By Lakshman Senavirathna, UAE

Even though, the understanding, civilized U K government has banned the heinous, ruthless killer organization THE LTTE Inc, there is one of the U K leading media houses called B B C [ it is known to most of world as Bias Broadcasting Cooperation] is giving moral support and covering up LTTE 's barbaric atrocities.

It is very shame and sad to know that a media organization like BBC destroying journalistic ethic and still publishing on their web site's international version [south Asia, Sri Lanka] ,an obituary notice for one of the barbaric, ruthless, heinous killer's death. This is the obituary of self proclaimed peace negotiator Suppaiah P Thmilselvam. We are asking why the BBC publishes killer's death on their web site for nearly one month. Why not late Honorable Mr. Arthur C Clerk's death, Late Honorable Minister Mr. Lakshman Kadhiragamar's death, or late minister Mr. Jayaraj Fernandopulle's death not publish in that.

What is the specialty for this killer Tamilselvam. Why this terrorist leader has given prominence on the BBC web site for nearly one year. Is he a follower of Gandhi, Rev Martin Luther King, and Nelson Mandela. Or is he a peace activity for humankind. At least to animals. The answer is very big NO. He is just a heartless killer, who advocated killing of innocents of Srilankans and [Abroad. Mainly Tamil Diaspora opposed to LTTE.] .to abduct, brain wash, train children to fight and get killed in a rebellion war which cannot winnable to them. Evan though this Suppiah became the smiling spokesman for the killerLTTE Incs, was a known killer for many massacres of innocent Sinhala, Tamil, and Muslim civilians of Sri Lanka. We suspects Tamilselvam had advocated many killings of innocent Tamils in many foreign countries also where authorities couldn't find who killed them and killings had gone unpunished.

Still these murders are not terrorists to BBC, but just rebels seeking a utopian dream called PEELAM.But to the civilized world they are Terrorists, Abductors, kidnappers, Fraudsters, gunrunners, Smugglers of humans, and narcotics, bribers. Biggest Sinners to the mankind as they kill innocent children, men and women.

we can believe, This So called pestrege media house wants to keep banned terror out fit's propaganda in high place. We, Sri Lankan don't want to see any body die tragically. But the BBC wants to tally our Srilankans causality figures with terrorist deaths. They are so thirsty on

Blood to see how many got killed. That is big news to them. BBC and their blood thirsty agents want to see blood of innocents civilian's, countries' law protectors, ltte child solder's. Is it fair them to cheat on U K and world masses?

This is shame of your media organization to the peace loving masses of U K. BBC get corrected. Don't try to soke e blood in your hands. WE SRI LANKAN EXPECT PEACE VERY NEAR FUTURE. PEACE IS NEWS NOT CONFLICTS AND WARS.

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