Eulogizing Tamil Tiger Anton Balasingham-Open Letter to Derek Lee, Liberal Party MP Scarborough-Rouge River Riding

Asoka Weerasinghe Canada

December 22, 2006

Derek Lee, Liberal Party MP Scarborough-Rouge River Riding

Dear Derek Lee:

Your condolatory eulogy for Tamil Tiger Anton Balasingham at his funeral service in Toronto is troublesome. Then, of course, you are a Liberal and I shouldn’t have expected anything different.

For a Canadian politician who is too quick at the draw to admonish international human rights violators, especially in Sri Lanka, this 90 degree turn around just to appease your Tamil constituents takes the cake.

Derek, here is what you did not know about Anton Balasingham which should turn your stomach inside out.

Anton Balasingham should have been charged at the Hague for his war crimes. Here is his case.

When the talks between the Tamil Tigers and President Premadasa were about to collapse, orders went out not to counter the Tamil Tiger attacks on the police stations in the eastern province but to surrender to them. The idea was to save the talks from collapse. The assurance of the safety of the policemen was given to Sri Lanka’s Justice Minister A.C.S.Hameed who was also the Chairman of the North-East Peace Committee by Anton Balasingham At that meeting Anton Balasingham’s wife Adele too was present together with Yogeswaran Yogi, Dominic and Subramaniam.

Once the policemen surrendered to the Tamil Tiger terrorists they took over nine police stations in the Batticaloa and Amparai Districts – Kalmunai, Samanthurai, Akkaripattu, Pottuvil, Kalkudah, Valachchnai, Eravur, Vellaveli and Kalawanchikudi.

Derek, you have been to Sri Lanka, and I believe you visited the east too and you know the geography. Take a map and identify these places and you will realize what a swath of territory they took over without triggering a single gun shot having cheated President Premadasa, who unfortunately believed in Anton Balasingham. All this happened on the night of Monday, June 11, 1990.

Around 700 policemen surrendered to the Tamil Tigers on government orders after the assurance given by the lead Tamil Terrorist, Anton Balasingham that they would not be harmed. By now you may have expected Anton Balasingham, whom you felt deserved your condolence in the presence of your Tamil friends and constituents, to be an honourable man, and in your eyes a peace maker. But then, Derek, for one unsuspecting moment, you let a fact slip your mind. This man aligned with the Tamil Tiger credo was an outright terrorist. And here is what happened to the 700 policemen with his connivance.

A young policeman who was shot by Balasingham’s Tamil Tiger terrorists that night and left for dead among the bodies of his colleagues said that he crawled into the jungle and hid while the next batch of policemen were brought and were shot dead.

The policeman was Piyaratna Ranaweera attached to the Kalmunai Police station. According to him the policemen who had surrendered were blindfolded, and the Tamil Tigers took their watches and wallets, gave them water and tied their hands behind their backs They were then taken in three buses to a terrorist camp at Thirukovil in the Amparai district. “Around midnight they took us in three batches into the jungle, lined us all up and made us lie on the ground face down and they opened fire with T-56 rifles. Then they held a torch to our heads and if they heard a cry they shot again,” he said.

Derek, you may wonder what I have been smoking to cook up this stomach-somersaulting horror story or whether I have been hallucinating.

Neither! This was reported by the Associated Press in Canada’s Globe and Mail of Friday, June 15,1990. I didn't want to quote reports from the Sri Lankan newspapers in case you think that they are unreliable.

And you Liberals will never learn when it comes to the Tamil Tigers. Then, of course, to hear Jim Karysgiannis doing his thing and instigating the Tamils to write to the Prime Minister and President of Sri Lanka as well as lobby the Conservative government, is not only annoying it is laughable. Here is a Liberal politician who did not believe that Quebec is a nation within a nation and yet wants the Tamils to have their own nation within a puny island the size of the Province of New Brunswick. Strange! Jim who has been pimping for the Tamil Tigers for the past two decades, will no doubt carry on his separatist act to snare every single Tamil vote in his Scarborough-Agincourt riding. He has been good at his cunning wanting to hang on to his 22,575 voters of which a good percentage are Tamils.

I hope this story will prick your conscience somewhat, for having eulogized the ruthless Tamil Tiger terrorist Anton Balasingham. Take a moment to think about it, and stop being so heartless letting these rascals keep killing the innocent civilians, that not only includes the Sinhalese, but also their own Tamil brethren and Muslims. There is more to defend the right to life than wanting a vote to re-enter parliament.

By the way, Anton Balasingham’s Australian wife Adele, also was the Tamil Tigress Matha (mother) who trained young girls and women to turn out to be cyanide necklaced killers and suicide bombers. And President Ranasinghe Premadasa was assassinated by a Tamil Tiger suicide bomber during the May Day rally in 1993.

Wishing you Peace in this Holiday Season.


Asoka Weerasinghe



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