MPs will receive nominations’ – SLFP
The Nation
Sri Lanka Freedom Party (SLFP) announced that the party will field all sitting Freedom Alliance (UPFA) parliamentarians and their electoral organisers at the forthcoming general election. This was revealed by SLFP General Secretary Anura Priyadarshana Yapa at a media briefing at the party head quarters. He said that the party has already begun issuing the applications and all interested individuals have to collect application from the party head quarters before June 05. General Secretary Yapa also added that they are ready to face the election either under the present system or the new system to be introduced... -Full Story-
(LankaWeb - 29/05/15)

No confidence motion against Ranil on June 9
A motion of no confidence will be brought against Prime Minister Ranil Wickramasinghe on June 9, former Minister Mahindananda Aluthgamage said on Thursday (28). The observation was made at a press conference held in Colombo. “Some 85 opposition MPs have already signed for the motion,” he said, adding that over 100 Parliamentarians are supposed to sign it. A public rally will be held in Matara on June 12 to endorse the former President ahead of next general election, he added. “For the first time, this rally will be organised by the United People’s Freedom Alliance (UPFA).” He said.... -Full Story-
(LankaWeb - 29/05/15)

Banning Gyphosate – A Time Bomb  to sky-rocket the price of produce for the coming elections?
Chandre Dharmawardana, Ottawa, Canada
The president has naively banned the well-known herbicide (Glyphosate) pivotal to the productivity and  survival  of Sri Lanka's agricultural sector. He has been led  to believe that the ban would stop the epidemic of kidney disease in the Rajarata.  The resultant sky-rocketing of the price of food items and the disarray in the plantation sector  will hit the Sirisena government just in time for the next elections. A small group of individuals associated with a lady who claims psychic powers, and a number of Kelaniya University Dons  seem to have usurped the powers bestowed upon... -Full Story-
(LankaWeb - 29/05/15)

"Pictorial warning is the most cost effective means of controlling tobacco related NCDs, including cancer “- WHO DG tells event hosted by Sri Lanka in Geneva
Permanent Mission of Sri Lanka to the UN, Geneva
 Dr. Margaret Chan, the Director General of the World Health Organization (WHO) has said "“Pictorial warning is the most cost effective means of controlling tobacco related Non Communicable Diseases (NCDs), including cancer “, and that  "countries can get return on their investment in multiple areas".  Paying tribute to countries including Sri Lanka whom she said "had the courage to keep going despite heavy resistance by the tobacco industry", Dr. Chan said "without our joint effort, you know what effect tobacco would take. We should not allow an industry to intimidate... -Full Story-
(LankaWeb - 28/05/15)

Ancient Flag of Sri Lanka 
By Charles.S.Perera
The Hela flag had been prepared when there was one people in Lanka the Helayas.   There were of course the other clans such as the Nagas and the Yaksas.  But there were no Tamils and Muslims.  It may have been prepared by the Buddhist Monks. Every one may have believed that the lion in the flag represent the  Hela people.  That was why the Tamil and Muslim parliamentarians demanded the Orange and Green stripes not to be left out leaving the whole flag for the Sinhala lion. Our Sinhala politicians gave in. Recently even  Maithripala Sirisena gave... -Full Story-
(LankaWeb - 28/05/15)

A response to Minister Managala Samaraweera's intended Diasposa Festival
Asoka Weerasinghe Kings Grove Crescent . Gloucester . Ontario . K1J 6G1 . Canada
27 May 2015 Hon. Mangala Samaraweera, MP Minister of Foreign Affairs Government of Sri Lanka Colombo, Sri Lanka. Dear Minister Samaraweera; I read in Tamil Diplomat of May 24, a head line Sri Lanka to Organise a Diaspora Festival: Says Foreign Minister in Berlin.   Wow! I said.  This Minister is Big in his Vision.  Great!  Then on second thoughts I said to myself, is this Minister a Big Talker or what?  Will all what he said in Berlin go ‘Puff’ up in smoke and disappear into... -Full Story-
(LankaWeb - 28/05/15)

Good governance started with bad precedent - Former CJ
Former Chief Justice of Sri Lanka Sarath N. Silva says that good governance cannot be established in a country within just 100 days and that it will never exist under jungle law. The theme of the government elected on January 8 was to implement good governance in 100 days. If good governance can be implemented in 100 days, the world’s political history is an absolute lie, he said. “Good governance cannot be created even within a lifetime,” he said, speaking at an event in Colombo on Tuesday. Silva further said that he “regretfully” voted for Maithripala... -Full Story-
(LankaWeb - 28/05/15)

