Salutations to our Army Commander for stating facts!

Anura Seneviratna, Dr MB Ranatunga, Sumith silva, Asanka Haradasa, Sapumal Watteaarachchige, Ira Mediwake, Ranjith Wijetunge (for expat Hela team-UK)

The whole nation of Helas/Sinhelas must be proud of our noble Army Commander Sarath Fonseka for stating some paramount statements concerning the Inviolable National Hela/Sinhela Sovereignty during a recent interview with a journalist. Upholding our basic human right as a nation of people in the world has so far been tabooed only for the nation of Helas in their indigenous national motherland of Heladiva by most of the past rulers as they were not our authentic national leaders. Blatant violations of our national sovereignty has been made to dodge by everybody due to wholesome nationalism being brainwashed as racism, extremism or chauvinism - the greatest crime ever committed against a nation of people in human history. This has brought about the ongoing conflict wrongly defined as terrorism, it is worse than terror but an undercover attempt of converting Hela Island into a second Tamil Nadu and the extermination of our nation. Although, the Army Commander, he is still a human being and a citizen of the Hela Nation (SL) plus a patriot, a noble quality and he has the right to express his loyalty to his nation and national motherland. In addition, this should be a an example for all the leaders of the country to follow suit.

For 37 years Heladiva/Sinhele' was nicknamed as "Srilanka" thus a systematic attack against Hela Heritage to be identified as an island without indigenous sovereign nationhood by undermining the Hela Nation into submission to accept we are only the "majority community" on par with non indigenous Tamils and Muslims. This bogus nation of Srilankan paradigm is the bane of our nation and the most sinister conspiracy plotted against a nation of people in living memory. The plot is that Srilanka is currently defined as just an island with Sinhalese, Tamils, Muslims and other minorities. When you say one is a Srilankan like one is a British there is a fundamental difference between the two nations. While British nation means it has ONLY one sovereign official language and one sovereign official culture and all the British citizens irrespective of any non indigenous minorities' ethnic origins they all merge and accept British language and culture as sovereign and live by it. In fact, Britain is a union of three kingdoms where sovereignty is upheld by the English due to their dominance over the Scottish and Welsh nations in their motherlands by invasion or land robbing for true meaning. However, the artificial name Srilanka in its very ancient origin was Heladiva or island of Helas which later corrupted to Sin+Hela= Sinhela by another land robber. Like any other indigenous nation, Hela nation too is composed of migrant ethnic communities merging into a single unitary nationhood. But with naming it Srilanka, the single sovereign nationhood is violated by propping up non indigenous Tamils, Muslims as separate entities with their language and cultural rights which is legally entitled ONLY in the lands of their national origins of Tamil Nadu (Tamil Country) and umpteen Muslim countries. Without stopping there Tamil, Muslim alien-national political parties too were allowed by the past anti-national rulers setting up a time bomb. For the Hela Nation it is time to call a spade a spade or go down the path to commit hara kiri!

It is also opportune time for the leaders of non indigenous minorities in Heladiva (SL) to work up decency, justice, honour, integrity and objectivity to emerge with some wisdom to discover what this sovereign island is and who really they are in this land. It does not require much effort to realize that this tiny island is their host country but have the option to merge with the Hela Nation and become ONE. If the aim is to set up separate Tamil, Muslim enclaves within the Sovereign Hela Island; then the question has to be asked if Tamil Nation of Tamil Nadu likes its few non indigenous minorities to carve out separate regions or the same in Muslim countries. Of course, most Muslim countries do not even allow migrants to settle down in their exclusive countries speaks of their sheer protectionism, while making shameless intrusions into other nations' lands without invitation and even rob it. When in Rome do as the Romans is a refined option to ponder by looking away the Roman past!


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