Upcoming UN Secretary General's Election Race & What It Foretells for The World in The Next Decade

By Darmitha-Kotte

A few months ago, there was much speculation that the next UN Secretary General should be an Asian and in this speculation, many names of prospective Asian candidates were thrown in. If the UN as an organization, is sincere about being seen as an impartial world body where "transparency" ( a word often used against developing countries) must be the key word to a selection, then we can be truly happy about the outcome. However, as is seen in recent developments within the organization & the speculation of who the next Secretary General might be, we see a "strong behind the scenes" manipulation by the USA to have its own way in wielding the path of the next "heir to the throne" of The United Nations. If this really true, then what are the other members with veto powers doing to diffuse the situation and prove to the world, that it is truly an impartial and just world body?

Money corrupts & so does power-these are sayings we have often heard. This is what is and has happened even to the UN, which is very sad. Economically lesser fortunate countries can surely look forward to ten years of "cowboy politics-US Style" in the world with the US pulling the strings of decisions being made by the next Secretary General.

The Politics Behind the Election of Secretary General:

We have absolutely nothing against any of the individuals who were/are being promoted. It is a matter of who (and representing which country) can be manipulated best? In this situation it is unfortunate that Mr. Ban Ki-Moon will become the "cat's paw" of US aggression in world politics.

In the fanatic urge of the US to control the world, since the Second World War, we have seen how they have interfered with the individuality and independence of countries in the Asian region. Peoples' Republic of China has never been allowed to unite with the Taiwan(Republic of China); North and South Korea have always been manipulated to be at logger-heads with each other continuously; Japan has been manipulated to a wedge between all of these countries due to their absolute dependence on the US for their economic prosperity. Of the other Asian countries, India and Pakistan have had continuous interference from the US and have never been allowed to bridge their differences. The Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia too have been at the butt-end of US aggression economically although all these countries have managed to maintain a certain degree of their own identity and independence of thought/policies.

This situation is different from that of the Koreas, Japan and the two Chinas. Due to glaring and obvious reasons, the People's Republic of China (PRC) managed through years of lobbying to finally succeed in becoming a formidable and accepted member of the UN and Taiwan had to accede to the realities even though unwilling to do so. The US has continued to wield considerable power in the politics of South Korea and Taiwan by selling weapons and military manpower to these countries to ensure that they will never unite & if they did, strong economic and military sanctions would be the punishment meted out to them. South Korea, Taiwan and Japan are totally beholden to their US Master in every way.

In order to justify US military presence and the sale of arms to South Korea, Taiwan and Japan, an "artificial fear " has to be constantly promoted to ensure that these neighbouring countries never unite! South Korea and Taiwan have been brainwashed that North Korea and Peoples' Republic of China(PRC) are never to be trusted and that they have hidden agendas. People's of the same ethnicity have been kept apart for the hidden agendas of the US and it is truly sad that these countries do not make the effort to open their eyes and make gradual shifts to decide for themselves. May be it will happen in the future-atleast let us hope so.

In such a scenario it is far more beneficial for the US foreign policy to manipulate promoting a South Korean candidate than the Sri Lankan candidate Mr.Jayantha Dhanapala who is more suitable, worthwhile choice to be elected as the next Secretary General of The United Nations! But unfortunately, he is not so beholden to The US or the US foreign policy. Can the United Nations be considered to be a world body that decided purely on merits? Can the United Nations to be even seen (even for cosmetic reasons) to be "impartial , humanitarian and just"? "Equality for All" is merely a slogan to hood-wink the unsuspecting poorer countries!

Mr. Ban Ki-moon and The Bigger / More Dangerous Agenda of The US:

It is a well-known fact that both George Bush ( Snr. and Jnr.) have an obsession about "globalizing the entire world" with Evangelism. It was the senior Bush during his tenure as President of the US who introduced a special department of "Religious Freedom" with which he manipulated economic aid to the developing countries in the world who were non-Christian or like the People's Republic of China(PRC) which were then still considered to be strong Socialist countries.