Sarath Silva does another U-turn
Courtesy The Daily Mirror
Former Chief Justice Sarath Silva launching a scathing attack on the present government, saying that it ‘was illegal from its inception.’ He said that he ‘regrets having lit the fire’ by opposing President Rajapaksa’s candidacy. Silva, in a speech at the Organisation of Professional Associations lashed out at the government listing three aspects in which he believed the government had failed. “I didn’t expect Maithripala Sirisena to contest the last election. The moment he announced his candidacy I knew this wasn’t moving in the right direction. They sent me a list of meetings at which... -Full Story-
(LankaWeb - 28/05/15)

Don’t give popular promises for votes: Economy in crisis, warns Pathfinder Foundation
The statement by Singapore statesman Lee Kuan Yew that ‘Sri Lankan democracy is a periodic auctioning of non-existent resources’ gained special significance during the past six months and the popular promises given by the new government through its interim budget has pushed the financial stability of the country into a grave crisis, points out the Pathfinder Foundation. This is stated in ‘Let us plan a way towards common prosperity for all’- a publication by this Foundation which is keen on economic reforms and released to draw the attention of political parties to practical economic reforms that could up-lift... -Full Story-
(LankaWeb - 28/05/15)

මෛත්‍රීවේශයෙන් ආ 'යහපාලන' සමාජ ජාලා පාදඩකරණයේ අහිංසක ගොදුරු....
-කෝට්ටවත්තේ ගුණසේන පෙරේරා යුතුකම සංවාද කවය www.yuthukama.com
 යාපනයේ පාසල් ශිෂ්‍යයාවක් දූෂණය කර මරා දැමූ සිදුවීම මුළු සමාජයම කම්පනයට ලක් කළ පුවතක් විය. එයට ජාති ආගම් භේදයක් නොවීය. ඇසූ ඇසූ බොහෝ දෙනා 'අනේ අපොයි' කිව්වා මිස සිහි බුද්ධිය ඇති කිසිවෙකු 'ඕකිට හොඳ වැඩේ' කිව් බවක් නොඇසිණ. ඒත් සමගම මෙවැනි පාහරයින් එල්ලා දැමිය යුතු යැයි බොහෝ දෙනාගේ අදහස විය. එහිදී ඇය දෙමළ ජාතික දැරියක් වීම පරහට හිටියේ නැත. මීට පෙරද මෙවැනි සිදුවීම් සිය දහස් ගණනින් අසා ඇති මුත් මාධ්‍ය මගින් ලබා දෙන අසාමාන්‍ය ප්‍රචාරය නිසාත් , එමෙන්ම මේ හරහා උතුර යළි ගිනි ගැනීමේ අවධානමක් ඇතැයි යන සාධාරණ සැකය නිසාත් මෙම සිද්ධිය වැඩිපුර කතාබහට... -Full Story-
(LankaWeb - 28/05/15)

(විජේ)දාසලා ගේ දාසකම සහ සිංහලකම!!!
නාමල් උඩලමත්ත යුතුකම සංවාද කවය www.yuthukama.com
මේක සිංහල රට කියලා තියෙන්නේ කොහේ දැයි උගත් නීතිඥයෙකු යැයි කියන තවත් උපාධි මල්ලකට ද හිමිකම් කියන විජේදාස රාජපක්ෂ ටයිකෝට් හැඳ සිංහලෙන් මාධ්‍ය සාකච්ඡාවක් පවත්වමින් ප්‍රශ්න කර සිටියේ ය. උගත්කම සහ බුද්ධිය යනු දෙකක් බවත් කිසියම් විෂයක් දැන ගත් පමණින් යමෙක් උගතෙකු මිස බුද්ධිමතෙකු නොවන බවත් ඒ ඊනියා උගත්කමට දීනකම ද පරගැතිකම ද එක් වූ පසු බලු නො වටින බව ද ඔහු මැනවින් අපට පෙන්වා දී තිබේ. තව ද තමන් වැනි උගතුන් සහ රූකඩයක් අතර වෙනසක් නැති බවත් ඔහු සිය ප්‍රකාශයෙන් සනාථ කර තිබේ. රූකඩය තවෙකෙකුගේ අතෙහි රැඳී නූලකින් නැටවෙන්නා සේ මේ ඊනියා උගතුන් අනුන්ගේ... -Full Story-
(LankaWeb - 28/05/15)

