The International Community and the International Humanitarians should not interfere into the Sri Lanka Government’s battle against terrorism.

By Charles Perera

For nearly two decades since the terrorists took a foothold in the north and east of Sri Lanka no successive government was able to break the backbone or weaken the terrorist moment let alone dislodge it from the north and east of Sri Lanka. On the other hand they allowed them to grow rich, accumulate modern military equipment, and become more ingenious in their destructive capacity. The International Community deliberately, or misguided by Solheim of Norway helped the terrorists develop their military strength to the detriment of the Government of Sri Lanka. There was then, a time when the representatives of different member states of the International Community behaved as if the Government of Sri Lanka was non-existent, arriving in Colombo and flying straight to Kilinochchi to meet Tamilselvam. The Japanese envoy Yashoushi Akashi in one of these visits was supposed to have handed over to Thamilselvam a substantial sum of money for development projects even without consulting the Government of Sri Lanka. That is how things had been until Mahinda Rajapakse was elected the President of Sri Lanka.

UN, the International Community and the Humanitarians were sleeping then

The LTTE terrorists who were the recipients of this foreign accolade at last met apt resistance from the new government of Mahinda Rajapakse. After the murder of a Foreign Minister, and several Officials of the Police and the Security forces and attempted murder of the Commander of the Sri Lanka army by the terrorists, matters began to get hot for them. The myth of a well armed forceful LTTE terrorist build up which could stand up to the Government Security Forces was shattered, when the Sri Lanka Defence forces retaliated to terrorist attacks, and captured the so called LTTE terrorist controlled areas demarcated under a CFA written by the Norwegian Solheim and signed by a “foolish” Prime Minster of a previous government of Sri Lanka.

The Success of Government Forces Against Terrorists, has activated International Interference, with a demand to negotiate and abandon the military option.

As the Government Security Forces emboldened by the apparent weakness of the terrorist cadre continued a successful military campaign against the terrorists capturing the territory they had kept under their so called control, the International Community who until then kept on parroting that both parties should return to peace negotiations, actively interfered in the affairs of the government, and the governments decisions to defeat terrorism through military retaliations, decrying the military option and demanding peace negotiations. In the wake of this unprecedented interference of the International community a number of international “do-gooders”, such as the UN, the Red Cross, Amnesty International, the Federation of the Free press, Catholic Church and the rest, have a feel day condemning the Government, and its retaliatory military action..

It is now apparent that what the International Community and the International “do-gooder” want is not to defeat terrorism and let a sovereign state of a developing nation progress in its democratic existence, but weaken the sovereign state in favour of an illogical, unjust demand of a ruthless group of terrorists for the setting up of an Eelam State.

Occasional military set backs are inevitable.

It is true that the government forces have time and again under estimated the enemy , causing itself military set backs, and loss of a number of valorous soldiers. But that is inevitable in a war. It happens to the most sophisticated American army in Iraq and Afghanistan. If left to it-self the government of Sri Lanka lead by Mahinda Rajapakse ,with the Commander of the Army Sarath Fonseka and the security forces will certainly be able to defeat terrorism., despite the latest innovations of the terrorists such as the air raids by low flying planes, and a naval built up.

Every situation that arises is being used as a weapon against the government by not only the International Community, the foreign media, and the international humanitarians, but also the local stooges of the foreign powers such as Ranil Wickramasinghe, and the rest, for their own political leverage. The LTTE terrorists in their death throws are trying out all that is possible not so much to defeat the government forces, but to draw the attention of the International Community in their favour, and isolate the government in its successful military retaliations against them. We see it in the decisions that had been taken by the Government of UK against Sri Lanka, India in its stand aloof attitude towards the government, and America in not taking any practical measures against terrorism in Sri Lanka.

Human Rights activists should be active in Iraq, Lebanon and Palestine.

The international humanitarians- “the do-gooders”- the UN, the Red Cross, Amnesty International, the Federation of the Free press, Catholic Church and the rest queue up in Sri Lanka, as if it is the only country in the world where there is human rights violations. How about Iraq, Afghanistan, Lebanon, Palestine, China, Russia ? They dare not go to those countries, because their very lives are not safe in some of those countries.. Here in Sri Lanka they can live in clover and interfere right royally into its affairs unmolested. They have found the ideal situation for their activities in Sri Lanka.

There are continuous violation of human rights in the Western countries that discriminate against the coloured people, women, homosexuals, lesbians, and the people of low castes (in India),. But the International Humanitarian activists seemingly very active in Sri Lanka are markedly absent in these countries. So much for their humanitarianism !

Eviction of Tamil persons was a security measure-it happened in UK too

There was a big pandemonium after Tamil persons from North and East who had taken temporary shelter in Colombo were taken away from the city. That was a security measure to prevent a possible disaster in Colombo, as lorry loads of claymore bombs were being smuggled into Colombo from Vavunia , and unknown “visitors” from the North and East in Colombo were to detonate them. In UK itself many Muslims were taken away from their homes and incarcerated after terrorist bomb attacks in London. It may have happened in America as well after the September 11th . But in those cases the media and the international humanitarians kept silent.

As all things, Praphakaran and his Eelam War will also perish and disappear

Human-rights issue is being raised as it seems to be a more acceptable means of interfering into the affairs of Sri Lanka and hamper its successful fight against terrorism. Nothing ,or no situation could continue to exist permanently, all that will disappear as they had begun. So will it be with Prabhakaran and his Eelam war.

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