Evangelism became a part of the Bush family due to Junior Bush and his involvement with drugs when he was serving in the US Forces (Wayne Madsen Report-"Christian Mafia") and the Evangelists supposedly managed to wean him away from drugs and also from being "blacklisted." The track record of US foreign policy has shown a very strong financial support to Evangelism being linked to socio-economic development aid programmes in the developing world as stated in The Asian Wall Street Journal of 26th May 2004 titled "US Foreign Policy Takes More Evangelical Tone" written by Peter Waldman where he shows how Southern Baptist Convention, Assemblies of God, International Justice Mission and World Vision are "doled out" an overseas budget of US$290.1million, 176 million, 4.5million and 686million respectively for "specific missions" -namely, "to endeavour to make Christian disciples of all nations" (Southern Baptist Convention); "to seek and save all those who are lost in sin" ( Assemblies of God); "to rescue enslaved and bonded labourers and prostitutes" (International Justic Mission); " to enable "the world's children to realize their God-given potential by tackling the root cause of poverty" ( World Vision). In Sri Lanka we have seen how these missions are utilizing that budget quite profitably to achieve their paid agendas!

Mr. Ban Ki-moon is reported to be a strong follower of the Unification Church of Rev.Sun Myung Moon or the "Moonies" as they are commonly called. A report in the Sunday Times of 8th October 2006 states " The Unification Church, the global enterprise of South Korean Rev. Sun Myung Moon(born Yong Myung Moon), may be attempting to take control of the United Nations through the all- but- certain election of South Korean Foreign Minister Ban Ki-moon as UN Secretary General." The article further states " Some informed UN sources re concerned that Moon lists his religious affiliations as "non-denominational Christian," a code word often used by the "Moonies" for the Unification Church. In addition, Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice and UN Ambassador John Bolton are attempting to have Washington Times editor Josette Sheeran Shiner become the next Executive Director of the World Food Programme. Shereen Shiner is a member of Sun Myung Moon's Unification Church.

The term of the World Food Programme Executive Director is five years. Shiner is currently the Under Secretary of State for Economic, Business and Agricultural Affairs. The same article states further " ……some UN members may sense that there is something amiss about the Bush administration's strong support for the South Korean Foreign Minister given the close links between some Bush officials and the "Moonies. …….Although the balloting is secret, it is believed that France and the United Kingdom are not thrilled with the Moon nomination and that Japan a non-permanent member that holds the Security Council presidency for October, is also reportedly opposed to Moon." The article continues to show the connection of Ban Ki-moon to the "Moonies" and their activities in the US thus " Ban Ki-moon has lived in the United States for a number of years, having gone to graduate school at Harvard and serving two tours at South Korea's Washington embassy, a diplomatic mission that maintains close contacts with the Sun Myung Moon organization in Washington DC. The Unification Church, in addition to owning the Washington Times, also owns United Press International."

Need we say more about the hidden agenda of the US in promoting South Korean Foreign Minister Ban Ki-moon for the post of UN Secretary-General?

What Will Be The Fate of Non-Christian Countries Under Such a Secretary-General?:

Under these circumstances it is not difficult to understand the dangers facing the entire world during the next ten years under Mr. Ban Ki-moon if he is truly elected as the next UN Secretary-General. He will be totally devoid of independent thinking and decision-making. Even countries that are professed to be Orthodox Christian countries, together with Muslim, Hindu and Buddhist countries will all be subject to the strong arm tactics of "Moonies" (under the close scrutiny of the US), controlling the fate of the destinies of their independent sovereign countries. Can we hope for any impartiality, "freedom of our conscience", self-independence, "humanitarianism" in the true sense of the word, religious and social harmony inside our own countries, or hope of ever preserving our cultural heritage without infiltration?

The picture is bleak but it is the truth- we better be prepared for what is to come. We the so called developing countries expect the more affluent countries to "teach us " decency and fair-play- but is there such a thing? The game of international politics is dirty. It is " their dirt" that we also seem to be inculcating in this part of the world. All countries in the Middle-East and Asia will have to re-think how to counter this US conspiracy.



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