Rebuttal to "Attacking the Christian community in our motherland" From Prasad De. Silva

By Manoj De Silva, a Sinhala Buddhist

As usual we see another individual attacking the Sinhala Buddhists monks.

Clearly Prasad De. Silva, like all other non Buddhists, does not understand the role of monks. The reason many fail to understand their role is due to Westernisation and stereotyping of Buddhists. It is the duty of the monks to protect Buddhism as they have done so for the last 2,200 years. They are the ones who made the call to rally the masses to fight off invading South Indians as they knew that Buddhism would cease to exist and be practised if the Sinhalese were subjugated.

This is the very same reason the Europeans went out to destroy Buddhism and more importantly kill or discredit the monks with all sorts of propaganda as they feared the unifying force of Buddhism that has saved our people for two millennia. Thus resulting in Christianity getting its first foot hold in Sri Lanka.

Today the LTTE goes around doing the same, attacking Sinhala Buddhists, and what better way than to attack the monks by playing on the Western worlds view points and stereotypes for propaganda.

The great 2,000 year old civilisation Prasad De.Silva speaks of was created by the Sinhala Buddhists and not by anyone else. The Sinhalese thrived and prospered because of Buddhism and its teachings which lead to the construction of advanced agricultural masterpieces, planned cities and development that kept in touch with the changing environment. Sri Lanka as this island is called today was once the rice basket of Asia, and world centre of Buddhism. This great civilisation was turned up side down and inside out upon the arrival of Christianity. To this day our people have not recovered from this destruction.

I am not surprised at all to see this individual "shocked" over accusations of Christians converting people via unethical methods. Seems the truth hurts this individual.

And indeed Christians are carrying out unethical conversions in Sri Lanka. The best examples for this can be seen following the tsunami. Here are a few examples.

Christians missionaries go around asking tsunami victims what their problems are, then tell them to make a little prayer to the Christian God with a "one shot won't hurt will it" attitude, low behold the next day God "gifts" them with cloths, books, sowing machines and what ever they need. The news of the "miracle" spreads and the whole village converts. To see how deep rooted this is and how it"s grown is just unbelievable, what"s shocking is how they are taking advantage of desperate people using such tactics.

Even newly built tsunami homes were denied to non Christians by the Church stating: "you must be Christian to get a home". Imagine the chaos that would have been unleashed had Buddhists monks gone around telling Christians in the North that in order to live in peace in the South (as many migrate Southwards to avoid the war) they must become Buddhist first?

Interestingly enough it was the Sinhala Buddhists and the Buddhists monks who were first to go and help the tsunami victims, long before the Christian NGOs arrived.

Buddhists monks help people all the time, they do not make a massive fun fare out this fact, why would they? Is there something to be gained? This is what must be noted about all these NGO groups coming from the West, they walk on air thinking they are superior to the coloured people they are supposed to be helping and then make massive media blitz over their "accomplishments".

Christians have a strong hatred for Buddhists monks conveniently hiding under the JHU tag line to launch some salvos at Buddhism and the monks. This is because they -like the Muslims in Thailand- despise the Buddhists monks for taking to the streets or doing whatever necessary to protect Buddhism in Buddhist lands.

Just see the madness, political capital and propaganda that is made over the JHU. Everyone is attacking them for standing up and protecting Buddhism, which is their duty. Why is nothing said about the Christian Church supporting the LTTE, advocating and encouraging terrorism and violence against the Sinhala Buddhists? Catholic priests are at the forefront of LTTE rallies both in Sri Lanka out of it. Latest example is the Madu Church incident where the Priests worked with the LTTE to create a demilitarized zone to assist in attacking our Soldiers and trap them in a minefield.

Christians have killed more people than the rest of the world put together. No Religion/Philosophy(Buddhism) has it"s hands soaked in so much blood. Portuguese, the best example, abused killed and destroyed every place they touched that had "heathens" all of this was done in the name of Jesus, with blessings from the Vatican. Furthermore the current Pope on his tour of South America congratulated South Americans for colonising the land and "purifying it". (See: )

The Portuguese, the British and the Spanish are Christian countries that have in the last 400 years wiped out millions for not following their GOD, they subjugated millions for their God, with the full backing of each and every Pope down the ages. They came and ravaged Sri Lanka and India. They could not stand the fact that we people of colour had built a civilisation without a God or not with their God. These were fully sanctioned actions by Christian Governments and the contemporary Popes- the messengers of God.

Today these nations people are now somewhat secular and preach to us about human rights, ignoring their brutal past. It is this secular nature in Europe that has resulted in Christians coming now to Asian countries with rich culture and history spanning thousands of years ""long before Jesus- to convert them using unethical methods.

As mentioned earlier Christians have killed more people in the name of their God than any other religion/philosophy on Earth. All this done with the complete backing of the Vatican. In fact, the Vatican approved, supported and insisted on such activities, and as evident from what the current Pope said in South America, seem proud of it.

They come to Sri Lanka and convert desperate people with cheap methods. They come to Sri Lanka, to Buddhist land to destroy the Sinhala Buddhists, the ones who created this 2000 year old civilisation. Of course they deserved to be attacked and exposed for what they really are.

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