India is willing to help Sri Lanka, if Prabhakaran is dead.

By Charles Perera

There was a news item that if the death or serous injury has displaced Prabhakaran from the leadership of the terrorists the LTTE would be out of the war and India would have no problems stepping in directly to try and resolve the island nations ethnic crisis . What scoundrels ?... they had remained shivering in their cold feet unable to take a decision for fear of being slain by the terrorists. Now they come as giants to solve our problems. The President Mahinda Rajapaksa has proved beyond any doubt that we are quite capable of resolving our problems, whether in wa, or in peace, without any body to give us a hand.

Many were the times that the President Mahinda Rajapakse appealed to India for help. On those occasions India did not offer even moral support to Sri Lanka in its military action against terrorism, in the face of an intransigent International Community ready to pounce upon us, rather than at the terrorist.. India was ready to help, but not to provide defensive material, and imitated the baloney of the International Community - both parties should come to a negotiated settlement.

Now it becomes clearly evident that India, with its pretentious intelligence and diplomatic maturity, had failed to foresee, that the dangerous aftermath of a protracted situation in the neighbouring Sri Lanka, would be its backlash on the Indian soil. It is reported that the LTTE terrorists are planning to move to Kerala and Tamil Nadu, if they are forced out of Sri Lanka. If India had actively participated in the Sri Lanka's defensive action against terrorism, instead of shuffling its feet hesitating to take a decision, it could have avoided a future situation of having to accommodate a clandestine terrorist group in its soil. It may not be a surprise if the LTTE terrorists have already prepared its base some where in India.

India being the country of great saintly figures, homeland of Buddhism, who had great Kings like Asoka the great, should shape its modern political policies in line with its proud past, not having to imitate the West, trying to become a carbon copy of America. India should have leaders who could take independent decisions without fear or fervour. India should not shape its policies to keep in line with the International Communities of the West.

India should prepare its own path of progressive leadership, neither keeping in line with the west, nor in opposition to it. India by its ambivalent foreign policy has failed to win the confidence of its neighbouring countries. The political leadership had shown signs of weakness, it hesitates to take firm political decisions India did not take a positive decision with regard to Sri Lanka, as it feared to provoke the hostility of South India.

It is perfectly well understood that the only political settlement Prabhakaran the LTTE leader wants is the government of Sri Lanka to cede North and East for an Eelam State. Prabhakaran will never participate in any peace negotiation unless and until the government of Sri Lanka agrees on principle to his primary condition of the setting up of the Eelam. If any body has not understood that they are brainless-just stupid. There is no give and take with Prabhakaran. He is ready to fight unto his last for his Eelam. This India did not understand even after sacrificing one of its great sons Rajiv Gandhi.

We cannot blame the International Community, conceited and vain, expects every body to act according to its dictums. The Government of Sri Lanka being a democratic government may accept to do so , but Prabhakaran will be the last to go on his knees before the International Community. This the International Community is quite aware of, that is why it keeps on twisting the hand of Sri Lanka with its incessant call for peace negotiations, expecting to give into Prabhakarans will. So that the International Community will be self satisfied that it had been able to subdued a stubborn Government, even if it is to give in to a terrorists.

In this situation India should decide on whose side it stands. India should learn from the mistake of the rich and developed West. The West is aggressive, conceited, bullying. They themselves act as aggressors while preaching dialogue, and peace negotiation to others. India should give them a lesson in generosity, in peaceful negotiations, respect, tolerance, kindness and understanding.

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