An appeal to the patriotic members of the Sri Lanka Parliament
Rahul says,
I must compliment Ranjith for drawing our attention to an issue which has gone almost unnoticed. To add a few points to your excellent observations: Gareth Evans, Darusman and Chandrika Kumaratunga are in an exclusive ultra right NGO of 38 members called Global Leaders Foundation. Reportedly the Darusman report was written by Chandrika. Radhika Coomaraswamy has been a dismal failure when it comes to doing a job of work. As United Nations Special Rapporteur on Violence against Women (1994-2003) she did nothing for the cause of women when Paul Kagame was involved in murdering and raping literally... -Full Story-
(LankaWeb - 28/05/15)

Was LTTE bankrolled for different objectives!
Shenali D Waduge
  A movement created overseas and exported to destabalize Sri Lanka that lasted 3 decades despite a wave of serial murders/assassinations/suicides & crimes with offices placed overseas to carry out its propaganda despite international bans has to have some reasons for its existence. The business of LTTE being kept alive had benefits not necessarily the same or with same objectives as obviously prevails at the post-LTTE phase. It is a good time to look at the players involved in LTTE Inc.     India: LTTE & possibly over 30 other militant organizations sprang into existence as... -Full Story-
(LankaWeb - 28/05/15)

What would have been a generous act?
Dear Editor,
http://www.island.lk/index.php?page_cat=article-details&page=article-details&code_title=125339 In response to the above letter appeared under the Opinion column of The Island two days ago, I sent the  attached letter for publication. But It was not published by the editor. I do not see any thing wrong in my response  to the said letter. " An Observer" 
I read a letter appeared in the opinion column of The Island dated 24th May 2015 with some interest under the title 'What a generous act!".  The writer of the letter was praising the President of the Bar Association of Sri Lanka for donating USD 5000... -Full Story-
(LankaWeb - 28/05/15)

Berlin Buddhist Vihara celebrates Vesak
The Berlin Buddhist Vihara celebrated Vesak with a series of traditional observances. Guests of honour included the Sri Lanka Ambassador to Germany –Karunatilaka Amunugama, the Secretary of the German Dharmaduta Society –Senaka Weeraratna, and the Chairman of the Berlin Buddhist Vihara Friends’ Association (Förderverein Buddhistisches Haus) –Tobias Siesmayer. Senaka Weeraratna speaking of Walther Schmits As a tribute to Walther Schmits (1884-1957), a generous sponsor of the Berlin Buddhist Vihara (Das Buddhistische Haus), a framed picture of him was unveiled by the Ambassador of Sri Lanka and the Secretary of the German Dharmaduta Society (GDS ). One of his... -Full Story- (LankaWeb - 28/05/15)

US intentionally holding back attacks on obvious key ISIL targets in Syria, Iraq: Report
The US, which is leading a bombing campaign against purported ISIL positions in Syria and Iraq, is intentionally avoiding carrying out attacks against certain high-profile ISIL targets in the two countries despite having precise information about them, a report says.... -Full Story- (presstv.ir - 28/05/15)

China, Russia security chiefs take swipe at US
Moscow and Beijing have taken a swipe at the US, criticizing its “unilateral action” in many parts of the world. Discussions between China’s top diplomat and State Councilor Yang Jiechi and Russian Security Council chief Nikolai Patrushev on Monday resulted in both sides agreeing “to support each other’s efforts to safeguard sovereignty, territorial integrity and security and support each other’s development and opposed to foreign interference in each other’s domestic affairs”, said an official statement.... -Full Story- (thebricspost.com - 28/05/15)

Colombo enter Yahapalanaya
... -Full Story- (https:/youtube.com/ - 28/05/15)

West pulled out $3.5trn from BRICS to thwart group – Russian Security Council
Western countries have withdrawn from BRICS countries more than $3.5 trillion over the last 10 years to suppress the group, said Russian Security Council Secretary Nikolay Patrushev, adding that nearly half of the sum was pulled out in the last 3 years.... -Full Story- (rt.com - 28/05/15)

PayPal Credit Deception Exposes a Larger Problem
Digital currency processor PayPal may be forced to pay $25 million to resolve allegations regarding its credit service for consumers.... -Full Story- (usnews.com - 28/05/15)

Sri Lankan patriots must get ready for the fight.
Chandrasena Pandithage
There was a political change in Sri Lanka on 8th of January 2015. Since then the people have been through new changed policies in the country.    The so called "new change" has given remarkable ideological changes to our society. It's very interesting to understand the way they apply new changes to government policies. The presidential election held on that day according to Sri Lankan government's constitution. As a principal the elected president's duty is to respect and protect the constitution and the law. On that base, the newly elected president got power to operate the ruling mechanism... -Full Story-
(LankaWeb - 27/05/15)

