LTTE breaks the silence over abrogation of CFA. Thursday January 10th., 2008. Daily Mirror.

Noor Nizam. Sri Lankan Peace Activist Canada.

Mr. Kandiah Mylvaganam's statement from within the Vanni that "It is a big relief for common people like me to hear that the LTTE has affirmed their desire to have the Norwegian Facilitation and the CFA to continue" should not be treated as a cry from the wilderness by the Government of Sri Lanka and the concerned International Community at large. It is a reciprocating call and stand to the desire of Peace negotiations by HE. Mahinda Rajapaksha.His comments was published in the Daily Mirror dated Thursday the 10th, January 2008.

While we the nation should support this call, one has to be conscious of of the reasons for the failure of the CFA and what made the Government of Sri Lanka to abrogate the CFA. We still do not know the root causes. Some say it was the government bending to the pressure of the JVP. Others say it was the JHU and pro-national groups in the government groups, and there is a political analysis that the Tamil parties supporting the government wanted the Government to make this decision in the aftermath of the geo-political scenario, both within Sri Lankan and in the region who firmly supported the move by the JVP and the JHU to abrogate the CFA.

Militarily, the Secretary Defence, Mr. Gotabaya Rajapaksha and the Security forces chiefs did make it happen, with the support of the International community.

While supporting the call from the wilderness of the Vanni, as a member of the Tamil Speaking Community, I strongly believe that the government should continue PEACE discussions with the LTTE directly. Why directly, because, the Norwegian brokers and the SLMM had and will have there ulterior motives in being the "facilitators" and so-called "mediators". The LTTE and the Government of Sri Lanka should be very careful about re-engaging the so-called Norwegian Peace personalities/facilitators.

If one will critically analyse the modus-operandi of the Norwegians (not the government or people of Norway) and the officials/personalities who were involved in being the "facilitators", since 2002, it will become clear that - bringing Peace to the Ethnic Conflict" in Sri Lanka was NOT a primary issue for them, but the "International political obsession" of making Norway as the worlds PEACE ANGEL was their prime motive.

Today Norway has failed in their "false obsession" and become embrassed in the face of the international political arena, but look, what has happened to the Tamil Speaking Minorities and the majority Sinhla forces. We have lost nearly 80,000 people in this Conflict, many dedicated young men and women of all communities, specially the Tamil Community who were our future assets of the Nation have been killed for nothing, just fighting a civil war fanned by the Norwegians and the SLMM.

I challenge them to prove me wrong please.

The Norwegian personalities who have been accused both by a section of the Tamil community and politicians in Sri Lanka defenitely "bribed" all opinion creators in all the three communities both within Sri lanka and among the diaspora with their oil riches to keep the fires of VIOLENCE and WAR burning in Sri Lanka that has cause so much civil and political misery to the Tamils, Sinhalese and the Muslims, not forgetting the other minorities too.

The LTTE and the Government of Sri Lankan should nominate a NEW PEACE "Facilitator and Mediator" with immediate effect to continue the PEACE discussions and work towards a honorable Peace settlement and reduce VIOLENCE immediately. Knowing the Norwegian involvement since 1969 and having pursued my post secondary education in Norway for 7 years, with deep engagements in the pioneering Peace advocacy in Sri Lanka since 1977, I still believe that Peace Negotiations can be achieved, if direct talks between the LTTE and the Government will be put in place.

Let us NOT forget, that talking to the LTTE is ONLY talking with Prabaharan.
The LTTE should give serious consideration to this.

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