A Message to Pirapaharan

By Dr (Mrs) Rajini Sivagurunathan, Canada

You are urged to surrender to Sri Lanka Security Forces without further delay to save the lives of Tamil youths and Child soldiers, who are either blindly following your lunatic ideology or are being kept under the power of gun, and to avoid further disruption to the lives of thousands of innocent Tamils whom you are keeping as a human shield to protect your own life from the advancing security forces.

You will never achieve your imaginary world of "Tamil Eelam". Although you do not realise this bare fact, due to your dismal mindset, we Tamils do.

Enough is enough. You have done enough destruction to our community, and above all, to our prestigious and harmonious Tamil-Hindu culture.

As a result of your idiotic action, we Tamils have had to under go tremendous hardships during our lifetime and are now being branded as "Tamil Terrorists” worldwide.You are, but, we are not.

We, Tamils, need to live peacefully in this world similar to many other peace loving communities.

Please surrender to Sri Lanka Security Forces unconditionally.

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