Sinhabahu and Oedipus Complex
Dr Ruwan M Jayatunge M.D.
The mythological Story of Sinhabahu describes the origins of the 'Sinhala' race. The Sinhalese are an ethnic group native to the island of Sri Lanka. The Sinhalese speak Sinhala -an Indo-Aryan language (Lewis, 2009).The name Sinhala translates to lion people. According to the Sinhabahu mythology, the Princess Suppadevi of Vanga Kingdom (a kingdom located in the eastern part of the Indian Subcontinent) was kidnapped by a ferocious lion and took her to the wilderness. While living with the lion she became pregnant and had twins. The newly born son was named Sinhabahu (means-hands like a lion's... -Full Story-
(LankaWeb - 27/05/15)

President Sirisena's so-called 'national governments'.
S. Akurugoda
President Maithripala Sirisena on many occasions has vowed to form a National Government even after the next general election. When he appointed some SLFP MPs as ministers in March this year,   he told the people that he is making a national government.  As  per latest media reports, he has determined to form a national government even after the next general election too. The formation of so-called national government was not new to Sri Lanka. The first such a government was formed in 1965 under the UNP leadership of  Dudley Senanayake. Dudley formed his national government with  the help... -Full Story-
(LankaWeb - 27/05/15)

An appeal to the patriotic members of the Sri Lanka Parliament
As the Sri Lankan government crisis drags on, the patriotic members of the Parliament must not abandon their efforts to uphold the central issues pertaining to the sovereignty of the Nation. They should focus their attention immediately to the election of the members to the Constitutional Council which requires the parliamentary approval. The members should be elected on their knowledge, experience and also on the basis of their convictions to protect and foster the sovereign and unitary nation. Let us now examine the credentials of one of the persons whose name is mentioned in the inner circles... -Full Story-
(LankaWeb - 27/05/15)

Who are the real owners of Sri Lanka?
- Kumar Moses
Now the Sinhalese are challenged in their home turf. We are told Sinhalese don't have a homeland despite sacrificing 26,010 Sinhala lives (out of 26,559 total) in the war. Did the Sinhalese die fighting a war with so much passion not knowing it is their only homeland? If Sinhalese had a separate homeland, they would have left there without fighting a war which no one wanted. It defies logic. ........................................................................................................................................... A very interesting comment on a website by a Tamil Christian is being shared to convey who the real owner of Sri Lanka is in very... -Full Story-
(LankaWeb - 27/05/15)

"සීමා නිර්ණයට මාස දෙකක් ඇති"
මාධ්‍ය ඒකකය කැෆේ සංවිධානය
"මැතිවරණ ක්‍රමය සංශෝධනය කළොත් සීමා නිර්ණයට මාස දෙකක් ඇති" - ඉඩම් අමාත්‍යංශයේ හිටපු ලේකම් අශෝක පීරිස් මැතිවරණ ක්‍රමය සංශෝධනය කරන 20 වන ආණ්ඩුක්‍රම ව්‍යවස්ථා සංශෝධනය පාර්ලිමේන්තුවේ සම්මත වූ පසුව සීමා නිර්ණය කිරීමේ කොමිෂන් සභාවේ කටයුතු අවසන් කිරීමට මාස දෙකක් ප්‍රමාණවත් බව ඉඩම් අමාත්‍යංශයේ හිටපු ලේකම් අශෝක පීරිස් මහතා කියයි. මැතිවරණ ක්‍රමය සංශෝධනය කිරීම සම්බන්ධයෙන් අද (26) කොළඹ පදනම් ආයතනයේ දී පැවති මාධ්‍ය හමුවක් අමතමින් අශෝක පීරිස් මහතා මෙහි දී පවැසීය. කැෆේ සංවිධානය විසින් කැඳවා තිබු මෙම මාධ්‍ය හමුවේදී වැඩිදුරටත් කරුණු දැක්වු අශෝක පිරීස් මහතා සඳහන් කලේ තාක්ෂණය එතරම් දියුණු නැති 1947 වසරේ පවා සීමා නිර්ණය... -Full Story-
(LankaWeb - 27/05/15)

