Malin Abeyatunge

World condemned the terrorist mayhem committed by a terrorist outfit called “Deccan Mujahideen” in Mumbai. Sri Lanka Government also joined the band wagon in condemning it and no qualm for that as a decent Government who cherish peaceful coexistence so much. It’s true our sympathies are with the innocent people killed in this terrorist act. I in fact would neither condone nor condemn it was India during late Indira Gandhi’s rule who nurtured and trained the most brutal and ruthless terrorist organization called LTTE to destabilize then economically emerging Sri Lanka. Since then, Indian trained LTTE terrorists have brought nothing but continuous mayhem to Sri Lanka destroying the fabric of the Sri Lankan society. However, India paid the price when LTTE suicide bomber killed Indian Prime minister Rajiv Gandhi and many others. We expected that her support would be stopped after the Rajiv Gandhi’skilling by LTTE. But after a short spell of silence, Tamil Nadu has woken up from slumber and reinforced their propaganda in support of LTTE in public.

The centre government has been more than complacent of Tamil Nadu politicians and has hardly taken any action against those politicians who propagate LTTE terrorism in Tamil Nadu. Tamil Nadu coastal belt became an open gate to smuggle arms, fuel into LTTE ‘s illegally occupied territories etc. If the Indian Government does not nip in the bud, the next Eelam struggle will arise from Tamil Nadu. Recently Vaiko the general secretary of MDMK and Subaweera Pandiyan an MP from Tamil Nadu delivered keynote addresses on Prabhakaran’s Heroes Day celebrations in UK and Australia respectively hailing this terrorist leader as a hero while Mumbai was burning from a terrorist attack. So how can a right minded Sri Lankan sympathizes with India on this terrorist attack when she nurtured, trained and fostered LTTE terrorist outfit which continues to bring mayhem to our ordinary civilians? I am not a hypocrite and I am happy that terrorism has boomeranged on Indian soil in a brutal way at least to open their eyes.

Similarly, when Muslim Terrorist bombed the public transport in London, I was thinking to myself “good for the fellows” mainly because, UK is a safe haven for LTTE to raise funds, lobby the politicians to promote and propagate LTTE terrorism albeit it’s a ban organization (for the name sake only) in UK. Despite LTTE being banned in UK, LTTE’s former ideologist late Anton Balasingham was living in London with the generosity and hospitality of all UK governments. His wife Adele who was once the head of the Women Suicide Cadre is still living in London presumably influencing the British politicians. Last week, despite protests from anti-LTTE organizations in London comprising Sinhalese, moderate Tamils and Muslims, a newly formed front called British Tamil Forum organized the Mahaveer Day ( Heroes Day) with pump and glory with the attendance of some Labour MPS (Mr. Gordon Brown ,high time you reprimanded your colleagues) and some independent MPs.

The Labour and Liberal MPs and Independent MPs who participated and have spoken in the celebrations of world most brutal terrorist leader Prabhakaran’s birthday were Edward Davey (LibDem, Kingston and Surbiton), Siobhain McDonagh (Labour, Mitcham and Mordern), John McDonnell (Labour, Hayes and Harlington), Andrew Pelling (Independent, Croydon Central), Joan Ryan (Labour, Enfield North) and Vireindra Sharma (Labour, Ealing and Southall). Adding insult to injury, British Government has gone to the extent of giving visa to Vaiko from Tamil Nadu to deliver the keynote address on this day despite the fact he was in jail in India for publicly addressing meetings supporting LTTE terrorists. This is how the terrorism is treated in UK. UK has good terrorists and bad terrorists. Muslims are bad terrorists and terrorists like LTTE are good terrorists as these MPS political survival depends on their votes. So if there is another attack on London by any terrorist group, I will not hesitate to celebrate with a glass of champagne as a protest against their double standard on terrorism.

Similarly, until 9/11, USA was harboring LTTE supporters, nurturing LTTE fronts on their soil. Their attitude towards terrorism changed only after 9/11 when they declared a global war against terrorism because it affected the hearts and souls of every American.

Canada is harboring LTTE supporters and nurturing LTTE fronts by politicians and even attending their fund raising banquets for LTTE war chest.

Norway is another big culprit who harbored hard core LTTE terrorists and supporters, nurture them, foster them, militarily train them, providing funds to LTTE thro dubious front organizations like TROs, and smuggling state of the art military communication equipment to LTTE thro dubious means. If some Muslim terrorists attack Norway today, I would hesitate to condone as Norway being almost the LTTE headquarters outside Sri Lanka.

Any country, who harbors, nurture and foster LTTE terrorists and its fronts, allow LTTE fronts to raise funds to fatten LTTE war chest, politicians who openly support LTTE fronts for their political survival in their electorates, be they India, UK, Australia, Canada , Norway, USA or any other country, and if some extremist terrorist group attack those countries like what happened in Mumbai or London, I will have no sympathy to those countries nor will I condemn such act because as Sri Lankans we have experienced the worst of terrorism by LTTE terrorist outfit ably supported by those countries.

Sri Lanka is the most affected country in the world from terrorism. We have seen how the LTTE terrorists have killed thousands of innocent civilians, destroyed remote villages with killing of thousands of innocent villagers, bombing of public establishments including tourist hotels, Central Bank, country’s main airport and bus terminal etc’ in the past. LTTE’s terrorist atrocities continue to date because the countries mentioned herein are still complacent with LTTE’s dubious operations in procuring arms, raising funds and even some politicians attending and addressing LTTE sponsored rallies and meetings. Therefore, in conclusion, I for one will not condemn terrorists acts in countries who harbor, nurture and support some terrorists.

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