Demonstration In India Against US Role In Sri Lanka Apathetic.

Nandimithra Perera ~ Popular Front Against Terrorism In Sri Lanka For LankaWeb.

In THANJAVUR India, certain supporters of Tamil Ealem Liberation have staged a demonstration on Saturday condemning the intervention of the United States in the affairs of Sri Lanka.While the protestations obviously come from sources in Tamil Nadu of bipartisan bias in favour of the Tamil terrorist group the LTTE it is also an indication that the recent USA's ultimatums to all terrorist activities in Sri Lanka are being noticed in many corners of terrorist supportive enclaves which augurs well towards the reality that the LTTE's days are probably numbered!

The demonstrators are reported to have been led by an obscure faction of Indians in Tamil Nadu who call themselves the Tamil Desa Pothuvudaimai Party whose General Secretary P Maniarasan has urged the US Government not to extend military support in any form to the Sinhalese who were allegedly killing innocent Tamils.

This has been the very myth around which the propagandists of the terror group the LTTE have built their entire idealogy towards secession over the years where the world at large now knows better. The International Comunity incorporating the more knowledgeable and discerning observers of the global community are aware of what the LTTE are really attempting to accomplish through their campaigns of terror in Sri Lanka and that the entire concept of Sinhalese killing innocent Tamils is a load of rubbish and exaggerated at best with a fair degree of balance towards a reversible equation where most Tamils in Sri Lanka, a visible minority in Sri Lanka over generations have aspired to live contented, decent lives alongside the Sinhalese but whose lives have been disrupted and set in disarray by the vicious aspirations of a fragmented fraction of their diaspora scattered around the globe championed by the terrorists calling themselves the LTTE or Liberation Tigers Of Tamil Eelam who seem to believe that they have the privy, mandate and license to overrun the Majority Sinhalese of Sri Lanka through their insurgent anarchic means!

An equation so lopsided that it not only belittles the concepts of rationality and logic but also is an affront to the democractic, constitutionalised sovereignity that is Sri Lanka and whose right to exist is recognized internationally and most importantly by the superpower that is the United States dedicated towards preserving world peace and committed to eradicating International Terrrorism.

So whether it be a Tamil Desapotuvudaimai or any other flybynight party based in Tamil Nadu that demonstrates against the USA's latest advice to the Tamil Terrorists in Sri Lanka to come clean and act in the manner of sane and rational members of the Global Community rather than in the manner of a bunch of rabid canines while warning them of reprisals if they persist, it is also of imperative consequence to the reality that the USA has affirmed its dedication to the cause of preserving Sri Lanka's Sovereignity and Territorial Integrity and will not stand by any longer and watch the Nation of Sri Lanka being plagued by the vagaries of terrorism and intimidated by a bunch of Globally condemned terrorists!

For the demonstrators to have had the nerve to also demanded that " fishermen of Tamil Nadu be given arms to defend themselves from the attacks by the Sri Lankan Navy" is typical of the many misconceptions surrounding the realities involved where the fishermen constantly break the statutes governing territorial boundaries and stray into Sri Lankan waters where the Lanka Navy has every right to defend territory! It also suggests the ignorance and apathy which surrounds this particular group of Indians who are placing their own great nation of India at risk of ridicule and circumspect criticism that they, a group of minnows have dared raise the related issues they have choosen to while the Indian Government on the other hand is committed to preserve the safety of the region and the threat of terrorism which could have ramifications of far reaching consequences which these demonstrators seem to have overlooked!

The icing on the cake inasfar the incongruous nature of the demostrators are concerned is displayed quite visibly by their demand that Katchatheevu Island, a principality of Sri Lanka for generations be wrested from the 'clutches' of Sri Lanka which by itself conveys the irresponsible nature of their somewhat puerile demonstrations!

It has to be concluded that what the USA has conveyed to the LTTE terrorists has been done in no uncertain terms and that the USA will keep good their promises should the LTTE continue to disregard the warnings!



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