The UNP’s Trojan Horse strategy will fail dismally
R Chandrasoma Courtesy Island
In the historic defeat of MR, the strategists of the UNP (backed enthusiastically by an International Cabal of Lanka-haters) had two grand aims - firstly, the destruction of MR and his support base and, secondly, the installation of a compliant puppet-state with that great lover of Western Imperialism – Ranil Wickremesinghe–as the overall boss. The ensuing political warfare – at least in its initial stages - was publicly paraded as a moral crusade against the rampant evil of corruption with MR condemned as the fountainhead of this pervasive evil. To the great credit of all concerned... -Full Story-
(LankaWeb - 27/05/15)

Protecting Women - The Greatest Contributor To Our Nation’s Economy
By  Asanga Abeyagoonasekera
 “We must tell girls their voices are important.” Malala Yousafzai Women are among the highest contributors to our economy. To the Sri Lankan economy, women contribute from US$ 6billion worth of foreign remittance. A large proportion of female domestic workers based out of the country work tirelessly to earn a living and provide education and support to their households back at home. Women’s contribution to the domestic textile industry which largely contributes to export earnings is an aspect Sri Lanka can boast of. Further, in a traditional aspect of Sri Lankan economy, women’s contribution to the... -Full Story-
(LankaWeb - 27/05/15)

Mahinda Rajapaksa to contest in parliamentary polls - report
Source: Xinhua
Former Sri Lankan President Mahinda Rajapaksa had informed his close aides that he will contest in the parliamentary elections which are expected to be held in the country in July, a senior opposition member said on Monday. Speaking on the grounds of anonymity, the senior parliamentarian said that Rajapaksa had already begun to conduct meetings on a weekly basis with the opposition parliamentarians who were publicly supporting him and Rajapaksa’s future in politics was being discussed. The former president was defeated in the presidential Election in January by his one time Health Minister Maithripala Sirisena and... -Full Story-
(LankaWeb - 26/05/15)

We don’t know who to believe now – Rajapaksa
Former President Mahinda Rajapaksa says that certain members of the government who had accused him of corruption in the constructing of the Colombo Port City project, during the Presidential Election, are now saying no such thing has taken place. “I recently heard a government politician saying that no fraud has taken place in the Port City (project). With the same mouth during the election they claimed that I had swindled millions from it.” “The man who claimed that massive corruption had taken place is now saying that no corruption has taken place,” he told reports today.... -Full Story-
(LankaWeb - 26/05/15)

Several UNP MPs to join the opposition, says Dinesh
Leader of the Mahajana Eksath Peramuna and former Minister Dinesh Gunawardena said several Parliamentarians attached to the United National Party (UNP) will defect to the opposition within next few weeks. The observation was made at a press conference held at the Abeyarama Temple in Narahenpita on Monday (25) afternoon. “The present government is unstable. Therefore, a number of UNPers have asked to join us,” he added. North Western Province Chief Minister Dayasiri Jayasekara at a recent event also asserted that the United People’s Freedom Alliance (UPFA) would form a coalition government after the forthcoming general election, thus,... -Full Story-
(LankaWeb - 26/05/15)

Khalifa of Islam visits Germany.
By A. Abdul Aziz. Press Secretary, Ahmadiyya Muslim Jama’at – Sri Lanka.
According to our Press Section, U.K., the World Head of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community, the Fifth Khalifa, His Holiness, Hazrat Mirza Masroor Ahmad arrived at the Baitus Subuh Mosque in Frankfurt on 23 May 2015. The Khalifa (Caliph) travelled from London by road and after crossing into France he was greeted by the National President of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community in Germany, Abdullah Wagishauser and various other officials who then escorted His Holiness to Germany. Thereafter, His Holiness travelled to the city of Aachen where he inaugurated the Mansoor... -Full Story-
(LankaWeb - 26/05/15)

Some random thoughts….. heartfelt gratitude and a sad comparison….REMEMBERING ON MEMORIAL DAY – from the USA
Anjalika Silva USA
Tomorrow Monday May 25 is the Memorial Day Holiday in the US. Today there was a very moving memorial concert in the capital and it was so beautifully presented with well-known artists performing patriotic music with so much dignity and tributes paid to the fallen going back 70 years to World Wars. The most moving were stories of young families that had lost their father in some of the stories that were handpicked to be told. There were of course many more. The figure of 4 million disabled is staggering and this proves war is not only... -Full Story-
(LankaWeb - 26/05/15)

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  • An Indian eyewitness account of the last 70 hours of Terrorist War in Sri Lanka . FINAL HOURS
    B. MURALIDHAR REDDY in the war zone-Full Story- (frontlineonnet.com/ - 08/06/09)
    Final assault
    B. MURALIDHAR REDDY in the war zone
    -Full Story- (frontlineonnet.com/ - 08/06/09)
  • The war is over - With the death of LTTE chief Velupillai Prabakaran, the militant campaign for a Tamil state in Sri Lanka seems to have come to an end. -Full Story- (frontlineonnet.com/ - 08/06/09) LTTE RISE & FALL -Full Story- (frontlineonnet.com/ - 08/06/09)
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  • Great Power Confrontation in the Indian Ocean: The Geo-Politics of the Sri Lankan Civil War by Mahdi Darius Nazemroay -Full Story- (globalresearch.ca - 25/10/09)


  • THE ANCESTRY OF RAVANA A close study of the Ramayana, particularly the last book or Uttara Kanda, reveals that Ravana, the enemy of Lord Rama, was not a Dravidian, as many people have thought, but related to the Sri Lanka, who are considered to be Aryans-that Ravana was a migrant to Sri Lanka from the Vedic family of the Yadus, perhaps deriving originally from the city of Mathura south of Delhi. The first wave of migrants to Sri Lanka from the north was from Gujarat and of the Yadu family, which dominated the southwest of India and from the region of Gujarat had access to the sea on which they travelled far in their trading and colonizing ventures. The Ramayana tells the Ravana, the king of Sri Lanka, had close connections with region of the Yadus, which included Gujarat, parts of Maharashtra and Rajasthan up to Mathura south of Delhi.
  • Beginning and growth of civilization in Sri Lanka
    123,000 BC - Oldest human found in Lanka - Pathirajawela in the deep South.
    12000 BC - MaduruOya findings World's oldest findings of the use of Steel, Copper, and irrigation technology
    7500 BC - Connections between Cambians, Sri Lankans, Ramayanaya & Mahabharataya The first wave of migrants to Sri Lanka from north India, were from the Yadu family from Gujarat. Yadus dominated the southwest of India (which included Gujarat, parts of Maharashtra and Rajasthan up to Mathura, just south of Delhi).
    6000 BC - Lankan city on Mahamevuna Uyana - Archeologists uncovered 35 feet under the present Mahamevuna Uyana in Anuradapura,
    3000 BC - Sigiriya is considered the AlakaMandava of the Ravana
    2517 Ramayanaya and Sri Lanka According to Ramayana story, Ravana, the king of Sri Lanka, belongs to a family of migrants from North India who had close connections with region of the Yadus,
    2517 BC - Ravana gets killed in Balangoda during March, 2517BC Ravana, while attending to the wounds suffered in combat by Vibishana (his brother) in Balangoda,
    1000 BC - Sri Lanka has the latest technology : Iron technology is evident in SL
    900 BC - Anuradapura, a major town of, at least 10 Hectares (25 Acres). Anuradhapura was at least 10 ha in extent by ca. 900 BC (perhaps much more). By then prehistoric stone tool technology had been completely superseded by that of iron
    700 BC - Anuradapura Town, 50 Hectares (125 Acres) .
    600 BC - Earliest Proof of Brahmi writing in Lanka At 600-500 BC, the very first appearance of writing (in Brahmi letters almost identical to the Asokan script 200 years later) marked the beginning of the Early Historic period. This writing, radiocarbon dated on charcoal and checked by thermoluminescence dating, is inscribed on potsherds signifying the ownership. Among the names, was Anuradha.
    483 BC - Vijaya lands in Sri Lanka. Girihadu Seya is built in Thiriyaya. Buddha's relics are enshrined in Mahiyanganaya Dagaba Sarabu Maharahatan Vahanse picked Budda relics from the burning cortege and arrived in Mahiyanganaya
    -For Full story go to
  • Historical Development of Sinhala and Scripts click on the links!!
    -Beginning and growth of civilization in Sri Lanka
    -Unethical conversion violates the UN convention on the right of the child


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"Human Rights Watch, one of the world's best-financed and most influential human rights organizations? It turns out that they cook the books about facts, cheat on interviews, and put out pre-determined conclusions that are driven more by their ideology than by evidence. These are serious accusations, and they are demonstrably true".-Alan Dershowitz Felix Frankfurter Professor of Law at Harvard Law School

Amnesty and HRW may research their material and appear to be neutral in their assessments every time, no one can really evaluate their impartiality unless one sets out to investigate their background funding, behind-the-scenes researchers and the influences under which they operate. Read "Gutter Tactics of Amnesty International (AI) in Sri Lanka"


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